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  1. Yea 12% here too buddy. C'mon! Edit: Now 13%...
  2. I think that you can maybe cut down a little bit on the water cooling set-up and get yourself a new case first.
  3. rocketeer55


    I got the same case as you, so maybe I can help... definitely shove the cables behind the HDD drive cage, you might not have to remove the whole bottom part if you don't want to, just take out the drive slider thingies so your wires dont flop out the sides. Make sure to route that 8pin power behind the mobo tray, that looks terrible. Route the SATA data cables through one of the holes in the back and up to the drives, store the excess cable behind the HDD cage. I was (just barely) able to stuff the 24-pin cable behind the mobo tray and snake it around so it doent overlap any cables and connects right to the motherboard. Basically all you need to do is fix the 8-pin and stuff the rest of the cables behind the HDD cage. Remember, cable ties are your friends!
  4. I use the CoolerMaster 690 II Advanced. It can hold a total of (let me count....) 8 120mm fans! it only comes with 3, but you can add more. you can have 2 fans on the side blowing on your GPU, and it only costs about $100 US.
  5. And technically, when you listen or watch it, you ARE downloading it, because it is stored in the cache or temporary files (right?). So all you are doing is making it accessible when you aren't online....
  6. You can't overclock with a non k processor, consider spending some more money to get a processor which you can overclock. Or if you don't plan on overclocking, then get a H67 motherboard.
  7. Doesn't Corsair use this song in their videos? Or at least it sounds like it. LINK
  8. I have one... it is kinda fail though... transformice.com basically you are a mouse trying to get cheese and bring it into the hole. It can get hectic and confusing, very challenging.
  9. Just so you know those fans won't work with a 140mm rad, cause they use 120mm mounting holes.
  10. To test your power supply have it unplugged from the wall. take a paper clip and bend it in a u shape, but make the ends line up. in the 24pin connector put one end of the paper clip into where the green wire would go and put the other end into any other black wire place. then plug it back in, and turn the power on. if it doesn't work it's most likely dead.
  11. 1 good video card is better than 2 cheap ones in SLI/CrossFire. I think the GTX 560 is one of the best $/performance cards out there right now.
  12. You're right, should have done my research. 460 1GB>550TI. That 460 looks cool, but why does the fan swivel out??
  13. I just sent in an RMA request, maybe they can fix it...
  14. SATA 2 and SATA 3 cables are the same thing, no different wiring. And yes, SATA 6gbs is another term for SATA 3, so it should work. This should give you all the information you need to know on SATA http://www.youtube.com/user/NCIXcom#p/u/6/TvZr8Pr3_vE .
  15. That could possibly be the reason why... maybe you have to have a plan?
  16. Try the GTX 550 TI, great little card that is plenty powerful for your needs. They also come in different styles with different coolers and colors that can match your theme in your case.
  17. rocketeer55

    Shift 2

    Are you using the wireless xbox controller? make sure you are in-range with the adapter, or it can be sensitive and unresponsive.
  18. A few hours ago i was logging onto my computer. Once the desktop appeared, it completely froze. So I did what i usually do when it freezes, push the restart button on the top. Once it got into the BIOS, it was really laggy. It took a while for the BIOS to go through, and i noticed it didnt recognize my SSD or my two optical drives, just my storage drive. Then it got into the AHCI driver and same thing. Then it said i needed to repair windows, but i believe it said this because it was trying to boot up from the storage drive which has parts of Windows on it (users folder, many programs, etc.). Currently I am running an old hard drive with Windows 7 in my computer and i accessed the storage drive to find that everything is A OK. Unfortunately, my old hard drive was set up with IDE sata mode so it doesnt support plug and play so i cant plug my SSD in when Windows is booted, and whenever I plug it in and restart (with AHCI enabled) it isn't recognized in the BIOS. I NEED HELP! I luckily don't have any important files on this SSD, though i would like to not have to replace it. Any suggestions? Thanks
  19. No, on my iTouch it is just EXTREMELY laggy. try deleting the app and installing again.
  20. Try it without the battery, just have it plugged in. Then put the battery back in. The happened once to my laptop and that fixed it...
  21. Personally I have the CoolerMaster 690 II Advanced, beautiful case. has plenty of places to put fans, and enough cable management. currently i have 3 120mm fans and 4 140mm fans in it.
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