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  1. Immediately stopped reading after this... Darth Sidous and Plageous are dead as dead gets. Darth Maul is even more dead.... But regardless of how dead they were, they are 30 years additional dead at this point... How.. HOW? Is this even a justifiable request? I am really glad you weren't in charge of making Ep 7 because I would have walked out of the movie if Darth Maul and Darth Sidous jump out and high five each other and try to take over the galaxy again. But in all seriousness it wasn't that bad... And the two new evil guys aren't sith. They are just users of the dark side of the force. Neither claimed to be sith lords, and neither go by the standard Sith naming of Darth <Insert scary word in here>. Also I did keep reading and you are right it follows the same plot points of Ep.4. You know what though, so did Avengers 2 and Avengers... It happens man, it was still a good movie. If you haven't seen it yet everyone who likes Star Wars should go. It wasn't the ground breaking sequel we'd all wanted, but it was still a good movie.
  2. So for me, my desktop from early 2010 died... Was a shame, but it had been having death throes for weeks. So it was no surprise when it finally died and I was already getting ready to buy parts. I just put this beast together last week, no overclocking yet. Just haven't had time to work on it yet. i5 4690k (I just couldn't warrant the i7 for gaming, when both the i5 and i7 are overclocked to similar speeds it made nearly no difference in games. Sure I occasionally encode videos and use VM's for stuff, but the $100 just isn't worth it since 90% of my desktop uses are games) Asus Maximus Gene VII Z97 Micro-ATX board. Samsung 840 Evo 500GB SSD Couple older SSD's/HDD's from previous builds for additional storage. EVGA GTX 980 FTW Corsair AX 760 Platinum cert PSU Corsair 350D Micro-ATX case with window G.SKILL Trident X 16GB DDR3(2x8) - First time I ever bought "Factory overclocked" memory, I usually just bought 1600mhz and overclocked it myself, but I caught it on sale and it was like $5 more that the 1600mhz kits and matched my planned color scheme perfectly. Corsair H105 for cooling Couple ultra quiet Corsair fans with the red rims to match with everything else. Little photo of the finished build: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5b8rj5P1fxtdFluSm5vYkc1SHc/view?usp=sharing I tried to embed the photo but it didn't seem to like the Google drive link and my upload quota for the site is full. If someone knows how to fix the embedding for google drive links, lemme know and I'll fix it.
  3. Genius! I call that a major win for you. I did a cheap Core2 Quad build for my brother a while back, if they still work they are great little CPU's. Almost impossible to find a good overclocking motherboard for that LGA 775 socket though.
  4. Also, you should get the baseline/control numbers for the customer water cooling part as well.
  5. Well I am very interested in seeing these results... Please continue.
  6. This is why I don't even go near Wal-Mart... I will happily pay slightly more money. It's a small price to pay to prevent myself from having to gouge my own eyes out.
  7. Likes Borderlands... and maybe dirty jokes?
  8. If you change both the primary and secondary you will have a hard time reaching any local network resources, so if you have other networked computers, network printers, network storage, etc. you'll probably want to leave your secondary DNS as your default, if you don't have many/any local network resources changing both is ok. Overal it shouldn't hurt anything so long as it's a reputable company. They could technically direct you anywhere on the internet with fake DNS and get you fake banking sites and stuff and steal your log in info. But if a google search proves them trustworthy you should be fine. Just remember to change it back to your defaults, or to google DNS when you are done with the world cup. You don't want your DNS queries to be coming from half way around the world, it could add a lot of latency to your internet traffic.
  9. Pretty much any video card will work in that board, so long as you have the power supply/connectors to power it up. Technically all you need is a PCI-e x16 slot and you are good to go. Even if the board has PCI-e 1.1 and the video card is PCI-e 3.0, everything is backwards compatible. It'll be noticeably slower on PCI-e 1.1 though. However his main problem will lie in the fact that that no matter what CPU you have in the board, not even the best processor for that socket will be strong enough to pair properly with modern $400~ish video cards. It'll work sure, but you will be severely limited by your CPU's horsepower, in regards to the machines gaming capability. So honestly? In my opinion don't bother with a video card upgrade at the moment, Do the whole thing at once. EDIT** Also 4GB of RAM is truthfully not good enough anymore. It'll function sure, but realistically 8GB is the new minimum for really any computer but especially higher performance machines.
