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  1. cery25

    Need advice on buying a video card

    this:PowerColor AX7870 2GBD5 , P9600
  2. I'm in. Thanks OCC for the great contest and good luck to all !!!
  3. cery25

    Help with Motherboard

    That psu is k. You don't have to worry about that
  4. you can use the @bios from utility
  5. cery25

    Need advice on my first build

    http://www.aussar.es/kfa2/geforce-gtx-570.html How about this ?
  6. It doesn't fit, the case has 18,5 cm and the cooler 16 cm. I don't think the side of the case + mobo+cpu has only 2,5 cm..........
  7. cery25

    Overclock 2500k Issue

    yes, you should raise up the ram voltage. as for oc the cpu red this :http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=181398&st=0&p=1880662entry1880662
  8. cery25

    Gigabyte 990XA-UD3 and Phenom II X4 965BE

    do you have the latest version of bios? if you doo try the previous one
  9. cery25

    Who is poor?

    one more i work for 4 € /hour
  10. Mas Effect 3 and waiting for Protoype 2
  11. cery25

    Finished PC Build

    Verry nice , but you can work a litle more at the cable management
  12. cery25

    How much space on your PC do your pictures take

    I have more then 15 Gb
  13. cery25

    What type of power supply do you have?

    Mine is a non modular Lc Power Titan II 600w
  14. cery25

    Nyt Ryda's Rig

    there is something that i want to ask you for a long ,long time: do you have diamond in your backyard?
  15. cery25

    Msi 6970 lightning issues

    you can try doing a bench like 3dmark or just use furmark an d see wath's happen
  16. cery25

    Help me to choose a CPU cooler

    +1 for the cooler and +1 for the case. A friend of mine has a 400r and it's great , all black and red led fans.
  17. cery25

    MSI R7970 3gb unboxed!

    Are you trying too tel us that, you are going to put a contest and we can win not one , but two 6970's ?
  18. Gtx 580: you got served !!!
  19. cery25


  20. cery25

    Your Sound Equipment

    I have a 7 years old eBench KH 2222 and he still sounds great
  21. cery25

    Multiplier on CPU

    i'm 99% that you can't