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    CPU-Intel C2D E7500

    Motherboard-Gigabyte GA-P43-ES3G

    Memory-2x2GB PC2-6400 Kingston

    Graphics Card-PowerColor ATI4850 1GB/256bit

    Hard Drive-320GB WD Caviar, 500GB Seagate Barracuda

    Power Supply-LCPower SilentGiant 600W

    Case-Chieftec GX-01SL

    CPU cooling-Xigmatek HDT-S1283

    Monitor-22" Samsung 2232BW
  1. Hi guys, I've never upgraded bios before, so I have few questions: My mobo bios versions I suppose that last bios F14 in this case, has all the upgrades that previous releases have, is that right? I'm on version F8, and I see that to version F14 they made a lot of changes, so thats my reason to upgrade. Is the best way to upgrade my bios, from bios itself from flash drive ... on this award bios on F8 you get the options for upgrade (flash), is that the way to do it, if I want to reduce the risk of doing something wrong? tnx
  2. Sorry I didn't check that ... You could get this one same thing and you can push/pull it ..
  3. CM 212+ is good cooler... +1 I have hdt-1283 I bought it cheap for $29 and with this fan it is great combination ... review hdt-1283 My E7500 @ 3.67GHz load temps are max 60 celsius I use stock fan .. I got 4GHz but didn't test it for stability yet, its booting and working fine in games ... S1283 is my recommendation .. XIGMATEK RED SCORPION S1283 , and this fan is in packet so you don't need to buy additional
  4. @ Waco: Radeon 5970 Overclocking: The VRM Temperature Bottleneck Those dual GPU cards eat a lot of electricity, a lot ... I have this 4850 ... I can't find full cover block anywhere for 4850 ... @sticknstone: I have this fan it has good performance, so I chose those xigmatek ... I like these fittings more than these fittings
  5. How about these ? CPU block GPU block Radiator Reservoir-Pump bay 5.25 or Pump-with-Acrylic-Reservoir fans tim tubes x2 coil x 6 fittings
  6. Well for only CPU and GPU, how dose this look? CPU block 34.94€ ... and backplate 5.95€ GPU block 44.96€ ... Do I need to add separate backplate in order or does it come with block in packet ? Pump 34.94€ ... Is that pump strong enough ? Reservoir 35.95€ Radiator 49.96€ ... Is it enough to have 240 for CPU and GPU ? Fan 2* 7.9€ = 15.8€ Tube 3.98€ per m ... How many tubes would I need 5m total ? fittings ... How many ? I will get clamps for tubing in hardware store ... Do I need anti-kink coils ? For cooling liquid distilled water, is that ok ? What more would I need or is that all ?
  7. I think its simple loop because I will need to do some work to put it together, if I only wanted to water cool my CPU it wouldn't be simple loop it would be too easy to do, and it wouldn't be justifiable expense, because CPU is cooled enough at the moment, but NB and GPU are not .. so not interesting at all and not necessary at all work ... I'm thinking of WC because my GPU and NB,SB are not cooled enough, but if I WC GPU and NB,SB I could squeeze a bit more OC from my PC, they have stock cooling and they hit high temps on load, and when I'm water cooling the system it would be unusual to not include CPU in the loop .... If I have loop like this: Pump >> Radiator 1 >> CPU Block >> GPU Block >> Radiator 2 >> NB block >> SB block >> Reservoir >> Pump 1 pump, 1 cpu block, 1 gpu block, 1 sb block, 1 nb block, a) Radiator 1 : 240 rad , bigger one that covers cpu & gpu Radiator 2 : 120 rad, for NB & SB b) OR INSTEAD OF Radiator 1 & Radiator 2 only one 360 rad ? what is better a) or b) ? would only one pump be able to manage that loop ? how strong pump ? Is the difference between gpu block that is only for chip and gpu block with full cover big ?
  8. Hi guys, I would like to try water cooling, I'm not familiar with this, so I would like to try wc with my current spec. my sig rig, for beginning, simple loop that will include CPU, NB, GPU cooling ... I'm planing upgrade in recent feature, so it would be good that I buy decent parts for wc that I would be able to use, after my upgrade... for upgrade I was thinking i5 2500K,z68 chipset, 8GB RAM @1600MHz ... Suggest me some ideas, solutions and parts for that loop, so I can have something to start with. Thanks in advance ...
  9. Hi guys, I got my e7500 to 4GHz : http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2019958 What do you think about settings: CPU Vcore-----------1.425 CPU Termination-----1.3 CPU Reference-------0.868 MCH core------------1.4 DRAM voltage--------1.8 ?? IS IT TOO MUCH FOR MY HARDWARE ?? NEED YOUR OPINION ? TNX
  10. is the nb voltage = MCH Core i think it is ... whats the top safe nb voltage i should use ??
  11. i got my fsb:dram to 1:1 but 400x10 is not stable .... it cant boot the windows ... it freezes .... ram 2x400fsb and cpu 10x400fsb then bus speed is 400 and rated fsb is 1600 i tried 7x400 with the same settings and its not working ... now i'm at 11x333 = 3.67GHz rated fsb is 1333 fsb:dram is 1:1 ram 667 underclocked it booted win ...
  12. i tried 400x9 and it freezes ... fbs is max 370 stable but why cant i get 11x364 then stable ?
  13. Hi guys, I can't OC my sig rig to 4GHz, I tried with these settings: CPU Vcore-----------1.4 CPU Termination-----1.3 CPU Reference-------0.848 MCH core------------1.3 DRAM voltage--------1.8 multi 10x and FSB 400 (also multi 11x and FSB 364) its not working it freezes while booting windows i wouldn't go with higher CPU voltage than 1.4v my ideas are that: 1. cpu needs more voltage 2. mobo settings are holding me back im not very familiar with that 3. ram is holding me back (but why if it stays on default) what do you think? can you help me with mobo settings and ram timings ? highest stable was 3.66GHz (11x333MHz) Tnx
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