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  1. whats the 500gb samsung for? it better not be the operating system with a 5400 drive
  2. my backpack. i could bore them to death with my homework!
  3. ya thats what i've been doing... already sent in my rma request thanks guys
  4. Who knows??? Gigabyte seems like a reputable brand... but you never know
  5. I use this gpu and is really fast http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814261076&cm_re=palit_460-_-14-261-076-_-Product and this psu is great for a couple more $$ http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139005&cm_re=corsair_psu-_-17-139-005-_-Product
  6. ya luckily i still am under warranty. thanks guys! does anyone know why or how this happens?
  7. go into bios and set extreme memory profile if it i there, maybe thats only with new boards...
  8. unfortunately no, all my friends's computers are slow!! lol i have a really old computer that i tried my psu in and it was fine. tried it with my cpu out and still nothing. thanx for the suggestion!
  9. It seems as if my mobo id dead. i have my cpu, ram, and gpu in. It turns on for like a second then stays off for 5 seconds, then comes back on for one second and stays off for 5 and keeps doing this over and over. I tested it with another psu so its not my psu... took ram out and tried single channel no good, tried without gpu no good. the fans spin and you can see all four of the mobo lights on. took out processor and re seated cooler. fairly new mobo got it in feb. 2010. specs are gigabyte ga p55a ud3 corsair xms 3 1600 mhz dual channel ram core i5 750 palit gtx 460 sonic platinum. have my motherboard out on its box and thats all thats plugged in. I think i'll just RMA it but if you can help that will be great.
  10. I would recommend the 450. a lot nicer card and performs better. if you have the money i would go with the 460 tho
  11. personally i like the xigmatek 140mm fans. they are really quiet, move a good amount of air, and look sick. http://www.xigmatek.com/product.php?productid=82
  12. personally i have the palit 460 platinum, not that bad of a card. definately get the cooler master 690 ii advanced, for a mid-sized case it has the most potential for water cooling. i also use the tx3 on my 750, not the best cooler but idle temps 38 and load about 61. not overclocked, tho
  13. it would, it has 4x pci-e 6 pins at least. I have the 750 and i have dual pci-e slots. one running at full speed and one wired for 8x. between 16x and 8x there isnt much of a difference
  14. why would you want the slower drive for windows? you are confusing. umm maybe some corsair xms 3 ram
  15. try real temp here it monitors least/max cpu and gpu temps, as well as the current ones.
  16. ooh burn!! jk. i cant wait to see how it turns out!
  17. maybe try an older firmware... i dont know dud. good luck
  18. what is the model of your disk drive now? were the dual layer dvds made by a friend or a company? it might be the fault of the supplier
  19. i had the new one too. the ddr3 one, right? i got in in february this year. then i got my gtx 460!! it rocks. only about $200 us
  20. ya the h70 looks like it will give good cooling (I know not as much as a custom loop) for a beginner. make sure you have the air sucking in, not exhausting
  21. I want to know what cooler he has too. that is the temp i have now pirme95 without overclocking my core i5!
  22. I used to have the gt 220. not the best card but it worked. the ram will help for multitasking, but maybe only a little in crysis. if you want a good upgrade get a new processor and maybe a new geforce 450
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