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  1. I believe in God. Why? Will some people look at the universe and say "it's so huge and complex there can't be a God" but i say "it's so huge and complex there has to be a God". http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgJmsK2s0uI
  2. Unless you have an ipod stay away from ifail(itunes).
  3. Facebook=Viruses. You could look up porn more securely. Haha
  4. Desktop-pro

    Alan Wake

    Alan Wake released today. Anyone picking it up? I think it looks pretty good. Alan Wake advertisement
  5. Pretty interesting. Lets try not to turn this thread into some religious debate or something. Besides I think the bible said Jesus walked on water not ran. hee hee.
  6. Added round 10. I agree with him on this round.
  7. Why has this never been done before? Or has it?
  8. Crazy! I'll keep that in mind when i buy new tires.
  9. Have not tried it yet. But it looks pretty epic.
  10. At the moment I have 758 artists, 1828 albums, and 11773 songs on this computer. 90% is WMA variable bitrate from 240-355Kbps(some higher).
  11. 1. Bioshock 2. Metroid Prime 3. Half-life 2 4. Goldeneye 5. Tribes: Vengeance
  12. Is it kinda like pixeljunk on ps3? I love that game.
  13. Madden 09 on Wii is alot of fun. Playing 2 on 2 is pretty sweet. The Wii version is the only one I care about.
  14. I am not making any excuses for those said problems, they are indeed problems. Just thought i would explain the root of the problems. Seeing how you have had to return your xbox from the RROD i am sure you already know what causes it. But i'll explain it anyway for people who might not know. The RROD is is an engineering problem caused by the GPU separating from the board. The xbox 360 also has another will known problem, disc scratching. It can happen on certain earlier models of the xbox 360 if it wobbles or is moved while in vertical position. I would imagine Microsoft is extremely frustrated by these problems and I am sure there next gen system will be problem free. The PS3 has some issues but they are well within respectable tolerances unlike the Xbox 360. The problem with the NES was the pins that push up against the cartridge would get worn out and stop making a good connection. It can be solved easily in less then 5 minutes and costs less then $5. Also cartridges in general don't really get dusty but rather dirty. This can also be solved easily with some q-tips and some rubbing alcohol/metel cleaner. Now you can bash the xbox 360 reliability all you want, but the NES is well over 20 years old, give it a break. NES 72-pin fix
  15. Gaming is not all about graphics my friend. Sure the graphics might not be as good on the console versions of DAO, But I wouldnt let it stop me from playing a great game. Edit: Correct me if I am wrong but I dont remember anyone saying that console graphics are superior(maybe some exclusives), atleast after 2 or so years of a consoles release date.
  16. It seems to me onlive is pc gaming without the benefits of having a pc. So it's really a console with less features and better graphics. I am not impressed by it at all. Maybe they will prove me wrongs but i doubt it. There are just to many variables. I personally don't want to have to rely on my Internet connection to play games.
  17. I dont think this helps pc gaming.
  18. Please try to keep this thread from becoming a pc vs console debate. We already have one of those. Pc gaming will never truly die, But will it become a bigger market in the future or a smaller? Edit: I don't see onlive really working. Even if it did, it is basically a console with better graphics and less features. Correct me if i am wrong.
  19. You guys might find this interesting. Edit: Woo 300th post!! Oh man so many people i would like to thank, lets see. I would like to thank my grandmama for making me all those loving cookies when i was younger, and i would like to thank GOD, OH and my parents. And lets not forget the OCC Thanks all!!
  20. I know i am asking a community that is primarily PC gamers. So i expect a somewhat biased response. Nevertheless I would like your honest opinion on where you think PC gaming will be in say 10 years?
  21. That is a pretty intense mod. I love the mechwarrior(Not assault) games. I hope that the new mechwarrior game makes it to store shelves. I wonder what the next gen consoles will have for multitasking/media features?
  22. Gran Turismo 5. I have not seen any hardcore racing games on pc in like 5 years. Where are they? Anyone notice how madden is no longer on pc? What is up with that?
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