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  1. Currently building an i7 930 rig

  2. I was signed up with a different username (neoamd) but I dont have access to that e-mail addy anymore so I'm back with a new name... Tom is one of my dogs names (year old black lab)
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    I'm starting to put together a new comp. I've been playing around with OCing things since high school and its time to get a bit more serious. I have a decent budget but I'm also a car lover so I'm trying to shop around and build the best I can while trying to save some cash so I can pick up a few new parts for my EP3 or FD! I already have an Antec 300 Illusion case. Most of the components I've picked have crappy combo deals on newegg: i7 930 MSI Big Bang Mobo G Skill DDR3 16000 G Skill Phoenix Pro 120GB SSD Seasonic X750 Gold PSU Gigabyte GTX 460 1GB (SLI) Asus 23.6 LCD I've been checking: zipzoomfly.com compusource.com tigerdirect.com amazon.com If any one could point me toward some new sites that'd rock! Thanks all, Josh
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