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  1. Whilst you can get a 8800GTS to gain better benchmarking results than a stock 8800GTX it will still be way off in terms of actual gaming performance regardless of the overclock. Upping the clock frequencies can only do so much. At the resolution the Op is running the 320mb GTS will be more than adequete however it may be worth holding out until ATI have launched the 2900pro which if the rumours are correct will be just a downclocked XT but for the price of a 320mb GTS. It should perform on par with the 320mb GTS in most games yet in the ones that do require that bit extra GPU memory will perform a little better. Another option is the 2nd hand route netting yourself a nice 640mb GTS or maybe even a GTX but buying new I wouldn't bother with either of these.
  2. No it didn't. A 7900GTO which is just an underclocked GTX is roughly the same performance as a X1950XT which in turn is quicker than a X1950pro by roughly 25%.
  3. My generic Kingston DDR2 modules run 1T timings without a hitch?!
  4. Dreamcast for me. Sure it was a commerical failure but booting up shenmue and seeing the graphics for the first time made my jaw drop quite far!
  5. You can use a extrenal HD on the 360 but only for reading from IIRC. SO in other words you can have you music on the external HD instead of using up space on the 360 HD.
  6. This is really a moot point as the pro doesn't have the grunt to run games on a 24" monitor (well not maxed out) whereas the XT has the extra grunt but lacks the memory. Of course it all comes to whether the X1950pro has enough grunt to warrant the extra memory and in most cases the answer is no. (X800xt 256mb vs X800XL 512mb anyone?!) To the op: There are alot of reviews out there (a few on bit tech for example) which show a X1950pro 256mb against a X1950xt 256mb on a variety of games with the XT always in front (in some cases by a large margin). The difference in memory on the pro at the settings it is playable at won't make much difference. A couple of examples: Fear @ 1600x1200 COD2 @ 1600x1200
  7. The 360 does come with xbox live silver?! (ie thats the free package) You also get a 1months free gold when you sign up (I'm in the UK so it may be different elsewhere) As for Forza 2 - cracking game although some of the races can be a little tedious. Currently racing my R32 in the 300bhp races.
  8. This would only matter if the stock cooler was noisy in the first place. The cooler on my 8800GTS (ie the reference model) is not audible over the rest of my system and even when forced to 100% all you get is a muted wooshing sound. If the cooler was like the X18/X19 series cooler then yes I can see the benefit as at full pelt they were very noisy indeed.
  9. dang if rivatuner can be relied on (which I think it can) then my load temperatures for my 8800GTS 320mb are lower than yours are at idle. (full load according to rivatuner is never above 65 degrees with the fan at 60%). Although this may be because my case has pretty good airflow (my front 120mm fan blows cool air straight over the 8800) and also I am immensly anal when it comes to wire management.
  10. Good review although I can't help but think that this cooler is pretty pointless given its results (3 degrees under full load when overclocked is not worth bothering about imo) coupled with the fact that unlike the stock cooler all the heat from the card is dumped back into the pc.
  11. Good review although considering its price point maybe including competition from nvidia (ie the 8500/8400 range) would have been better than including the HD2600/8600 cards. Judging from a purley gameplay point of view this card is quite frankly useless even on very low resolutions however as an all round package for use in a HTPC it does offer quite alot of features for the price point.
  12. That PSU should be more than capable of running that card. For reference I am running a BFG 8800GTS OC (overclocked up to 625/1890 at the moment for testing) on a Antec SP 380W PSU (twin 16a 12v rails) without any problems. (no stability issues etc).
  13. The pc just reboted as it was unstable. To make it stable you will have to up the cpu voltage in your motherboards bios. If I remember rightly the old northwoods run at 1.55 or 1,6 volts. Don't increase it too much though. Especially not on stock cooling
  14. The 6800gt is indeed faster than the x800pro hence why ati brought out the x800xl. The 6800gt will also oc easily to ultra levels whereas a x800 pro will have to be modded into the better version.
  15. The good part I Can see to a pre overclocked card is the fact that the warrenty covers you at the overclocked state whereas if you bought a reference card and then overclocked bang there goes your warrenty.
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