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  1. Thanks, man, Imma check for cracks on the case, especially on the latches, how do I check the screen though?
  2. Hey all, I recently received christmas money and have just gathered enough cash to buy a laptop. I managed to find a 2nd hand Asus x5se laptop, it has very good specs and has had its memory upgraded from the standard 2 gb to 4gb and includes a brand new battery that the previous owner bought. Anyways, I am kinda skeptic on how to check up on how good the laptop is, I mean I can easily check the specs by running cpuz or gpuz or speccy but how can I check some of the other issues on the laptop I don't know about? Maybe the seller is selling the laptop as it having no hidden defects, wherein fact there maybe, and I just don't know of it yet since I don't know how to check up on it. So I ask what do I check upon seeing the laptop, any programs I should run, algorithms? any nook and crannies I should look upon the exterior and interior of the laptop to make sure I'm getting my money's worth? I would also like to know how can I detect how old the OS has been installed on the machine or maybe how old the machine is overall, irregardless of the number of times it was formatted. Please help. Thank you
  3. How about a HAF 932 or 922? are those any good? or maybe them silverstone cases?
  4. Hey all, currently (still) canvassing on a good case for my rig, this crummy case of mine is just getting on my nerves. Anyways I originally intended to get a case along the $80 price range-ish but decided may be I can go to the $100 range if I can find a good case. Locally I found a newly arrived case here in my country, here is a review of it (the review is in turkish I believe, had to run it at google translate) I can't quite understand the numbers just yet, so I need opinions on whether this is a good case or not, or if that maybe you guys can suggest a good case for me at the range of $120 (5,400 here in my country) (The xPredator case is around $140ish (this one is 6,500), I'm a bit skeptic at it's price, but if it is really really good, maybe I can make ends meet). What should I look out for in those numbers when I decide for a case? Thank you to all those who would be reading this! EDIT: I will also be fitting a Thermaltake frio or a V8 on my future case, so yeah, just a heads up.
  5. Indeed it does!! Ahh so that is why there are few to none reviews of it..It hasn't come to the US market yet. I will really look up into that CM case, I've heard that CM's don't disappoint.
  6. Thanks for the reply dihartnell! I will try to see if those cases are available in my part of the world and of course if it can fit in my current budget
  7. Hello, all I need help in deciding what case to purchase for I need to replace this cheap gigabyte gz-x6 case of mine for a new one. I am currently considering these two as my options: AeroCool Rs-9 devil red SilverStone PS05B-W (the one with a clear left side panel) My price range goes along those lines, I can't think/find other cases that looks good but still fits my budget and is capable of delivering the temps I want with their cooling solutions. After googling for days for a review on the RS-9 case, I didn't gather much information. There were far too few (or should I say no) websites that had legit reviews for it and it is making me kinda skeptic on whether I should get it or not.. I am currently at a 60:40 situation where in 60 is for the RS-9 and 40 is for the PS05B-W (it's just made of steel, the cuthole for the motherboard is poorly placed, seems cramped) Suggestions of other cases, opinions or whatnot are very much appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Oh, that's too bad. So basically if you change your gpu there remains a chance that your old cooler won't fit anymore. Anyways, this has gotten way off topic and I think I got the answer I have been asking for, thank you so much for your help guys!
  9. Thanks for the reply Did you mean the fan that is attached unto my CPU and heatsink? The one that sucks in air?
  10. I tried placing a fan too, aside from the fact it rumbles my table when I placed it I think it didn't help in reducing temperatures. Are aftermarket GPU coolers reusable for every type of GPU out there? not unlike CPU coolers that works for specific sockets only?
  11. Thanks for the reply guys! Yeah it is above the cpu heatsink, and I do not have a aftermarket heatsink (yet) So that's what it's called. I did not know it was that important! I guess I'm going to re attach it now. EDIT: @Locutus: I guess I'm going to observe the temperatures and see if there are changes or what if I remove and attach the air duct cylinder. @Emperor496: Oh and I also installed a silverstone fm123 fan at full 2600 rpm for exhaust, it still means though that I would still need to use the air duct cylinder right? OT: emperor496: you said that the cpu fan intakes air right? since I am fairly new to this, I ask, do cpu and gpu heatsinks (the stock and the aftermarket ones) all suck in air? or some just blow it out? I ask because I plan to place a 120mm fan right under my graphics card to help it err breathe a little, I'm going to digress on this on another thread though. THANK YOU!
  12. Hey all, I'm very new in the OCC forums but have been lurking around the website for product reviews and what not. I have built my first computer with the help of reviews from the OCC website I am fairly new to assembling computer and was wondering with this here case I bought. I do not understand what this errr should I say muffler thing is for (pictured below). It is attached unto a mesh in my sidepanel where I think a 80mm fan can be placed. So what's it for? Can I just remove it (I have already did though, just confirming haha)? If I remove it would there be more dust and more airflow for my pc? Since I think it is obscuring air to go inside it (I think D:). Thanks so much! Btw here is my case, it's a gigabyte gz - x6 (cheap and a not so great case, I know haha):
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