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  1. fish93

    Network help

    The desktop uses a wired connection.
  2. fish93

    Network help

    Wht else do u need to knw ?
  3. fish93

    Network help

    Hi guys, I need help to share the internet connection between my desktop & laptop, I hav a Wimax adapter but hw can I share the net. Is it possible to do it thru the ethernet......
  4. fish93

    GT 230M

    Thankx spectrascope & I would also wanna knw whther ATI HD 5650 is better than Nvidia's GT 330M ? ..... Thnkx in advance :thumbsup:
  5. fish93

    GT 230M

    Hi guys, I want to purchase a laptop with a core-i5 & also want it to have Nvidia's GT 230M. Can u guys suggest me any models..... It'd be grateful of you guys
  6. fish93


    Thankx Liclac for the info, it was very helpful of u
  7. fish93


    Hi guys, I am looking for a laptop with performance & affordability in mind. I have a budget of $1000, I would prefer buying Asus, Acer, Toshiba, HP, Dell or MSI. All other brands really don't work with me. I would like to have a core-i5, 1 gb Nvdia, 4gb Ram, HDD (size doesn't matter), 15.6" or more & has to be HD (screen size), Windows 7 (any edition), Bluetooth, HDMI out & Optical Drive doesn't matter as well. I want to play games like COD, WoW, GTA:IV..... So any good suggestions. It would be helpful of you all.