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  1. I see, I also did that but due to the fact that the ock is kinda new there are very minimal reviews of it around. Though thanks for the tip! I'll be applying that if the need arises in the future. Here is my new thread btw: http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=184577 It was kinda answered already but I was kinda set back on my decision to take the ock as my cooler because of an information that was stated there. Haha.
  2. I see, well that information certainly throws my decision back to the drawing board again. Haha, dang..never knew choosing a cooler was this hard.
  3. Ah I see, I have phenom II x4 965be. I read some (of the very few) reviews and have noticed that too, isn't that one or two degrees C of difference a big thing in a cooling perspective?
  4. Thanks for the replies!! I won't be using ram heatsinks (yet) though, so it won't be a problem yet. Why go for the normal frio? isnt the ock better? Oh and since there is a standard for horizontal fitting of a cooler, the vertical height is the only problem at times then?
  5. Hey guys I ask this, since I'd be buying my first cooler ever. I've been wondering if the position of the cpu socket in the motherboard follows a standard, in a sense that when the case specifications give you a height where in they say you can fit a cooler its true. I'm kinda paranoid if whether I can fit a thermaltake frio ock in my nzxt lexa s. Another thing that has been boggling me is that even if I also know the specific measurements of the frio ock and the lexa s I am still having a hard time visualizing if whether the cooler might fit or not. When I have asked a local computer parts shop if the frio ock will fit in my nzxt lexa s. He says that horizontally my frio ock will not fit. But I beg to differ since I THINK it could. I need some help though because I maybe wrong. Here are the dimensions of the my nzxt lexa s case: (W x H x D): 196 X 480 X 528 mm with a cpu cooler clearance of 141.0mm (with fan) and 166.0mm (without fan) And for the thermaltake frio ock: 143(L) x 136.8(W) x 158.4(H) mm My motherboard is an asus m4a785td-v evo. Thanks
  6. Thanks for the help MercuryDoun! I've got another question, kinda unrelated to my thread here. It's about fitting a cooler in my case, I'll just be making another thread about it since it is way out of context with my original question. Thank you all!
  7. Thanks for the replies, I've thought that since I have already spent a fortune on cooling my rig, why not just give my all in it? So I decided I'd just go for the frio, but if that is not available here, I'll purchase a frio ock. What do you guys think? There are few legit reviews (legit : e.g. overclockersclub reviews) that has reviewed the ock though haha.
  8. I believe the deepcool gamerstorm is the twin brother of the Alpenfцhn Matterhorn cooler, based on my research and on what I have read. @MercuryDoun: Thank you so much for all the help I believe I am kinda decided now, just gotta talk to myself and my wallet to make sure of what to buy haha.
  9. Thanks for the great suggestion! by any chance is the hyper 212 plus better than the frio or the deepcool gamer storm?
  10. I am cooling a amd phenom 965be We have deepcool here, thermaltake, coolermaster and noctua. That's what about I can remember from the top of my head. Problem here with my country is that when the local distributors don't distribute the items the sellers don't know where else to get their items. We also have prolimatech here too, but I think I cant fit that in my nzxt lexa s though
  11. Sorry for the late reply guys, and thankyou so much for the suggestions! I'm from the Philippines. We've got the Hyper 212 plus here. But is it any good? I mean like thermaltake frio good? I here and have read that the thermaltake frio is very good. Some of the people here have been suggesting that I get the DeepCool GamerStorm, but kinda skeptical about that. Really want the frio and am really in the verge of buying a second hand one. The OCK one just costs too much!
  12. As the title says, really confused on what to buy, been considering a thermaltake frio and a deep cool gamerstorm. But one downside for that frio is that it's no longer available here in my country and the only one I have seen is a second hand one, bought last february 2011. Any other cooler suggestions are strongly welcome. Thank you so much!
  13. First, I would like to say sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong forum section, I just thought of hmm cooling and then I thought that posting this in this section sounded more sensible than posting it in the case modding section So yeah I've got here a silverstone fm123 fan, I've removed the fan controller and then attached a jumper to it since I would like to run the fan at full speed all the time. Yesterday I moved all of my hardware to a new nzxt lexa s case and then my silverstone fm123 just stopped working :/ What I did then was put some wd40 on the bearing part by removing the sticker at the front and then tried it to no avail. The fan just ticks and ticks, but these ticking sounds are just small and faint sounds that you won't here unless you stick your ear to the fan, I can also see the fan wiggling, like it is pushing itself to turn but it can't. It just goes on back and forth back and forth for very short distances. I hope you guys are getting where I am going on here, so I ask is there anyway to repair this fan? for a case fan the fm123 costs quite a fortune and I just bought this fan last september 2010 and parting away with it is too early (and costly), I hope there is a way to at least open or revive this almost dying fan. Thank you all for reading.
  14. oh I counted the optional ones, that's why HAHA, thanks for the correction! I am kinda getting that cheap chinese feel from the rs-9 now.. haha
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