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  1. I mean how big is the difference between TFT and LED screen on that case?
  2. I was thinking of buying 3D monitor in future at first, but now I think I will buy it now because theres no point to waste money on something what will be collecting dust after some time.... Anyways... This ASUS VG236HE 23" TFT SCREEN - 3D looks good but isn't TFT screen with dark and foggy picture? These Samsung LED monitors look great but these are damn expensive. Is there a big difference between this Samsung 23" LED monitor and this Asus?
  3. Sorry, I'm still a noob on computer hardware. And yes, I ment does 570 SLI bottleneck 2600K?
  4. i7 2600K 269.90 € ASUS P8Z68-V 147 € GTX 570 254.90 € Corsair Vengeance 2x 4GB 87.30 € Samsung F3 1TB 49.90 € LG GH22NS50 16.99€ OCZ ModXStream Pro 700W 74.90€ Cooler Master CM 690 II white 60.60€ Total: 961.48 € ASUS VK278Q 27" WIDE LED SCREEN (2 MS) 359€ SAMSUNG SYNCMASTER S27A350H ECRAN LED 27" 289€ As much as I've seen, Samsung monitors have best picture but how do these two compare? What do you think all of this? Does this motherboard have enough room for 570 SLI because in future when I'm going on 3D I will buy another 570. Is this CPU capable to manage GTX 570 SLI?
  5. No need for multi monitors... atleast for now. Thought about buying about 40-50" LED TV for it but for now it's just a thought.
  6. Looked it up and found that GTX 590 costs 700 euros and GTX 580 costs 470 euros. So how much better is the 590 for that price? I'd still look for Nvidia because I'd like to keep an "open window" for future when I want to go over to 3D
  7. No, main usage will be gaming. I know this site sucks, but I don't know a better one so I have to manage with this...
  8. I'm planning to buy a new PC and I could use some help... I have about 1000 Euros for computer and about 300 Euros for monitor. Main usage would be Gaming, Movies, Music and Internet. Thought to use: Intel i7 2600k atleast 1 Tb hard drive GTX 570 SLI 6 Gb Memory 24" Full HD monitor And one other thing... all components must be available to buy from Ireland (www.pixmania.ie or if anyone knows better site, I'm open for sugestions)
  9. What do you think about this: ASUS P6T SE - SOCKET 1366 - CHIPSET X58 176 euro INTEL CORE I7-930 - 2.8 GHZ 270 euro GIGABYTE GEFORCE GTX 460 - 1024 MB GDDR5 in SLI 400 euro 2 x SAMSUNG SPINPOINT HD502HJ HARD DRIVE - 3.5" - 500 GB - 7200 RPM - 16 MB 100 euro CORSAIR XMS3 TRIPLE CHANNEL 3 X 2 GB DDR3-1600 140 euro Antec Twelve Hundred 180 euro CORSAIR (CMPSU-750HXEU) HX750W 140 euro LG W2453SQ-PF 24" WIDE TFT SCREEN (2MS) 200 euro Total: 1600 Euro Is this okay for the amount of money?
  10. Can someone Please put together the case and recommend a monitor with it. All parts Must be available in here http://www.pixmania.ie
  11. ASUS P6T WS PROFESSIONAL 255 Euro INTEL CORE I7-930 - 2.8 GHZ 270 Euro CORSAIR 3 X 2 GB DDR3 2000 230 Euro SAPPHIRE TECHNOLOGY RADEON HD 5970 - 2 GB GDDR5 550 Euro WESTERN DIGITAL CAVIAR GREEN - 1 TB - 64 MB 60 Euro COOLER MASTER GX 750W 77 Euro Is it okay? Is there a better GPU for that kind of money? Please suggest 23" or 24" monitor and nice looking quiet case.
  12. First of all I'd like to say "Hi" to everyone I'm noob when it comes to PC hardware so I need your help. I want to buy a new PC + monitor. I have about 1500 euros (~2000 $). All parts should be available in www.pixmania.ie I'd use it mostly to play games but also to watch movies and listen music. I thought something like this: Processor: Intel i7 930 Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA-P55M-UD2 Memory: Crosair Dominator GT 3x2Gb Graphics card: HD 5970 2Gb or 5750 Crossfire Waiting for your comments...
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