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  1. Ill see if i cant find your thread and post there too, But the easiest way to see if a cooler will fit, is look at customer reviews of your case, and do a search for your Heatsink/fan of choice and see if other people where able to fit it in your case. If only one person says it fit... well you need to check clearance, but if like 15+ people are saying, oh yeah i used <Insert cooler name here> In my case and it fit perfect! Then your probably good without checking.


    This method has never failed me anyways. Its not 100% assurance, but meh, its the lazy way and i like it.



    I see, I also did that but due to the fact that the ock is kinda new there are very minimal reviews of it around. :(


    Though thanks for the tip! I'll be applying that if the need arises in the future.


    Here is my new thread btw: http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=184577


    It was kinda answered already but I was kinda set back on my decision to take the ock as my cooler because of an information that was stated there. Haha.

  2. Hey guys I ask this, since I'd be buying my first cooler ever.


    I've been wondering if the position of the cpu socket in the motherboard follows a standard, in a sense that when the case specifications give you a height where in they say you can fit a cooler its true.


    I'm kinda paranoid if whether I can fit a thermaltake frio ock in my nzxt lexa s.


    Another thing that has been boggling me is that even if I also know the specific measurements of the frio ock and the lexa s I am still having a hard time visualizing if whether the cooler might fit or not.


    When I have asked a local computer parts shop if the frio ock will fit in my nzxt lexa s. He says that horizontally my frio ock will not fit. But I beg to differ since I THINK it could. I need some help though because I maybe wrong.


    Here are the dimensions of the my nzxt lexa s case: (W x H x D): 196 X 480 X 528 mm with a cpu cooler clearance of 141.0mm (with fan) and 166.0mm (without fan)


    And for the thermaltake frio ock: 143(L) x 136.8(W) x 158.4(H) mm


    My motherboard is an asus m4a785td-v evo.


    Thanks :D

  3. Frio OCK is nice, cools even better than the original, Just dont turn the fans up to 100%... its loud... Like VERY loud. But lower RPM like 50%~ish fan speed keeps things cool and quiet.


    Thanks for the help MercuryDoun! I've got another question, kinda unrelated to my thread here. It's about fitting a cooler in my case, I'll just be making another thread about it since it is way out of context with my original question. Thank you all!

  4. Thanks for the replies, I've thought that since I have already spent a fortune on cooling my rig, why not just give my all in it? So I decided I'd just go for the frio, but if that is not available here, I'll purchase a frio ock. What do you guys think? There are few legit reviews (legit : e.g. overclockersclub reviews) that has reviewed the ock though haha.

  5. No the Frio beats it and yes I think its better than the Deepcool since isnt Deepcool some cheap brand ? Hyper 212+ FTW !


    I believe the deepcool gamerstorm is the twin brother of the Alpenfцhn Matterhorn cooler, based on my research and on what I have read.




    Thank you so much for all the help I believe I am kinda decided now, just gotta talk to myself and my wallet to make sure of what to buy haha.

  6. A CM Hyper 212+ Can keep a Phenom II x6 1090T @ 4.0Ghz nice and cool, im sure it can keep the 965 quad-core nice and cool too biggrin.gif. Point is... for any PhenomII the Hyper 212+ is all your need. Save some money and get a great cooler while your at it too.


    Thanks for the great suggestion! by any chance is the hyper 212 plus better than the frio or the deepcool gamer storm?

  7. I am cooling a amd phenom 965be


    We have deepcool here, thermaltake, coolermaster and noctua. That's what about I can remember from the top of my head. Problem here with my country is that when the local distributors don't distribute the items the sellers don't know where else to get their items.


    We also have prolimatech here too, but I think I cant fit that in my nzxt lexa s though

  8. Sorry for the late reply guys, and thankyou so much for the suggestions!


    I'm from the Philippines. We've got the Hyper 212 plus here. But is it any good? I mean like thermaltake frio good? I here and have read that the thermaltake frio is very good.


    Some of the people here have been suggesting that I get the DeepCool GamerStorm, but kinda skeptical about that. Really want the frio and am really in the verge of buying a second hand one. The OCK one just costs too much!

  9. As the title says, really confused on what to buy, been considering a thermaltake frio and a deep cool gamerstorm. But one downside for that frio is that it's no longer available here in my country and the only one I have seen is a second hand one, bought last february 2011.


