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  1. I think for the new AMD cards, they changed the number system, so a 6890 is comparable to the 5870. EDIT: There is no such thing as the 6890, LOL. I think I mean 6950.
  2. Hey guys, this morning at 6:30, i got an email from Codemasters saying their website was hacked... Here is the message I always wanted to change all my passwords to stronger ones, but now I really have a reason to. Anyone else get this email?
  3. I use Trend Micro Titanium, pretty effective, and you don't even notice its running.
  4. Black series is performance, green series is eco-friendly and low power consumption, and blue is somewhere in the middle. Right?
  5. You should have gotten a good, reliable unit like Corsair's PSU's. Those are very reliable, but i guess it's too late now D: I haven't used either of those power supplies before, but i don't know.
  6. Nah jk. I've played the rct series, dirt 2, flight simulator x, grid, blur, nfs shift, burnout paradise, portal, portal 2, nfs hot pursuit, and the free blackops multiplayer weekend thing. And some other games for gamecube, ds, and wii. LOL.
  7. Well it's either that or Roller Coaster Tycoon 3
  8. The OEM is different than the retail version, it technically doesn't allow you to change motherboards. Just call MS and tell them you need to replace your motherboard, and if the question further, lie and tell them it broke.
  9. I am new to gaming, so I am proud to say portal 2 was the scariest game I have ever played
  10. You won't have any problems with your motherboard, but we need to know what case you have; the cooler might go past your side panel...
  11. Gmail works great, when i read a message in thunderbird, it marks it read online and on my phone, unlike Hotmail. (Maybe I'm just doing something wrong with Hotmail... ). Gmail is my vote.
  12. I didn't get that email... LOL. And I have a Hotmail.
  13. I use Adobe Premier Elements 8, I got it as a good deal with Photoshop Elements 8. It's not the best editing software, nor is it the easiest to use, but it was practically free for me.
  14. I can see that the Scythe might not be the best of quality; the nobs are a little wiggly, the unit itself warms up quite a bit, etc. but it is one of the best ones out there. And if you need a fan power splitter they have some cheap ones HERE.
  15. I might like one if you had ones with LED's built in, maybe in different flavors; blue, red and green? LED's run on DC, right? So no need for a converter or anything, just a molex connector... My case has mesh in the front, so this product isn't necessary for me, but it sounds like a a good idea. Stick with it
  16. I use the Scythe Kaze Master Pro 5.25" Bay Fan Controller, looks like it would be low quality from the website, but it's really good. The display is nice, good colors, it comes with 6 thermal sensors, and has plenty of power for fans. Check it out HERE
  17. I got that down, but it stores a backup file for my iPod touch in the temporary files in app data, and it takes up like 10GB or so... I should probably just Google it.
  18. Oh and what are some programs to set a path to another drive like you said, my iTunes backup of my iPod is annoying... And I would rather have it on my storage drive.
  19. Oh so its due to extracting? That's what I thought, my dad does that a lot. Deleting now......
  20. Are you in-taking air or exhausting air with that H50?
  21. That program just solved my problem, +1 So it turns out it was my Dad's temp folder... has butt-loads of classical music in there... But how did it get in there? and would he still use it? could I just cut and paste into my storage drive? is there a way to make it so it doesn't get downloaded there? It was 33.2GB worth of classical music.... crazy! Otherwise, I think everything else looks pretty good. Any more suggestions?
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