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  1. Looks like we got some haters.. OCC haters club
  2. Something tells me your not a fan of Resident Evil 4. Am i right?
  3. Desktop-pro

    Gears Of War 2

    Already beat it 2 months ago(thank you Microsoft). Loved it. Now i need to beat the first one.
  4. Looks pretty sweet to me. Its going on my wish list for sure. http://www.gametrailers.com/player/41717.html?type=flv
  5. Saddly i dont have another PSU. Also its not my computer and they dont want to upgrade just yet. Thanks for all the help. Peace.
  6. Just tried it out of the case. Did the same thing. Looks like its time for a new mobo.
  7. So i tried it with everything disconnected pci cards and all. Still the same. As far as i know there been no extra load. here are the specs. cpu: athlon xp 2000 motherboard: Biostar m7viz (replaced the original about 2 years ago) gpu: ati x1300 pro agp 8x 256mb HDD: maxtor 80gb ram: samsung ddr 512mb (dont know speed)
  8. The original PSU is a Bestec model atx-250-12e. Its an emachines computer about five years old. The PSU i put in is a crappy Raidmax rd-350w. Should i put the Bestec PSU back in? When you mean disconnect all devices do you mean pci cards to? I turned it on with everything disconnected except the motherboard and it did the same thing.
  9. So i am having some issues with a computer. First it would not turn on no matter what i did. i figured it was the PSU so i tried to turn it on using the green to black wire trick. Well it did nothing so i know its dead. So i replaced the PSU and thats when it got tricky. First as soon as i plug it in it turns on(without touching the power button) BUT it does not do anything. It's like it does not know it is on. The power led stays off and the HDD led stays on. The power button does nothing. I have checked all the wiring and its all good. So i figure its the motherboard. What do think?
  10. Starflyer 59 - Altercation http://www.myspace.com/starflyer59
  11. Guiter praise is actually made by a different developer.
  12. The only thing i know is that they have already started development and that is will use wiimote plus. Hopefully they use the Wii's limited power to the max and it better be in widescreen and 480p. http://wii.ign.com/articles/920/920705p1.html
  13. "I don't love you because your beautiful. Your beautiful because i love you." "Is your dad retarded? because your special" "Is your dad a baker? cause you got a nice set of buns"
  14. True. Perhaps they will develop a different RE based off a tweaked RE4 engine?
  15. Who would have thought playing a console for 3 1/2 year olds could be so much fun!
  16. The only thing i don't like about the Thermaltake Mozart and Bach series is that they basically took a really old desktop design and put a nice finish on it. don't get me wrong its a good case but its not quite up to todays standards. They use dual 60mm fans in the back when they should easily be able to squeeze some 80mm fans back there. same goes for the front where they have a 80mm when it should be 120mm. Its just some lazy engineering. What is your budget? Here are some others but they can be pricey. I would recommend the Fusion Remote Max of the cases i linked. I am not sure if they will fit your cooler though. I would think the Cooler master CM Media 280 would work but without some real measurements i am not 100% positive. http://www.antec.com/usa/productDetails.ph...us&id=15727 http://www.thermaltakeusa.com/Product.aspx...319&ID=1426 http://www.silverstonetek.com/products/p_c...-E&area=usa Edit: Antec Remote max with Thermalright Ultra 120. link
  17. If size is not an issue the Cooler master CM Media 280 would be a good choice. I am a huge fan of desktop style cases so i do most of my research on them. http://www.bigbruin.com/2007/cmmedia280_1
  18. Great song! I am big fan of Explosions in the sky. Mogwai - Autorock
  19. サカナクション - ワード http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fusea...ndid=1001062574
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