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    Athlon x4 620 @ 3.6ghz Stable
    Thermaltake Frio: Max Temps 42C
    Asus 6950 DirectCU II
    4GB DDR3 @1600mhz
    M4A785TD-V EVO
    OCZ 700w ModXStream
  1. I ordered the samsung f3 after reading reviews that praised it for its speed. Turned up and fair enough it was the fastest hard drive ive used, being noticeably faster than past wd blacks that i have used. Installed the operating system and it installed just fine, i had to do some file sorting between my other two hard drives first though so just to tidy everything up properly i installed the operating system for a fresh start again. This was when i noticed a huge performance drop, first time i installed the os i timed it at about 11 mins second time it took over 24 minutes!! Got onto the operating system and it was nowhere near as responsive as it was before. Ive run some benchmarks and there isn't any noticeable performance drop from the first time i benched it. Ive tried everything i can think of, reinstalled the operating system multiple times its still at a constant slow whilst installing and not nearly as responsive during use. Ive updated the bios, tried wiping the drive to full 0's again, tried ahci over ide but seemed to be even worse then, but ive had no results. Since there arent any errors with the drive i cant rma it can i? i just wondered if anyone has any suggestions, sorry for the essay i tried to keep it short and thanks in advance for any responses.
  2. That looks horrible! Why are microsoft turning to apple, there is too much of a market for dumb people that buy apple things and dont realise that what they are actually buying is awefull overpriced cheap crap that looks nice, and now it looks like mcrosoft may be going down a similar route too. I sure hope they dont stop supporting windows 7 because an os like this has taken its place, and i do hope that they dont try and move the enthusiasts onto it like they made the enthusiasts move onto vista and 7 from xp, because it has a more up to date directx (also because of the 64-bit but not like 8 is going to have 128-bit so will leave this out of the argument). I dont see how they are going to make this an enjoyable experience with the use of only a mouse, i say this because i dont want to keep moving to my keyboard for example every two seconds to slide over to the next window, and i certainly dont want to keep sliding over with my mouse. My final complaint is how do they expect old people to be able to use this interface efficinetly, i know old people that struggle to use computers with a basic taskbar such as windows 7's so how on earth are they spose to be able to use slides with small options menus around the sides. Maybe once opencl is supportd in more games with amd's agreement, if it ever goes forward i will be moving to linux immediately if this is the future of microsoft
  3. If the hard drive is old enough (older the better), i have to take the magnets out of them, they have awesome strenght, good fun to mess around with. Then destroy!!!
  4. having to delay the experiment till sunday however may give this a go by spreading it underneath the socket and on top of the cpu, hopefully it will set fire and not evaporate like the lynx i sprayed on it. Will promise to upload the video though, might get some nice fiery footage
  5. Nice video, put little of droplets on the cpus today and the water just jumped off the cpus because of the heat. Thats why i want to get a workin mobo to stress the cpu and get it hotter, i have one but not one im willing to destroy, so like i said ill pick one up tomorrow. Still though does anyone know if connecting both the green and one of the black wires on the power supply bypass the thermal cutout?
  6. Got bored today so since it was a nice day pulled out an old mobo that didnt work and stuck different 478 cpus in, fried one btw old pentium 4 1.6ghz. Going out to collect another 478 mobo and bench it and then yank the heatsink off. Since this mobo i used today was shocked i had to connect the green and black atx wires together to power it on, question is will this bypass the thermal cutout on the board, obviously hard to tell on a shocked board since this could have damaged the thermal cutout. This is entirley for fun so no need to post warning notes, i know of the dangers, i am trying to copy some videos off youtube and attempt to projectile the cpu off the board. Thanks for your help in advance
  7. There will actually be quite a big heat build up within your case, especially if you have the side panel on. The thing is is that exhaust fans if anything are more important than intake fans. If you have too many intake fans and too little exhaust fans then the heat isnt being able to escape and all you are left with is cool air being warmed which is then just hanging around in your rig thus heating everything, yes everything up. If you have too many exhaust fans then...you are fine. When air is exhausted out of the case then the air is just going to get replaced by all of the holes within the case which means that even if you dont have intake fans, the air is still going to get replaced by COOL air which is what you want. The setups you should use is: Front-Intake Side-Intake Rear-Exhaust Top-Exhaust (the absolutely most important, remember, heat rises) I have seen too many rigs that have too many intake and too little exhaust and all of the time those are the ones that are too hot, and when the are is not being removed it just gets warmer and warmer. When you say the cpu temp is normal could you tell be if 45C is idle or load because for idle that is certainly too high again showing that it may not be a mobo problem and it is just insufficient case cooling. Finally, feel free to take off the heatsinks and put better heat paste on it would be interesting to see what temp differences you get. Hope this helps.
