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  1. hah awesome wonder if i should touch the cigarette lighter after its heated guys well i guess they have to cover themselves legally.
  2. What about cooling? i know it comes with 7 case fans.....but HSF? other than that nice case i have the exact one. Although you have most of your parts and i dont. its so hard waiting!
  3. music


    repairing always works with me but so does reformatting and theres always linux....
  4. music


  5. music

    Music Coordinating

    do a *.mp3 search? or put them all in one folder? not quite sure what you are getting at though
  6. As long as you hold it upright and not upside down, it wont frost up your computer.
  7. I was going to buy it, but then i read the part about how all the instruments of war have been stripped, and really felt no value in it. lol if a terrorist buys it then good, they will all be in one nice little boat for us to blow up.
  8. Piano, skateboarding , going to concerts, chilling with friends, art, cruising around, hanging out with my girl Thats about it what an exciting life.
  9. I was wondering what are some good companies that have DVD/CD RW combos
  10. congrats hope that plan works out
  11. ah i didnt know DFD was jazz metal. disco always came to mind hah ya dog fashion disco rocks!
  12. geez thats insane. what are you going to put in it?
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