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    FERMI 2 - X58 4 way, core i7 930, 6gb dominator gt 200c7, gtx480 sc SLI, and COMPLETE watercooling system. CHECK OUT FERMI 2

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  1. wc loop is on the next build this cosmos 2 was a first step, the second one will be the crazy one
  2. They are panel mount connectors..... I had a piece of 1/8" aluminum water jet cut to fit the connectors, I did have to cut some of the lip off the connectors "ears" so that way it would latch onto the 1/8" aluminum (the panel mounts seem to need either 3/32" thick panel or 5/64" thick to mount without modding.
  3. So after a month of working on my new cosmos 2 case, 99% of the case is finished (waiting on red carbon decals). Name of the Case is "Elements" First 54 pics are of the finished case.... build log photos will be posted after the first 54.... Enjoy......
  4. Ok guys!!!! BAD NEWS!!! Im going to be parting out the system, It needs $300 bucks to be 100% completed. I just cant afford it anymore, Ive dumped a lot of money into it, I dont even game anymore, and need money for school!! If anyone is interested in me finishing the system for them and buying it, let me know. Im thinking $2300. Ive put in well over $6000 into this thing alone
  5. some wiring all done sorry for bad pics, took them with phone with crappy lighting and at 3 MP, too lazy to turn the setting to 8MP on the phone and take them again.
  6. OMG I just received the Crimping tool from MDPC-X.com and WOOOOOOWWWWWWW the crimping tool is AMAZING!!! screw the crappy ones you buy from the USA, if you are in need of a crimper, BUY IT FROM MDPC-X.com Nils even put 3 test pieces in there to prove it works, and i just tried it out im in shock!!!!! going to finish my badass wiring tonight
  7. The reason i mounted it horizontally is 1. Room, Im not sure if itll fit vertically 2. I wanted to use the hard drive bays
  8. Yes sir I am going to flame polish them I took these pics about an hour after gluing, I have my MAP gas torch waiting for tomorrow to start polishing
  9. Its not done Almost there the rear IO panel will be carbon fiber, I need to get the wiring done, and add some lighting stayyyyy tuned folks
  10. Have faith everyone Itll look good in the end, Im just showing you all the steps, whether they look ugly or not Once its done, than be the judge Its diff and i like it
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