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  1. yeah, i should have. but i dont think it'll even fit in my comp
  2. hey everyone. i wanted to give a quick update. so i decided to RMA my h50 (they approved it) due to the high temperatures i was getting (40-50c idle on a cold day and 75c Prime95). So i just put in my intel stock cooler for the first time and i am getting a 10-20c idle temperature reduction. just wanted to let everyone know! thanks for the help.
  3. Hey everyone! quick update! so i just put on my intel stock cooler, and i am getting about 15-20c temperature reduction! pretty lame.. RMAing the h50
  4. thanks. btw, how's the h50 working out for you? it hasnt been so great to me. i idle at 44c and Prime95 around 85c
  5. Hey guys, just curious, has anyone ever had their core temps above their CPU temp? I'm running SpeedFan and right now it's showing CPU: 32c and the cores are hovering around 40c. Yet sometimes, it's actually vice-versa. Sometimes my CPU would read 40c and my Cores would be around 48c or so. Anyone have an explanation? Thanks!
  6. xfluux

    Free AntiVirus

    Hey, I work at a Computer Repair and do a lot of virus removals. Personally, I like AVG or Microsoft Security Essentials (both are free and don't utilize as many resources when scanning). Another good one is Avira (which is also free). Also, if you just want to scan your computer for malware, Malwarebytes is a great program for that. Hope this helps
  7. Hey, Thanks again for all your help at looking at my specifications. So, I took 3 screenshots--idle, a few seconds into running Prime95 (in-place large FFTs), and 5 minutes. So its 28c where I live right now, and I do not have any air conditioning on. im also in a pretty small room for 2 with the windows open. my computer is on the carpet on the ground. also, when overclocking to 3.8 GHz. What i changed was: -changed CPU ratio setting to 21 -disabled turbo -BCLK frequency to 181 -DRAM frequency to 1451MHz -DRAM CAS# latency: 8 DRAM clock -DRAM RAS# to CAS# delay: 8 DRAM clock -DRAM RAS# PRE time: 8 DRAM clock -DRAM RAS# ACT time: 24 DRAM clock -CPU VOLTAGE: 1.28125 V -DRAM Bus V: 1.55 V and Load-line calibration is enabled. Uncore voltage also went up to 1.375 (i dont remember changing this). thanks again for your help let me know if i should change anything. (also, i tried to decrease the CPU voltage, but anything lower will lock and restart my computer). thanks!
  8. I will definitely try the stock cooler when i have some time. So i OC'd my system to 3.8GHz and turned OFF turbo. I ran Intel Burn Test (last time i ran this, it gave me higher temps than Prime95), and my cores averaged about 85c, it sometimes would peak to 90c. While my CPU never got above 85c, it got to maybe 84c at some points. this is definitely an improvement over last time where my temps hit 95c on the IntelBurnTest. It is also a fairly warm day outside (28c) and i have no air conditioner on (only a fan in my room). the ambient temp inside my case says 50c. overall, at least it did better than 95c. do you guys think it has to do with me turning off turbo? in addition, my CPU is idling at 50c right now as i write this and my system temp says 50c. What do you guys think? Thanks for your input again!
  9. I definitely appreciate the help. Unfortunately, I couldnt take a picture of my computer while reseating the pump because I did it before this--but here is my computer. my case is the NZXT Hush. The right side is the front--it has one fan at the bottom as an intake--this is the corsair fan that came with my H50. The fan in the middle (antec spot cool) is for my NB. on the left is my H50 acting as an exhaust with the push and pull method with 2 scythe fans. when i reseated my pump, i utilized the dot method (put a dot--maybe half the size of a pea--of AS5). im coming to the conclusion that it may be my case because there isnt much airflow. the only problem is that when i run it open case--i still get a system temp of 45c--even when it is about 23c in my room. Also, I do not like Corsair customer service, i emailed them this: "I currently have an H50 and after doing some research and talking through forums, I concluded that my CPU temperatures are too high. I reseated the pump with AS5 and still get high temperatures. Running Prime 95, I get temperatures of around 85c stock on my i7-930, and overclocked to 3.8, i get temperatures of 95c on a decently cool room. In addition, my idle temperatures are around 43c. Thanks." and CORSAIR replied with: "We are sorry but the temperature you are getting are well within the range for this CPU." I think this is ridiculous in the fact that just because it is within the 105c maximum temp, they are not willing to provide any aid. I may think twice about buying corsair products now just cause this reason.
  10. haha, no problem--this is my first computer. But yeah, i definitely removed it with rubbing alcohol and a lint-free cloth--making sure every bit was off.
  11. Hey everyone, Thanks for your input. I reseat the cooler and it doesnt seem to have much affect (yet at least--i may have to wait for it to cure). Maybe I am overclocking wrong? when i overclocked to 3.8GHz, i changed the Vcore to 1.28V (if i go any lower it will black out my system). i left turbo on, and HT on.
  12. Hey, thank you for you're reply! this definitely helped me out with comparing my temperatures. i had never used the stock intel cooler. I got the H50 right when i built my computer cause i knew i wanted to OC. i plugged my pump into the PWR_fan pins and am getting about just below 1400 RPM. I think i will reseat my headsink and see what happens. do you happen to know how i should do it? (spread it all over the cpu? place a circle in the middle? etc etc.) thanks!
  13. Yeah, its pretty ridiculous the temps. i'm getting with my H50. but i believe i applied it correctly (maybe i put too much?). but what i did was place a 1/2 x 1/2 cm filled square of AS5 on my processor then forcefully placed the pump on it. i think i may reseat it. i read on the forums and some people are getting the same temperatures as mine. also, do you happen to know if you're CPU clocks down when idle? because mine always stays at 2.9 GHz even though it should clock down when idle. then, when i OC'd it to 3.8, it would clock down to maybe 2.0 GHz when not in use to give an idle of 40c.
  14. haha, my room temp's arent too bad. in california, not too hot not too cold. maybe around ~23c although inside my system it measures 40c-45c even with my case open for a long period of time. do you think something's wrong with my mobo? i mean, if i leave my case wide open... why is it 43c?
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