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  1. Morning Guys Thanks BP9801 one of the very first things I tried but did not want to work. Lol Braegnok when it comes to computers nothing surprises me I'm willing to try everything, but after 2-3 hours of more struggling I decided screw it to much headachiness formatted with windows 10 half my drivers refused to work went back to windows 8.1 now my machine is working 100%. I will wait a few months until windows 10 finally releases. One thing that I did discover is when I booted windows 8 screen still showed Entering energy saver mode, after all drivers was updated and pending reboot I unplugged the power of the screen rebooted as the pc came back online I plugged in the power and the screen came back online. I did not think to do the same for Windows 10 ( it was a long day don't judge me ) Thank you for all the help, im tempted to become an amish farmer without tech seems easier Thanks again
  2. bleh okay no change no luck updated all that is a driver, vga works fine but for the love of me cant get DP(if you laugh you are immature...although i giggled a bit:P). Although I see as soon as I plug in the cable it tells me. Entering Power Saver Mode. Does not even detect the monitor under device manager, VGA works fine. At this pace Im going to reinstall windows and go back to windows 8.1 and wait until windows 10 is released regards
  3. quick update, ran sfc scan found some problem, sfc phone. ran dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth then sfc all went smooth got that working. Did intel update and sigh sitll no change My model runs Intel/Nvidia Graphics. Going to download the intel gpu utility app and try that. Currently just the monitor is plugged in on dp, VGA is unplugged only detects my laptop screen no second screen. Will report back shortly regards
  4. Morning Guys Last night I have updated my laptop (Alienware mx17r3) to Win 10 Tech build 10041, updated all my drivers now my display port is not working, When booting I can see it showing BIOS and post screen but once I am in windows just goes dead with a msg no display port detected. Running my laptop screen, dell ultrasharp-u2913wm (Display port) and dell S2340L (VGA) port. On VGA both screen works fine no problem but as soon as I try running on display port dead as a doornail. I checked device manager its not even detecting the 3rd screen. Have updated latest drives from intel and ran windows update but to no avail. Not sure if I am missing something silly here or if anyone have similar problems, have read other forums they mentioned was something to do with power settings after changing all that still same problem, thanks for the time regards
  5. Printer drivers are installed yes, from what I picked up...nothing. It was working the one day the next day I got a call to say printer is being special Yes it is, everyone in the office is connected to that printer, What I have not tried is to restart the network switches and the dhcp server...will give that a try
  6. Afternoon Guys Having a tricky problem, I have a Kyocera Fusion 3050 printer that is linked to the network, from my server I am unable to ping it, connect to it or finding it in my arp tables. I have swapped out the network cable, plugged it into 2 different wall sockets where other users machines are connected to (they are able to get to the network/internet) still same problem. I thought it might be the network port on the printer that finally kicked the bucket, so I proceeded to plug a network cable between the printer and the laptop and give the laptop an ip address on the same range as the printer, then I was able to ping it and connect to it. I changed the ip of the printer and connected it back onto the network thinking someone might have assigned their machine/device with a static ip address that was conflicting with the printer, but sadly same thing happened. Any idea what the cause of this could be, what I have done is put the printer's ip address to dhcp (which was not a smart thing to do) monitored my dhcp server and the printer did not obtain an ip address. (had to do a double facepalm with a chair to my face by the hulk)... anyway any idea what would cause this predicament to happen Cheerz Regards, Kylothian
  7. Good Dayith to ye awesome people, I need some help on this problem I am facing, I cannot get remote printing to work, bit of further information: The machine is setup with a network'd printer, in this printer it is configured to use a "box" number to send print jobs to the printer. Basically what this mean is, when you hit print a popup box appears prompting you for you're box number(predefined) and then you type in the password and the job gets printed... Locally this works fine no problems. When you rdp into the off site machine and try and print any document that "box" does not appear hence the print job does not go to the printer, does not come up with any errors, I have checked the event logged, according to it the print job has gone through successfully. Also: this "box" pops up, this you configure once the printer is installed -> printer preferences -> Job -> tick "Job storage" -> Custom Box -> Settings -> Use specified box number - under that you specify the box number and once you print it prompts you for the password before it gets send to the printer. The printer is a Kyocera Fusion 3050 Now here is where it gets tricky, It works for all the other users in the office, Removed all printer drivers and re-installed the printers Cleared any temp files Tried a different profile on the machine, so its not a profile issue I even did a system restore to a date when it worked, but sadly that did not help either Cant be the profile on the printer that's not working otherwise it would not have worked locally Its not a problem on the server because it works for all the other users on different site even I have been through the router's firewall, nothing there that would cause it to cause it to stop working Done windows updates, MS Mr Fixit (I was desperate), ccleaner I really don't know, At the moment where it stands Its not a problem with the server, I'm almost certain its not a problem with the machine (really don't know what else to check any more) and its not a problem with the printers. Please tell me someone else out there has a similar problem, I really don't know any more. I have exhausted Google even the dark side of the internet. Format re-install is not really an option as it would cause to much down time, so far I'm tempted to hire a priest and blame it on the underwear gnomes Only things I have not tried is windows repair, I am working remotely on this machine so might be a bit difficult. Now at another part of the office they have a different printer, on 3 out of 10 machines they have there the printer does not even display in the remote desktop session, only their pdf creator... Im really at wits end atm Any advice or exorcism would be appreciated.
