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  1. Bring mack so many memories. I love this soundtrack. Thanks for postin it.
  2. Most of those....Things will buff right out.
  3. I was just saying it can be done, not that it can be done better. Your right, i am sure crysis 2 will look 10x better on the right pc. But in the end do the graphics really matter? I have played and beaten both cryisis and killzone 2 and IMO both were very mediocre(gameplay, story, characters).
  4. I came up with my user name based off a band named Tennis-pro. I am a big fan of desktop style computer cases, So Desktop-pro it was. Pretty lame i know. I am sure most of you thought it was referring to desktop backgrounds. Well now you know! And knowing is half the battle!
  5. I wouldn't go as far as saying a console could never handle cryisis. Crytek are very talented developers if they wanted crysis on consoles they could do it. Sure i would be amazed if it looked half as good but it could be done. Look at what Crytek is doing with cryengine 3 and crysis 2. It's pretty impressive what they are able to get out of such limited 3-4 year old hardware. As you can see in this video it's still not as good graphically as the first crysis but it is still early development so it might get alittle better. The point is it can be done on a console.
  6. modded xbox is pretty neat. There are some pretty awesome xbox mods out there.
  7. I am drowning in all this PC fanboyism.
  8. Could be worse. I was OC_BOY2400.
  9. I agree 100%. PC's still dominate in the RTS/MMO genre but with the way things are headed(motion controllers) i wouldn't be surprised if we start seeing that change pretty quick.
  10. I was thinking of portable as in bring to a friends house and play. Not PSP or DS portability, That is a whole different thing.
  11. If you only game on PC then you still won't have Mario or metal gear. The PS3 also supports a keyboard and mouse, sadly the only game that i know of that uses this feature is UT3. I blame developers. Your point about the laptop is valid but it would still be a single player experience. Even though consoles have increased in size this generation i would still say they are far more portable then the standard desktop, Of course you can build a nice compact rig using cases from shuttle and the like. Edit: I would give +1 for consoles in portability.
  12. I'll stick up for the consoles in this debate. Here are 3 reasons i prefer a console for gaming. 1. They just work. You put the game in the drive and (depending on the game/console) once it is done installing, your playing. 2. Cheaper. Even if you buy the console at launch costing you about $300-$600, it's lifespan should be 5+ years. if you build a computer for the same price as a console, could you still play new games using the same hardware 5 years later? And if you can would they look as good graphically? 3. Easier to play games with friends. I don't know about you guys but sometimes i like to have some of my buddies over and play some games together.
  13. If i preorder it is usually from gamestop. I only preorder if i get some sort of bonus that's worth it.
  14. Those trade tower pics a couple pages back are of some pretty bad taste. Why would those be funny?
  15. When you game, do you prefer to have a higher resolution and no AA, or lower resolution and AA? I am sure some of you just do both.
  16. Looks like i am into some different RTS games then most of you. 1. Outpost 2 2. Homeworld: Cataclysm 3. Total Annihilation 4. Homeworld 2 5. Supreme Commander: Forged Allience
  17. Valve Nintendo Bioware Capcom 2k/Irrational Games Relic Entertainment Epic Games Gas Powered Games I have not been impressed with Id since Quake II. They used to make good games(commander keen, wolfenstein 3d, doom, quake) back in the day, but lately IMO they fail. I have high hopes for Rage. But maybe it will be yet another failure?
  18. I have not been a fan since they got rid of judgement day.
  19. Wiki is your friend Some single player mods. Some are zip files, others are exe. I have never installed Half-Life mods so other members will have to guide you. And i am sure they have better sources(no pun intended) on where to find good mods.
  20. Dang it! I should have known. Now i have to go turn myself in. Sigh* Why didn't i realize it sooner.
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