    Any other cooler suggestions are strongly welcome. Thank you so much! :D

  10. First, I would like to say sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong forum section, I just thought of hmm cooling and then I thought that posting this in this section sounded more sensible than posting it in the case modding section :P


    So yeah I've got here a silverstone fm123 fan, I've removed the fan controller and then attached a jumper to it since I would like to run the fan at full speed all the time. Yesterday I moved all of my hardware to a new nzxt lexa s case and then my silverstone fm123 just stopped working :/


    What I did then was put some wd40 on the bearing part by removing the sticker at the front and then tried it to no avail. The fan just ticks and ticks, but these ticking sounds are just small and faint sounds that you won't here unless you stick your ear to the fan, I can also see the fan wiggling, like it is pushing itself to turn but it can't. It just goes on back and forth back and forth for very short distances.


    I hope you guys are getting where I am going on here, so I ask is there anyway to repair this fan? for a case fan the fm123 costs quite a fortune and I just bought this fan last september 2010 and parting away with it is too early (and costly), I hope there is a way to at least open or revive this almost dying fan.


    Thank you all for reading.

  11. @Alexandre:

    Hey, nice seeing you here again, I think you misread, the rs-9 has more fans in it (it has 6) the lexa s has only 5 (from what is written), I have an am3 chipset so no problems there :D



    Really really nice take on my situation, for the looks I'd really go with the lexa s, and for the price, they are priced here for about the same amount (the lexa s costs like $5 more I think, no biggie)



    Oh there really is a lot of room in it? all the while I thought the case was cramped (with concerns to the right side of the case) since I've read that squeezing the cables on the rightside was kinda difficult (accdg to some of the reviews)


    Thanks for all the replies guys, will still be waiting for more input from other people, other case suggestions and what not would be great too :)

  12. Hey all, I'll be buying my new case next week or within next next week, anyways, I was wondering if the Lexa S by NZXT is worth it's weight in silver (since OCC rates it as silver only)? I've read a bunch of reviews of it and the reviews are kinda mixed, can't really decide if the case is great or what. The case is stylish hands down but I would like a case that is not only affordable (my budget is roughly between $65 to $90, no more no less) but reliable and offers good cooling solutions.


    I was also comparing this case to this one : click me


    The case has only been released I guess, in the european and asian regions (I'm from asia) thus the lack of good (english) reviews. I haven't read any english reviews of it yet, but this case is pretty popular from where I'm from yet I don't know if I should trust the people here LOL


    So yeah that's it hope you guys can help me. I've been rummaging across the forums posting about which case to get for a while and it is just now that I've decided what my final 2 choices would be.






    Specs for both cases for comparison reasons




    Cooling solution for the rs-9, copy pasted it from the manufacturer's site


    Superb Airflow - install up to 6 x 12/14 cm fans !!!


    1. Front - 1 x 12 cm fan (1 x 12 cm RED LED fan included)

    2. Back - 1 x 12 cm fan (1 x 12 cm RED LED fan included)

    3. Side - 2 x 12/14 cm fans (optional)

    4. Top - 2 x 12/14 cm fans (optional)



  13. cut open a 120mm sized hole in the front of the machine and let that thing breathe. I bet the fans running are actually making more heat from their motors and the case is negative pressure so the cheesy little cooler on the CPU has very little to move across it's fins.


    I think I'll just install a new 80mm fan for the mean time since I don't know yet how to cut a hole unto my casing :/



    Maybe you could just do what I did with that case...give it to someone else and buy a LanLi Lancool K62 case for about $100-$140 (depending where you live - its $140 here in Australia because of import tax :( )

    It's an awesome case with good airflow, plenty of room to hide wires and place components and its tool-less technology is top notch. I haven't looked back since I got it a month ago.


    Been considering that liancool kasing too as part of my options, been looking at a aerocool rs-9 devil red too but idk if that case has been released in the western market so yeah idk if you guys heard of it.


    anyways, thanks for all the help guys, learned a lot from this thread!

  14. My parents have a very similar case, the GZ-X2, albeit with a MUCH older internal setup (Athlon 64 3000+ Socket 754 @2.2Ghz, Radeon 7500 AGP4x 64mb, 2gb's DDR400) And I use the stock gigabyte 120mm as a front intake and a higher flowing Antec 80mm as a side intake, and a 120mm Coolermaster as a rear exhaust.


    The Coolermaster V8 won't fit in your case, there's less than a quarter inch between it and the side panel of my 1200, keeps my 965 @ 4.2GHz at a nice 35.c idle though and the highest I've seen it hit was 50.c (which is actually slightly cooler than my old Athlon 4000+ @2.98GHz with a Xigmatek HDTS1283)


    Definitely recommend the V8 if you get a new case, and try an 80mm intake fan for now


    Thanks for the recommendation, I am still comparing the v8 with a frio though, heard a lot of fantastic things about it.



    It is blowing more air now because of the way the fan is constructed. See the fan laws.


    The time to wait between measurements is definitely not days. It is hard to say you must wait a certain time, the only way to know is to see when the temperature stabilizes.


    Ah I see, thanks.


