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  1. it only skips when its on the second layer. once there it will skip randomly.
  2. i had the same thing with my onboard sound, all you have to do is change a pin on your motherboard that changes the center/sub.
  3. If you have the room i would check out cyber acoustics A5640 speakers, they look nice and you can find them cheap. they also have some THX 5.1 speakers coming out soon.Hope this helps http://www.cyberacoustics.com/go/to-na.en/...el=A5640RB%2Dml http://www.provantage.com/buy-22084968-cyb...ms-shopping.htm
  4. ya its kinda like that, but after it starts to skip it will well skip every 5 minutes or so after that.
  5. while watching a movie on power dvd deluxe, it will skip after like 1 hour. ive tried cyberlink technical support but with no luck. any help would be very helpful.
  6. ive done this before to get 6.3 but not 7.x. it hooks up the same way as having a 2.1 except you have to set up the speakers were you need them and hook them up to the front, rear/back rear, and rear, and so on. then you have to set the speakers to around max volume and lower your volume on the sound card. then just use the keyboards volume controller. that way they all have the same volume level. and your done.
  7. but the xt has overdrive which can make it much faster.
  8. i would say get GeXcube ATI 9800 128MB DDR if you willing to spend the money. i have there 9600 pro 265MB DDR and its the best card i have ever had. http://www.gecube.com.tw/
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