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  1. It seems as if my mobo id dead. i have my cpu, ram, and gpu in. It turns on for like a second then stays off for 5 seconds, then comes back on for one second and stays off for 5 and keeps doing this over and over. I tested it with another psu so its not my psu... took ram out and tried single channel no good, tried without gpu no good. the fans spin and you can see all four of the mobo lights on. took out processor and re seated cooler. fairly new mobo got it in feb. 2010. specs are gigabyte ga p55a ud3 corsair xms 3 1600 mhz dual channel ram core i5 750 palit gtx 460 sonic platinum. have my motherboard out on its box and thats all thats plugged in. I think i'll just RMA it but if you can help that will be great.
  2. Hey guy, I haven't posted on here for a while. In my current rig I have a Western Digital Black 2TB drive. I let my parents use this computer for about a year without me really checking on it, and when I was finally allowed to put it in my room, it was way slower than before. So I reinstalled windows, and I noticed that occasionally my hard drive went through fits where it read and wrote data incredibly slowly. I am using this hard drive as a second storage drive, and my SSD is my main boot drive. When it's in one of its fits, I can hear it read data twice, then pause for a second, then read, then pause for a second... until it finally works full speed again, which can be anywhere from 2 minutes to an hour later. I've tried plugging in the hard drive to different slots in my motherboard (right now it's in the hot-swap bay on the top so I can hear it better) (and yes these are plugged into different controllers on the motherboard).Restarting my computer when it's in a fit doesn't always solve the problem. I can sometimes solve it by trying to play a large audio or video file on the hard drive, but it takes awhile. One thing I think I might do is I never fully wiped it. I just "formatted" it, which took 5 seconds. That means it's not really wiped, right? Should I try that? If anyone has any suggestions, feel free to tell me. I'll try anything Btw; I don't know if it's still under warranty, but I'm willing to send it in and get a new one if that's the only way.
  3. rocketeer55

    Hard drive acting stupid and slow

    Wow, just realized these drives have a 5 year warranty. Glad I bought the black edition. Gonna RMA it, thanks guys.
  4. rocketeer55

    Hard drive acting stupid and slow

    Yep, says it's having errors with reading the drive. I'll see if it's still under warranty. First hard drive to die on me, ever. Even my 15 year old computer's 12GB hard drive still works.
  5. rocketeer55

    Trouble turning on a pc

    Do the fans spin up? Or does nothing happen at all?
  6. rocketeer55

    Today I have been mainly....

    Today I have been mainly trying to survive my first day of high school. Apparently it went well.
  7. rocketeer55

    Google Music

    No problem. Anyone want to invite me to google plus?
  8. rocketeer55

    Apple iPod touch Cable Charging Issues

    Just switch cables? Was this the cable you got when you originally got your iPod and it stopped working? Or maybe that was a 1st gen iPhone cable or something... weren't those a little different?
  9. rocketeer55

    $92 120mm case fan

    This must be a typo, unless people are going insane.
  10. rocketeer55

    Google Music

    I have 2 invites, want one? PM me.
  11. rocketeer55

    0 ram reading

    Are you sure the RAM timings and speed are set correctly in the BIOS?
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    I am pretty sure it is upside down in the picture...
  13. rocketeer55

    I need somthing worth while to do.

    Yes, Minecraft! Can't wait till the adventure update, and pistons seem interesting too.
  14. rocketeer55

    The Google+ Project: Discussion

    Good point.
  15. rocketeer55

    The Google+ Project: Discussion

    Personally, I don't agree with the 18+ age limit. Most teens i know are plenty safe on the internet, whether is being Facebook or other websites. I do know some, however, that pass on those stupid virus links that download crap to your computer and sends it to all your friends. Maybe Google can implement some sort of limit to how much you can post, or what you post, so these sort of things don't happen. Or maybe they can have a thing where the parents have to allow their kids to use it... Just my biased (I am under 18) opinion...
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    Who is your cellphone provider?

    I use Verizon. One thing i bet most of you don't know about them is they have free data roaming. So when you don't get Verizon service, but you get some other service, you can use that service for free, unlike most other phone companies.
  17. Cooler Master 690 II Advanced
  18. rocketeer55

    Need Help Problem with my windows media player

    TheHippi just explained what to do. Did you do what he said? It is very hard to understand your first post, but 1. What is vlc. 2. Is one of the problems your songs are gone? Is this in Windows explorer or windows media player? more information would be helpful.
  19. rocketeer55

    MSI Notebook

    Hey guys. I found this great deal when I was looking around at laptops. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16834152264 It seems pretty legit, is there something that I am missing? Can the GT540M game well on its 1336 x 768 screen? I think it is fairly new, that's why there are no reviews yet (or a few by the time you might read this). Maybe my mom will get this for me (that is if she is in a good mood and can't think straight ) for a graduation present. Or are there better laptops in this price range (or cheaper )? I am mainly looking at 15-16" screens, so I can move it about when I need to. Thanks!
  20. rocketeer55

    MSI Notebook

    Interesting, good to know. Do you have one yourself or how do you know? And about the MSI build quality thing, watch this and skip to 15:00 So nvm about this laptop...
  21. rocketeer55

    MSI Notebook

    Probably for my homework and occasional gaming (Minecraft). I will use my main rig for the real gaming. I never would have though that MSI would have low quality stuff, does MSI have good technical support in case something does go wrong?
  22. Do not get the 3x2GB kit, as it would not work with your computer! That is a triple channel kit-while your motherboard only supports dual-channel. so either a 2x2GB kit or 2x4GB kit would be best.
  23. rocketeer55

    Portal 2: Songs to Test By

    "Science is fun" is my new ringtone LOL. Yea I would have thought volume 2 would be out by now...
  24. rocketeer55

    HDMI to S-Video

    Does it have Component connections? That would be better than S-video.
  25. rocketeer55

    HDMI to S-Video

    Just about to say that. Component video would be your best bet to use, because it can produce near-HD video. If your TV has one of these (which it probably does), buy a HDMI to component video adapter instead of S-video or RCA. Something like THIS