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  1. any friends with a 1156 socket board you could try your chip on, sounds like your gigabyte caught what mine had :-/It turned out being my board, so it could be for you to but if you have another place to test the 750 I would try that first


    unfortunately no, all my friends's computers are slow!! lol i have a really old computer that i tried my psu in and it was fine. tried it with my cpu out and still nothing. thanx for the suggestion!

  2. It seems as if my mobo id dead. i have my cpu, ram, and gpu in. It turns on for like a second then stays off for 5 seconds, then comes back on for one second and stays off for 5 and keeps doing this over and over. I tested it with another psu so its not my psu... took ram out and tried single channel no good, tried without gpu no good. the fans spin and you can see all four of the mobo lights on. took out processor and re seated cooler. fairly new mobo got it in feb. 2010.


    specs are gigabyte ga p55a ud3

    corsair xms 3 1600 mhz dual channel ram

    core i5 750

    palit gtx 460 sonic platinum.


    have my motherboard out on its box and thats all thats plugged in. I think i'll just RMA it but if you can help that will be great.

  3. personally i have the palit 460 platinum, not that bad of a card. definately get the cooler master 690 ii advanced, for a mid-sized case it has the most potential for water cooling. i also use the tx3 on my 750, not the best cooler but idle temps 38 and load about 61. not overclocked, tho

  4. I got the SSD flashed on my brother's Dell. Only problem now is when I try to update it to 1916, it just exits the the flasher on both my PC and my brother's Dell.


    maybe try an older firmware... i dont know dud. good luck

  5. i think i forgot to mention this but this is the new gt 220, the old one was crap, this is the updated one that has alot more cores.



    i had the new one too. the ddr3 one, right? i got in in february this year. then i got my gtx 460!! it rocks. only about $200 us

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