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  1. This was what I was thinking, shouldn't a overclocking related OS issue be brought up? As for speaking for the 99% of the Windows users, that's all good and decent of you but they're irrelevant (just like you pointed out). The percentage of affected users will be way higher on an overclocking forum than .25% so yeah.. Forgot where I was heading with this.
  2. I pulled a couple of teeth a few years ago. You basically get numbed up for 2 hrs and after that you suck it up for another 2. Not such a big deal, the less you think about it the less it will affect you. Too much consideration goes into these things, let the doctors do their work and it will most likely get sorted out.< I for one would never counter dict my doctors order of prescription medicine. Good luck to you, Satan bless.
  3. Anyone who really believe he was serious is an idiot. While going a bit too far it's something that a lot of people could say in the heat of the moment. Thank God I don't live in the land of the free Also, this is why the internet needs a sarcastic font.
  4. Just as a note on the headphones, I've used mine for a couple of years now and can use them for 12 hrs without issue. I can tell you that the pads soften up after like 2-3 months, sounds like alot, up to you if you want to return them. I know they're not for everyone.
  5. Interesting, since I have the same headphones and the same MoBo. I also had the same problem and I summed it up as an issue with the built-in audio. I solved it by buying and installing a Asus Xonar DS (guessing any soundcard will do). No static since and better audio quality overall. If not only to solve your issue you should consider getting a soundcard, you can usually get a simple one pretty cheap and still get much better audio than the standard.
  6. I feel like this whole thread is an excuse for you to get more viewers, and needless bumping should not be tolerated. But that's just me.
  7. Heeron

    Camelot Unchained

    The Camelot Unchained Kickstarter is Live! Check it out! http://kck.st/Xo38HT
  8. Just posting some selected clips and bits of gameplay makes any real assessment of 'skill' really hard. Post a full, unedited (full audio too) match. doesn't have to be really good or really bad. Play 5 matches and use the most average one.
  9. Heeron

    Camelot Unchained

    Andrew keeps it up with the Foundational Post #13 about chaos. How he sees that it can positively affect gameplay and make for memorable moments. Not having the entire game scripted through makes for a more personal experience and something that when you talk to your pals about it you'll all have had unique events take place. Sounds good to me. Especially the part about destroying walls which will fall apart using physics, not just disappearing.
  10. It's a sign of Spring when EA rev up the 'ol hypemachine for their next big november release.
  11. Heeron

    Camelot Unchained

    Foundational principle #12 was just put out on the blog today. It's written by Andrew Meggs, Technical Director for Camelot Unchained and he writes about the balance of performance, graphics as well as gameplay. How they all intermingle and affect eachother. Sounds like we're going to be getting more updates from Andrew. Neat to be getting some more info about the technical side of CU Note: Andrew Meggs is also CityStateEntertainments Co-founder along with Mark Jacobs. He's also a Mythic veteran.
  12. Heeron

    Camelot Unchained

    I've been slacking off a bit and have missed an update or two, but here's a quick recap: Another top ten questions: When is this Kickstarter going to start? Mark writes about why there's been a lack of news around the publishing if the Kickstarter. He says that the post announcement feedback they've received meant they wanted to restructure the Kickstarter page to include some specific bits of info the players have requested. Also, Foundational Post #11. This time Mark writes about sandboxes. What constitutes as one and wherein Camelot Unchained will fit this description. It's a good read and gives you some further info regarding the freedom the players will have in RvR for making the battlefields truly unique.
  13. Yeah I was playing some today, and I have to agree. The dirt bikes are really cool. I was afraid they would be as gimmicky as the quad bikes but they really do their part in the map.
  14. Heeron

    Camelot Unchained

    Here we go! Another FP by Mark Jacobs. It's titled "Pride, pride, everywhere pride
  15. Heeron

    Camelot Unchained

    Big news everybody! (insert professor.jpg here) Camelot Unchained just announced that they have got Curious Factory to publish the game. This.. has me pretty confused since a common theme throughout Mark Jacobs posts on the Blog has been that publishers would be something that would be a obstacle when creating a game with so many "off putting" qualities that Camelot Unchained will have. Such as not appealing to a wide userbase and other risks they will take with the direction of this game that may drive a lot of potential users away. The notion of adding a publisher that will bring their own opinions and ideas (usually about how to profit more, let's be honest) to the table seems.. Counterproductive. In fact I will quote Mark Jacobs blog posts regarding publisher involvement in the game. From "You need to build the foundation before you build the penthouse!" regarding the planning of Camelot Unchained and their FPs: "While a lot of the details still need to be worked out of course and while some things can and will usually change during development, these principles must not, cannot and will not be changed by anyone at CSE, including myself. This is my promise to you and that is one of the reasons we haven
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