    By saying construction, you refer to the orientation of the fans in the case? and the total airflow it circulates in the case? sorry for asking such noob questions :(


    putting all these fans on your case is total nonsense until you have purchased an aftermarket cooler

    as long as your case has an in and out that is fine until you take care of the fundamental problem



    Thanks for putting a damper on all the work he has done in the past. It was not a waste IMHO. Though I agree with you and andrew from what I saw. If he wants any performance at all then he will install an aftermarket CPU cooler.


    I would get a decent 120mm tower fan cooler. We have many reviews out for coolers at this time. take a gander at the coolers OCC has reviewed this year and last and choose one that fits you the best.



    Thanks for the suggestion, I do intend to purchase a aftermarket cooler, but I first still need to purchase a new case before that, but I am kinda having trouble finding a good case for em though..

  15. The temps went down because the rear fan stopped stealing the air the cpu cooler needed when you turned it down. If you have the skills add one of the old 120's to the side panel and remove the duct work, that will bring air straight to the cpu. Optionally if you still have both pieces for the vent on the side of your case, then install it correctly so the hsf can draw more outside air to cool itself.


    I think, I'll just be placing a 80mm fan at the side atm, don't know how to add a new 120mm hole in the panel, haha.


    Funny, I had this same issue on my parents computer. I have two intake fans (front and side) and a rear exhaust. The rear exhaust is definitely stronger, and pushes out tons of air. I really don't feel that much air coming in from the side or the front.


    Anyway, I was seeing temps of 49-51 degrees Celsius, and did some research. Turns out the north-bridge overheats and can cause issues (Intel DG31PR mobo). Took it off, took off the crappy thermal tape, and used AS5 on the chip. Now I see temps of 44-46, even after running for hours.


    Wow, how troublesome, I think my mobo (M4a785td-v Evo) doesn't have that issue fortunately, I am blaming the shear power of the exhaust fan here I guess.. It has been stable at 45 - 46 idle temps for a couple of days now.


    Obviously the overall cooling of the components depend on the airflow of the case but I think you should've spent the money on a new CPU cooler instead.


    I would definitely save up and get a better tower style heatsink.


    That way the crossflow of the airflow you have now (coming from the bottom of the front of the case to the top of the rear) will actually aid the cooler as it will be inline with the airflow.


    I thought of buying a new cooler, only problem is, I think a good one won't fit in my case, and I am still having trouble if I should take a coolermaster v8 or a thermaltake frio (but I think this one is out of stock here where Im from). I have definitely learned that airflow is the best contributing factor in cooling now..


    And by saying that I am now thinking of just buying a new case for my system, and then after buy a new hsf since if I accidentally bought a hsf that won't fit in my case Id be pretty screwed. But since I am just saving up for cash, I think the 80mm will still be good for me atm.


    The fan you have installed now is blowing more air than the fan you had previously.


    First of all the rpm has very little to do with how much air is being blown by the fan when comparing two different fans. When working with the same fan the rpm will affect the air blown (cfm). On an internet search for fan laws you will see three laws for fans showing a known state as 1 and the desired state as 2. These laws are used with manufacturer specs to give the user the needed performance data.


    The more cfm flowing through the computer, the greater the cooling affect.


    When you record your temperatures keep the pc operating in the same state (preferably warm, after a number of hours running), and record the room temp to calculate a delta temp = cpu temp - room temp is the best way to eliminate reading error.


    It is blowing more air now because of the unobstructed air coming from the side panel right? the cfm has gotten better because the rear exhaust is not stealing air from my hsf anymore, correct?


    All the while I though rpm is the top priority in buying a fan, but as you are saying cfm is the better one right?


    I think I'll buy a thermometer for measuring the ambient temps so that next time I can monitor my machine more, I ask though that when monitoring how many days or hours do I need in between two temperature measurements?

  16. Thanks for the reply! I think that'll help but I don't have any extra 80mm fan right here now, and I don't to intend to purchase one atm since I think I will be getting a new case soon, but idk I might still buy one haha.


    Lowering the fan speed of the rear fan from 100 to 70 changed my idle temps to 45 indefinitely, and changing it to 65 still does the same thing. Whilst browsing with firefox I am at 46 degrees not so bad compared to that 49 degrees celsius back then, don't know if all that cleaning plus this fan speed lowering are the ones that helped lower my temperatures, don't know how to test this more too..


    I think that 46 degrees is as cool as my machine can get, I think that if I lower my front fan's rpm I'll be getting back to 47 - 49 degrees and by lowering the rear fan to less than 65% will increase the heat in my machine, what do you guys think?




    hey man can't post pics of my front mesh right now sorry.. I even promised to post yesterday..