  8. >>>UPDATE<<< Order is going in next week... Ive decided on the Mecer Xpression W370ET lappy - kitting it with: - 16gb of corsair vengeance (2x 8GB 1600hmz) Ram - 1x 120gb Corsair Vertex 4 SSD - 1x 750GB WD Scorpio Black 7200 2.5 HHD For cooling im going with Cooler Master NOTEPAL X3, BLACK, FOR 17", AERODYNAMIC AIRFLOW DESIGN, FRONT VENT http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/product.php?product_id=3075 Additional accessories: Bag - still choosing between - http://www.manhattan-products.com/en-US/products/5591-everest-notebook-computer-backpack and - http://www.roccat.org/Products/Gaming-Accessories/ROCCAT-Into/ Got myself the Roccat Isku Keyboard - http://www.roccat.org/Products/Gaming-Keyboards/ROCCAT-Isku/ Going to stick with the Roccat peripherals just looking for a mouse I like Then my upgrading is done forever....(translation -> for now) Thanks for all the input thus far guys Cant wait for payday
  9. Know that feeling bro. The Siberia V2, a buddy of mine own's a pair. Very nice good looking, sound is brilliant.. for durability I cant say much as he always places them inside the box when not using or transporting, so Im guessing not that great. As far as Razer cant say out of personal experience, not a big fan of them or how they look. Checked a couple of reviews, its designed to be comfortable and everyone that owns a pair says sound quality is brilliant - cant help much on this Personally if I had the choice I'd go with the Vengence 1300, they are sturdy with good quality sound and comfortable. Digged around and got a review on occ http://www.overclockersclub.com/reviews/corsair_vengeance_1300/ With the Plantronics Gamecom 780 - cant help much there sadly, have not seen it in action One headset you can also check out http://www.zalman.com/global/product/Product_Read.php?Idx=681 Ive heard good things about this headset - they should be roughly in the same price group as the rest Hopefully i provide some form of help
  10. I've used the Cm Sirus 5.1 for 2 n half years, currently using it at work. Should be roughly in the same price range. Its sturdy had its fair share of falls still working like a charm and the sound quality is brilliant, drowns out sound from the outside and for gaming its an absolute beaut just my 2c and also using the Corsair Vengence 2000 Bit more pricey but its kamfy and wireless which i love... sound is brilliant for music and gaming aswell, Im using this at my flat. The mic on both of them is brilliant
  11. Ive taken pretty much all that in account... 1. The lapppy comes with a GTX 660M - which is decent...anything higher than this is going spike up the price outside my budget 2. comes with options of i3,i5 or i7 decided on the i7 cause im not planning on buying or upgrading anything anytime soon 3. SSD is a must (never used one), ive gone with this lappy because it does come with 2 hhd bays, so an SSD (120gb prolly) for OS and then a HHD ( WD Black 750) for storage Prolly 8gb is enough, Im considering just pimping it with 16gb of ram and ill be sorted... if i feel its REALLY needed ill shove in another stick. Resolution I refuse to get a lappy running less than 1920x1080, Ive eliminated alot laptops that I like just because they didnt offer the correct resolution Im doing my research extensively before im buying, sofar this laptop is the only one fullfulling what im looking for Thank you for the input
  12. Also be sure the 2nd HDD doesn't need a caddy/mount.. You be from NZ? Sorry hit wrong buttons Dunno how to remove this (facepalm)
  13. It can run 24gb of ram, buddy of mine has same laptop... suppose 16gb is enought but why settle for 16 when u can have 24gb...lol I prefer using that ram cause its trusted.... Im sure its not needed but hey if I have the option why not. Im sadly from South Africa so our pick of choices on lappy's and parts are very limited... .There are awesome lappy's out in the world but importing it is going to nail me on costs sadly, and as I figured out most people overcharge just to wear there name on the laptop so unfair Thanks for the advice kinda forgot about the mount.... so will just double check that Will update if I change my mind
  14. Fixed link for ram Fair enough was just curious in hopes i could "pimp" the lappy to my spec but I'll be happy with the Cpu. The lappy comes with 2 HHD bays and a DVD drive AFAIK... will double check on that.. but honestly who uses dvd's these days so prolly going to kit it with 2 hhd, I have a external dvd drive for just in case. Thats pretty much where I am getting the laptop... well the barebone unit of it and then the ram, drives and additional toys im getting from suppliers as it is going to work out cheaper than getting it through them. That's why I was curious on the cpu cause I can get a very nice chip for a decent price. But all in all after i've fully pimped out the lappy should run like a dream Im still browsing around for lappy's but sofar for what I am getting and price I'm paying its a beaut and best option If I had the funds i'd go for a xps or ROG but sadly bit out of my budget
  15. Howzit peeps My knowledge on laptops is VEEEEEEEEEEERY limited My birthday is coming up soon (critical information this and im sure everyone cares), im looking into investing into a laptop, going to be used for work purposes and gaming (lan's) and all that cause dragging a pc everywhere is becoming a hassle... plus i really want a laptop Now what im currently looking into investing is the Mecer Xpression W370ET. It Comes with a decent graphics card and I can get the barebone for quite cheap with the basic of parts (4gb of ram 320gb hhd and a i3 cpu) the parts i want to replace it with i can get at a very good price from my suppliers Some upgrade idea's i have in mind The laptop comes with: 3 ram slots which im going to kit with 3x 8gb corsair vengence 2 HHD bays which im going to install a 120gb ssd for OS and prolly a 750 or a tb WD black drive for storage Thats all good and dandy this is what im curious about is the following I can get the lappy with a Intel
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