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  1. Maybe we will see some new hardware at the next E3?
  2. Ubisoft: New Consoles Coming 2012
  3. I know it seems early to be talking about the next generation of video game consoles, but it's rumored that the next Xbox is coming in fall 2012. So it's time to start speculating on what is coming. What do you expect of the next gen consoles? What company will you be the most interested in? Edit: Sorry i meant to put this in gaming.
  4. Desktop-pro

    Console Mods

    Anyone here mod there consoles? I have never done it but there are some pretty sweet ones i have seen online. Edit: Post pictures if you have please.
  5. LOL. I lose. I should have seen that before i posted.
  6. Random pictures. fails.bmp true_idiots.bmp
  7. I don't think i could grow a beard if i wanted to.
  8. I am going to wait. Maybe pick it up for Ps3.
  9. Just yesterday i looking at a Samsung 120hz at costco and it blurred everytime there was alot of movement. Maybe it is just what i am used to but i have yet to see any LCD that didn't blurr during an action scene. No not even 240hz. Basicly plasma's have better motion reproduction which is why i think they are superior. Plasma vs LCD
  10. Until they fix the viewing angle on LCD tv's i won't even consider them. You pretty much have to be right in front of it to get the best picture. Not to mention i have yet to see any LCD that didn't stutter/strain.
  11. Wait the hoverboard wasn't real!? Next your be telling me Santa isn't leaving presents under the christmas tree.
  12. Those workers are lucky. That could have easily been alot worse.
  13. Needs monitor, keyboard, mouse, stereo speakers, and an OS. Here is what i was thinking. Sorry if i forgot something. OS: Windows 7 CPU: An AMD Phenom II Case: Mini/Mid tower Motherboard: Matx Unknown RAM: 4Gb GPU: Maybe Ati 5770 HDD: WD 640gb Monitor: Want something over 20" Speakers: What ever money is left over
  14. My friend wants me to build him a computer for $900 with monitor. It's mainly for light/medium gaming. I am seeking your help/advice. I was thinking an AMD build. What do you think?
  15. Smaller cores but bigger PCB boards. Strange.
  16. I wish they would start making graphics cards smaller. I want my next rig to be about the size of the shuttle cases. How am i going to do that when the cards keep getting longer? How long till we see 3 slot cards?
  17. Wow. That is some crazy stuff right there.(no pun intended)
  18. I prefer the gloss look of the glass myself.
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