  8. OTT for your cpu? you have the 2500k, and @ 4.5ghz, thats not going OTT with a £25 cooler you can be assured
  9. What kind of cooling setups do you have e.g exhaust fans, intake fans etc. Sometimes a large cpu cooler hanging over the chipset heatsinks can effect the temps too. If possible try uploading a pic.
  10. But this is mainly thanks to dell and other oem desktop and laptop manufacturers. At the end of the day there are more casual pc users than there are enthusiasts which explains why intel graphics share such a large part in the market, not to say however that they are actually popular. Interesting to see what ocre posted however, im surprised that such a competitive company would just quite happily say 'we are open for serious offers', thats just giving themselves away almost, why would amd just like to sell themselves out, do they not like making billions out of making chips?
  11. Thats my exact thoughts. As an amd fan boy myself amongst millions of others too understand that amd products are awesome, and they definitely have their fair share of the market with intel, its not like they are short on an income especially on the gpu side like you said. Besides to my understanding dell dont even like amd, they have always favoured intel.
  12. I was randomly reading around today and came across this page http://epczone.net/tech-news/asrock-prepares-first-am3-motherboard-890fx-deluxe5 after reading about the am3+ mobo i began to read the comments people had left. The comments then move onto the subject of AMD possibly selling out to dell and no longer making cpu's in the far future...? Surely these claims are ridiculous? I just wondered if anyone else has heard anything similar? Whereas for now i am completely ignoring it.
  13. The asus 980 chipset probably would give you a better overclock over the 880 chipset you listed however it would be very minute due to the minor differences and the reason i would personally go for the 880 chipset you listed is it isnt a nvidia like the 980, unless ofcourse you want to sli some nvidia gpu's just go straight for the amd chipset. The 880 chipset also allows you to use your new 3.0 usb's if you have one meaning it is a little more future proof. However the one let down you will find with the 880 is the x16, x4 crossfire as opposed to the x16, x16 lanes you get in crossfire on the 980 that is ofcourse only if you are planning on outting your graphics in crossfire. I think however foxconn is completely out of the question, you certainly wouldnt get the same level of quality as you would with the asus motherboards and i personally dont have anything against biostar mobos, and the mobo you listed iant bad by any means again though i prefer asus over any other mobo manufacturer so maybe a little of a biased opinion, but just see what others say before you decide on an asus over biostar. Hope this helps.
  14. The overclocking features on your board are very limited and the components arent "high end". When you see overclockers getting 4-4.1ghz out of this chip you will find they are using 78x+ chipsets and a decent motherboard manufacturer, im not trying to start a row over favoured manufacturers but i am quite sure there arent many lovers of asrock, imo i dont think there is any excuse to not go for asus over asrock. Getting a new motherboard is probably your best bet, my mobo has a 8+2 phase, i know there is better overclocking boards on the market but the 8+2 phase made a massive difference on the overclock to my old mobo which was shockingly aweful, managed to get an extra 300mhz out of my chip, so try and get something wit at least an 8+2 phase and you will easily achieve your target of 4ghz maybe further. Also try checking your temps to make sure you have fitted your heatsink properly. Hope this helps.
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