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    Mainboard : Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P
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    RAM : Kingston HyperX 1600MHz 4GB * 2
    Harddrive : WD Carvair Blue 500GB
    PSU : Gigabyte Odin Pro 800 watt
    Case : Corsair Carbide 400R

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  1. I also think that they are wrong writing on that spec, so I have ask about the processor can overclock well or not. And they give me an answer I really cant accept. They say "ya it overclock very well since it got a K, a processor with K can overclock very well.". And they sure it is 2400 + K. I think they are lacks of knowledge, think that every Intel CPU got a non K and K edition. They even tell me about getting a GTX 680 is foolish because it is too new and many game cant support it, or it cant support many game. And this is not the first time I ever heard some ridiculous thing from this shop. They also tell me AMD APU have the same speed of Intel Core i7. No offence, just curious. Anyway, is that AVF 650W PSU good? This also the first time I see AVF PSU with over 450W, really afraid it will fail fast.
  2. Today, I go to my nearest IT Mall to get something...And my friend want to setup a desktop so he go to a store and ask about the computer spec they suggest... And I shock after seeing the computer spec that shop give us. It give us an Intel Core i5-2400K...OMG, this is my first time ever heard 2400 got K edition...I think maybe I am outdated so I go home and search the detail of i5-2400K. But unfortunately, I cant find any detail about this processor and even Intel Official website also no this model...I am really curious how the store get this processor... And what you think about this computer spec? My friend say he want a smooth gaming experience with latest GPU, and they give us this following spec... Edit: sorry about the pic i upload before is too large, now i resized it to a smaller size.
  3. So I think some of the manufacturer should try to start manufacture some Motherboard or Graphic card with Dragon, it will be sure to attract many people to buy them. I also consider to get a GEIL RAM with dragon when I purchase my computer last time. It seem dragon = professional to most of the people I think that might me some reason for those people believe in this, since Gigabyte recently also abandon to make their board with blue PCB, they use black PCB now, and most of those high end Motherboard and Graphic Card are build using black PCB. If you try told someone else about this they *may* believe in this.
  4. Oh no...So lucky you got the Graphic Card with red color PCB, maybe I will go to find a red color PCB graphic card to match you wakaka...just kidding, dont so serious... This is really ridiculous but some people really believe in this, they even spread about this and more people is been cheat, throwing all effort to get a hardware with specific color of PCB. And a litter out topic for a while, is that G.Skill RAM really bad? I am currently interesting in G.Skill RAM and going to own it soon, I also found that there is many user of G.Skill in this forum. In my country there is full of Kingston and Corsair, most of those seller says that RAM of other brands wont beat Kingston and Corsair, so those brand have a lower price. I dont know about the quality and performance of my current RAM, which is a RAM of TEAM GROUP, but I am very happy with it, and those seller just say like this kind of RAM should be throw into dustbin.
  5. Hi everyone! Well, I know this is a quite funny question but I am very curious about the answer, it is a long story that why I am thinking about this question. In short, recently I have go to an IT Mall on my area to find some RAM, some of the shop recommend me to get a RAM with black color PCB as they say that the black PCB RAM have better performance and quality compare to the other, and the green PCB RAM have the worse quality, this quite shock for me because some of the Corsair Vengeance RAM are with green color PCB, that means that RAM is a low quality RAM? After that, I see a shop with a ASUS RAMPAGE III BLACK EDITION inside, so I go to ask the salesman something about the board, that salesman told me that board is build with high quality black PCB, it is in high quality and performance. And he also say that board with other color of PCB have a lower quality. So, is that really color of PCB affect performance and quality? For me I dont believe in this...
  6. The place he using computer is air conditioned, so his ambient will not so high compare to the place I use my computer. I have try my processor with stock speed inside a air conditioned room with 24C temp setting, and I get 28C for idle and 48C for prime 95 30 min, while without air conditioned I get 36C at idle and 57C when using prime95 30 min. So I am 80% assume that air conditional help a lot in my country.
  7. Just read some review and this cooler is quite nice, but I cant get any price detail of this cooler on my country, my country is very hard to get some computer part, I think this cooler is also one of them, the shipping fees will be expensive if I order it from other country Indeed, I have go many forum and see many them overclock their 2500K or 2600K beyond 4.2GHz with a cooler that less than $50, looks like that I have a 8 years old car in my home now. Now it is a litter bit regret about getting the AMD processor, too bad that sandy bridge havent even come out when I purchase this computer. I am a AMD fans but I am very interested in i7 2600K now. I am thinking to get the Trinity APU of AMD, hope the Trinity APU wont let us down, if it does, I will direct go for Sandy Bridge or Ivy Bridge.
  8. I am still hard to believe that i7 2600K have such overclock capability, a hyper 212 can allow it pass 4.0GHz barrier, I have a Phenom II with Noctua cooler and it still cant pass 4.0GHz, it stuck on 3.92GHz and never go up again even I try to add more voltage. Anyway, my friend is currently using computer as 3ds max rendering, is it any bad if his computer is running on 4.0GHz all the time with hyper 212 if he decide to overclock it a bit? How much performance will he gain if the processor is overclock to 4.0GHz?
  9. Will it too high for a Intel processor go for 80C? The processor will not use for overclock, maybe my friend will overclock it to try the taste of overclock. Oh you are from Philippines, we have almost same ambient and it is very hot And ya, the room is air conditioned so the ambient will not so high...My friend is going to find a low cost cooler so the budget will be set to below $150... That is my friend computer and not mine, sorry about the confusion to you, if I not remember wrong he is using what Silverstone SST casing, cant remember what casing he is using. Since he is not use the processor to overclock, so I think a normal cooler would be enough for he, what is the temperature of Hyper 212+ can get if i7 2600K is no overclock? And how is the noise it produce?
  10. Hi all, I want to find a cooler for i7 2600K processor that below $50, the processor is less likely to overclock, does anyone have suggestion about the cooler I can choose? I have seen many forum says about the i7 2600K with Hyper 212+ can OC to 4.5GHz, I am not sure about this, hope someone can enlighten me... Thanks in advance
  11. There is a "t" missing on the Western Digital option...
  12. Indeed, but if he ambient temperature is not so high, with a D14 I think the temperature wouldn't so high.
  13. I don't how the room temperature is ideal you mean, do you have nearly 30C ambient temperature? I have about 30C of ambient and my Phenom II X4 955 with stock speed is 36C idle, 30 mins of prime95 hit 58C with Noctua NH-U12P SE2 @ 1300 rpm, I think your D14 should have more lower temperature. 61C is not very critical for AMD processor, I have hit 70C when playing games before and the processor is still healthy, but keeping on high temperature is not very good for your processor.
  14. WD FTW Have many WD harddrive and they all run flawlessly.
  15. Yea, and the speaker is very heavy, you have to have 2 person for easy transportation...It is very hard to move it with only 1 person. Nvm, if I got replace the speaker I will leave it in my home and use it for few days, the bass of the speaker is very deep and quite nice, very love it.
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