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  1. Nevermind. Emailed them back-- they intended to attach the RMA form, but never did.



    A couple months ago, my computer stopped working. It turned on for a second, then off for a second, then back on for a second, etc... It turned out that it was the motherboard, and i was without my computer for about 2 weeks. I swear I almost died...

  2. Hey guys.


    So on my fairly new SSD (the one i originally had decided to die and lose all my data), Windows say that I have 29.0GB free of 111GB. But when i go into the drive, highlight all the folders, right click>properties it says I have only used 35.3GB. :snap:


    Hidden files and folders are shown, system restore is off (I know, bad idea), Hibernation is off, and I think i moved my pagefile onto my storage drive... I hope someone can help, and I can give you more specifications if needed. I searched around, and saw some things about shadowstorage (or something), and someone had a corrupted partition. I just hope this SSD isn't bad like the last one, or my parents won't trust me any more :cry:


    Thanks in advance. :D

  3. I think that might be a little pointless.....you would be better off disabling your page file and just using your memory...

    Disabling page file isn't always a good idea, some programs require some page file. Or at least that what I've heard. You can just shrink your page file to save space.

  4. Personally, I'd go with the 690 II. Its a stellar little case and with the cooling potential it has, it will suit you well for some time. Plus the money saved on a case can allow for upgrades in other areas.

    Agreed, and spend $25 to get this side panel HERE

    Looks beautiful and will cool everything you need, and you can put in plenty more fans.

  5. Yeah, it was Bush. Bush went everywhere into Iraq for 8 years to find and kill him. Obama just got lucky deciding to go into Afghanistan and Pakistan of all places, wtf? :dunno:

    Bush was a contributor, yes. He sure put more effort In than Obama did. Was there any hidden sarcasm in that?

  6. I jsut found out about Bin Laden being dead, and I missed the speech.... tell me this actually happened. I would vote for Obama in '12 just for that.


    Obama didn't kill him. So why would you vote for him. He really had nothing to do with it.

  7. i like those CL8 ripjaws, thanks for the link. I'm getting the retail version because if something ever happens to my MoBo (And if I buy the Revolution I intend to keep it for a while long) then I don't want to spend $100 bucks again in another OEM version.


    If something goes wrong with your mobo when you have the OEM, you simply call Microsoft, tell them your mobo died, and they will give you a new code. Problem Solved :thumbsup:

  8. Luckily at the Fry's nearby, when i go there and ask "where are the PC controllers", he shows me then leaves. Which is weird since i'm only 14, i would have thought he would have swindled my mom (who knows nothing about computers) into buying the most expensive controller in the world or something. Then once i picked up the controller and walked out of the isle I saw him again. He started saying "that's a great controller, but this one is better". I just shoved my way past him, ignoring him completely, and bought it. LOL.

  9. My Corsair F120GB SSD decided to die a couple weeks ago, not recognized by the BIOS or anything. I RMA'd it and it came back last Thursday. Very happy with their support, but not with the reliability with the product. I have never had a HDD die on me, but i have had an SSD... Isn't the whole point of an SSD is to be more reliable? Disappointing...

  10. 4 threads - desktop Q6600 @ 3.5 GHz

    3 threads - htpc X3 720 @ 3.2 GHz

    2 threads - laptop Atom @ 1.7 GHz

    1 threads - LG enV3 @ SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW MHz :lol:


    I gots the enV3 too... FAIL! I am planning to get the Droid X once the contract is up in May... I hope it is still around by then. The Droid incredible is starting to disappear which is what I originally wanted.

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