  17. Thanks for your replies guys!


    Try making the rear fan an intake, and try to find some perforated PCI slot covers to air can leave on it's own.


    I have a feeling that [just as you said] the rear fan is sucking up any cool air that your CPU cooler would be using...


    If I were to make my rear an intake, and the front an intake too, wouldn't I be collecting more dust? And how can I get the air out? Please teach me!


    It also seems like your intake may be having issues, if like you said, there is no true front grill for it to draw on.



    The intake, because of its 2600 rpm power, blows kinda ok even without any grill. Its like the case has the cover and then if you remove it there are mesh holes (which get covered up by the cover), these mesh holes take in air from the cover whose bottom is like I said has some like teeth like holes.


    I'll be taking pictures of the front of the case tomorrow for better understanding.



    Funny I had the same case as you before I bought the Lancool K62...doesn't it have a funnel for the cpu in the side panel? If it does then that rules out your suspicion that the air is getting sucked up by the exhaust fan too fast for your CPU fan to pick up


    None-the-less, have you tried lowering the RPM of the rear exhaust fan and see if it improves the temps. This may be another way of verifying your suspicion whether the air is getting sucked up too fast.


    Also has your ambient temperature changed during this testing period? Has it gotten hotter in the room where the computer is because if it has this would also increase the temperatures within the case as well.


    One option would be to cut a hole in your side panel (or remove the funnel if it's there), remove the front intake fan and make it a side intake fan to suck air directly onto your CPU. This may allow more air to move into the case considering the holes at the bottom of the front of the case are pretty small.


    Yeah it does, ah so the air from the funnel doesn't reach the cpu's hsf anymore since the 2600 rpm fan is sucking it out. Figures.


    I tried lowering it in the past but still I get temps at that level..


    BUT just today, after cleaning my whole machine up, I tried lowering the speed to 70% (which is roughly 2000rpm) and low and behold the temperature was idling at 45 deg celsius. I don't know if this is because I cleaned it up or something but yeah, it got cooler. I noticed there were a lot of dust on the fans of the hsf and on the pipes so I dusted them off, thinking that them dust was covering the exhaustion for heat to be insulated properly, dunno if that helped in achieving that new temperature, also it is 3 am where I am at but, usually even if it is 3 am here my machine idles at 48 to 49 degrees celsius.


    Yeah the ambient temperature has changed, I bought the fans last september 2010, tested midway of september (my testing though is just by observing the temps at idle, I also don't measure the ambient temperature when I am doing this ><) and still testing up to now. The ambient temperatures has lowered starting from december to now, but my machine's temperatures were constantly at 48 to 49 degrees celsius.


    Funny thing here is in the past when I tried manipulating the fan speed of the rear, temperatures did not change, yet now it did (by 3 degrees celsius at that) so I really don't get this lol.

  18. Hey all, I currently have this setup:


    AMD Phenom x4 965be

    ATI HD 5750 1mb

    2x team xtreem dark ddr3 2gb

    WD 640gb caviar black

    El cheapo gigabyte gz-x6 case

    2x Silverstone FM 123


    So back then I was with the same setup but the difference was that my fan was a CoolerMaster R4 fan, located in the back of the case for exhaust, and on the front one was the weak gigabyte fan included with the case. At that time my Idle temps were ranging from 44 - 47 deg celsius, so I thought to myself, why don't I buy a new fan that has an rpm of greater than 2000 to make my machine cooler, so I did and got the two FM123s.


    I installed it, and removed the included fan controller because I wanted my fans running at 2600 rpm forever, I didn't care much about noise. I then noticed that my idle temps has gone from 44 - 47 deg celsius from solid 48 deg celsius. Which is bad, considering I invested money on two new fans in hopes of cooling my system down. So I let the fans sit for three months and so, and now, I get idle temperatures of 49 deg celsius which is very very sad. So now I ask why is this happening?


    I tried controlling the fans into 2000rpm in hopes of reducing the temps to 47 deg celsius but to no avail, I am using speedfan as my fan controlling and temperature monitoring software.


    I am speculating that it maybe because the exhaust is sucking out air so much that the cpu's cooler doesn't get air at all. Or maybe it is the case? I really don't know..


    Here are pictures of my setup:










    Another speculation I have is that while cleaning my machine up back then I used a lot of canned compressed air on it and it somehow broke the hsf of the cpu? Or maybe when I was cleaning each blade of the flan with a rag and rotating it at my own will. I also did this to the cooler of my video card. I hope you guys get what I mean here.


    And lastly another one is that the cpu's thermal compound has been broken into by the heat, I experienced the jump from 48 deg celsius to 49 during the period I was playing a lot of games with my machine, so yeah that speculation sounds a little dumb haha.


    Thanks all, sorry for the long post.

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