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    Core 2 Quad Q9550 @3.7ghz | Asus P5Q Deluxe | 4GB Corsair XMS2 800mhz | HIS iCoolerV 5870 | 2x WD Caviar Blue 500gb | Cm Storm Scout | Cm Silent pro 700W | Noctua NH-U12P | Windows 7 64 bit
  1. I've had this problem in a few games, try disabling the integrated sound on the motherboard in device manager.
  2. New score:P4792 Core 2 Quad Q9550 @ 3.7ghz / HIS iCooler V 5870 @ 960/1330
  3. Favourite cars: Toyota supra mkiv aerotop Toyota corolla ae86 levin: Least favourite car: Vauxhall corsa b I don't have a car yet as the insurance here starts at about £3000 a year for a 17/18 year old, and I haven't passed my test yet anyway What was everyone's first car?
  4. To be honest there aren't many coolers that are small enough to allow you to fit both fans on the side panel, if you already have both fans I would suggest maybe putting one of them in the drive bays, like this but maybe more basic. To do that you have to remove the window from the side panel and turn it the other way round then reattach it, it isn't really worth the effort tbh even though it looks cool
  5. I agree with you, but he already has the v8 so he would have to send it back if he wanted a different cooler.
  6. You really shouldn't need ram coolers, the heatsinks already on the ram should be fine
  7. Nice find! I was sure a 7950 wouldn't fit.
  8. This guys trying to rip you off haha, £85 for a 5670 is just ridiculous. Just so you get the idea, here's a basic comparison of the 5670 and the gtx560ti link fair enough, I know it's confusing I think that you should definitely stay away from your first choice (the 5670s) and either get two of the gtx560tis that I recommended and stick with them, or get just one gtx560ti and then upgrade to a newer card when it comes out like tj suggested earlier. Hope this hasn't confused you any more
  9. What do you mean mate? Your psu should be able to run two of those in sli if you wanted, but 1 would be enough to play any new games on high settings until you get a newer gpu. In my last post I was trying to say I don't think you should mod your case unless you've done it before.
  10. With it being his first build I don't think I would recommend this unless he knows what he's doing.
  11. The 5670 is cheaper, but less than half as fast.
  12. Nice! You seem to have unlimited money I think either one or two of these would be a good future proof setup.
  13. That's no problem mate, actually thinking about it you will be size limited by your case with the graphics card as I believe the max you will be able to fit in is 10.5", so a 7950 will not fit. It would help a lot to know what resolution the monitor you're going to be using has, then I could recommend you a gpu.
  14. Ok in that case I think you would be better off with the i7 and this memory kit. The motherboard I linked isn't really any better than the one you chose, it's just much better value for money. Even if that price was for 2 5670s, they would still be terrible value for money imo. The i5 is actually slower than the i7, but for gaming there would be virtually no difference so that's why I suggested it. But seeing as you're doing web design etc I would say go with the i7.
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