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  1. ah ha, found out why people are killing there 570, theyre disabling the OCP (power/wattage controller) and turning it off increases the amount of wattage running to the VRMs, in turn frying it!!!!
  2. deciding to go with 2 570s then down to 2 560s is like saying, "ehh, my 5870 is too fast, im gunna downgrade to a 5770 instead".....
  3. Im getting 2 GTX 570s tomorrow from newegg and i of course want to overclock each one so i can get close to GTX 580 power. But there is alot of talk on the internet from numerous sites about people frying and killing there 570s, and theyre being clocked at reasonable speeds, well, reasonable in my eyes anyway,lol. Some have got there 570 up to 800, 825, 850, 875 and above all the way going up to 900 and above, some go all the way up to 900 and run fine, while others cant even go up to 800 without frying the card, its obviously a voltage issue. So what im asking is, how do i avoid blowing up my 570s? Because now im scared to even try and make an attempt to overclock the 570s, what do i do?
  4. no, ordering 2 570s today :-), and about 'I love AMD'? Said that becuz this is the 1st time switching to nvidia in years, my last 4 comps have ran on ATI graphics cards, so i will always love ATI, just wanted a bit of a change. And i dont know why the 69xx cards run better on higher res's, just one of those things i guess,lol.....radeon cards are designed for high res/multiple monitor gaming, geforce 5xx cards are designed for all around gaming.
  5. GTX 570 is a better solution to me....just overall better performance and DX11 is better on the GTX 5xx series. I love AMD but if youre not gunna take full advantage of Eyefinity then id say go with the 570, its technically a 580, just a few little tweaks and clocking and you literally got a 580. Id say go with the radeon 6950/70 if youre working with multiple monitors and/or have a huge 2560x1600 monitor, which not alot of people have,lol. The radeons are great if youre planning on gaming at 2560x1600 and higher, so go with the 570, overclock it, and turn it into a 580, plus, we all know nvidia has phenominal drivers and SLI scaling, plus Geforce cards, especially the new 5xx's, seem to play games better with tesselations. In online benches you'll sometimes see the 6950/70 outperform the 570 but barely, dont spend the extra $150 on a 580 when you can OC a 570 close if not equal to a 580. So final verdict: 6950/70 if youre gaming on higher resolutions and 570 in just overall performance, better DX11, sli scaling, more goodies and eye candy...sure, the 69xx cards will improve when AMD's drivers mature but it goes both ways, the 570 will improve as well as nvidia's drivers stretch and grow (not that theyre bad) ,lol.
  6. ???!!!! IM TORN BETWEEN THE 2!!! Which ones and why? Overclocking capabilities? Overall framerates? more powerful GPU? etc.....everything!!! lol.
  7. im telling you, ATI and Nvidia need to stop competing and just join forces!lol. Call it AMDvidia or something,lol.
  8. to me, honestly, anything after 2 video cards is just sloppy, when i see people with 3 and 4 i
  9. dont get me wrong, i love my 2 5870s, but the e-peen goblin is gnawing on my arm again screaming UPGRADE!!!lol.....it sounds pretty cool when you go to a friends house for a LAN party saying, "Not only do i have the best video card in the world but i have 2 of them!!!",lol....thats why i want the 580s.
  10. well i have an i7-930 @ 4.2 On my other site, overclock.net, ive seen many people with 930's and 950's with 2 580s STILL running games like crysis and metro with 65-90 fps, which in those games is amazing! ill spend 1000 on 2 videos, not 1000 on a CPU. Im happy with my 930 cause i can overclock the shiznit out of it! So yeah, the 930 at 4.2 is more than enough.
  11. brooklyn here!lol. im right next to you dude,lol. Yeah, crysis 2 looks fracken sick!
  12. Ive been getting a thousand answers from a thousand fanboys and im torn between Crossfiring 2 6970s or SLIing 2 GTX 580s.....what would you do? Money is not that much of an issue cause i know that if i spend it on the 580s it will be well worth it because im paying for pure, raw power and performance, that will trump any game out there and bring them to its knees begging to stop,lol......but then of course people say "wait, NO, just get 2 6970s and overclock them and you'll be straight", but then alot people say the drivers for AMD are horrible. I dont know what to do. People say the scaling and drivers have improved with the 6xxx series, but what does improved mean?lol. Ive heard nothing but good things about nvidia's drivers, and know from experience that SLI scaling rock's the very foundation of the video card world. I wanna go to the moon with my video cards, i want the power in my house to surge, i want my lights to flicker everytime i turn on my computer (all hypothetically speaking of course,lol). Ive seem online benches between the 6970 CF and 580 SLI, and the CF 6970 is practically breathing right down the 580's neck in performance, just a mere 3-7 FPS difference in most games. Heat is of no concern to me, my case is cooled, power consumption is of no concern, have a 1220Watt PSU, dont care about noise, atleast i know the fans are working,lol.... i just care about performance. Overclock 2 6970s to match an SLI GTX 580 setup, or say the hell with it and get 2 580s?
  13. how much OCing headroom does the 6970 have? And, how are the drivers with the 6xxx series? Kind of afraid to ask,lol.
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