  10. It's covered in salt but this is my current car. It's the fully loaded turbo charged one. Super fun, not real great in the snow, lol. 2013 KIA Optima SXL
  11. MercuryDoun


  12. I feel bad about all the stuff I got this year... Really makes be appreciate what I have that much more.
  13. CPU wise you're solid, those dual quad-cores will smash. Especially in games like BF4 which can use more than 4 threads. RAM wise, 8GB is ok, you honestly dont need more. GPU wise, get at least a AMD 7870 or NVIDIA GTX660. Anything above those such as the AMD 79xx cards, AMD R9 280X or higher... NVIDIA 760 and above as well. BF4 is a really GPU intensive game, lol.
  14. I have both, My brother and I share accounts for both, he pays for Netflix, I for Hulu Plus... Lol Regardless i use Netflix far more often but Hulu has up to date content. So you if you into shows currently on Air and dont have or dont want cable, it's a great way to stay upto date.
  15. Looks cool. I'd be interested in giving the game a try.
  16. Sounds silly because you've probably already thought of it, but have you just taken the whole beast apart and put it all back together? Just kind of like a double check for making sure all the connections are solid. Since the only part that is truly susceptible to shock damage is the hard drive, any way you can remove this as a factor with a different hard drive and see if that fixes your problems? This would be especially noticeable if you happen to have your pagefile resting on your HDD.
  17. Can't overclock the intel period. Locked multipliers and its a "corporate" chipset which is pretty heavily locked down. Personally, I'd go with the APU. With aftermarket heatsink they overclock pretty well.
  18. Dude that 350z and Mazda3 seems pretty nice... You should take a shot at either one.
  19. It's amazing how many joke acronyms there are for Ford... Lol
  20. I got to test drive the 2.0T ATS and it was great, I didn't try the 3.6 ATS but according to most people the 2.0T is actually more fun to drive as it has a near 50/50 weight distribution. I'd driven the regular 3.6 CTS and the CTS-V... Needless to say, Anything short of the CTS-V is just not that fun anymore, lol.
  21. There was nothing "power" in the powerband. There was nothing "power" in the powerband. You think the hp is over stated??? Don't listen to waco on this one. Power is all about perspective... 70% of people love the new V6 mustangs... I actually have to chime in on this one...haha. Not to defend Waco either... But -- I rode along in that PIG of a V6. It was a joke. We were on the test drive, and for fun I ask Waco to punch it on the on ramp -- joke was on me...he already was. I think there is quite a difference in a V6 and V8 and it's not just in the cylinder count. There is an amount to be spoken when the tire meets the road. 70% may love the new V6 -- but perhaps it is because 70% haven't ridden/driven a V8 or that 70% can't afford the price diff. Or perhaps you are stating that only 70% are satisfied with their V6 purchase and wish they'd gone with the V8 -- while still a good number the regret is still high. Either which way you look at it. I'll just say the V6 Mustang is a god awful pig even compared to my slow ass Focus. lol. Thats because you are a speed freak too ;P Lolol The average person, one who cares about looks over performance... Is almost scared by the Mustang V6... My ex had a V6 dodge Journey and it was "Too scary to push the peddle all the ways to the floor" Her sister has a 2010 V6 mustang and it was "the fastest thing she'd ever driven" Her boyfriend thought the V6 stang was "Incredibly fast!" I'm not just making this stuff up, most people thoroughly enjoy the V6. But like i said, im with you guys on this one, the V6 blows. At least for me its just way too slow. But my point remains valid.
  22. There was nothing "power" in the powerband. There was nothing "power" in the powerband. You think the hp is over stated??? Don't listen to waco on this one. Power is all about perspective... 70% of people love the new V6 mustangs... Waco is the type person, or rather the reason that the V8's are still in production. I'm in the same boat, I don't understand why anyone would buy a mustang without the V8 but hey whatever... Lol Have you looked at the Hyundai Genesis Coupe? Other than people complaining about the manual trans "not having enough feel" they are pretty great cars. The older(like mid 2000's) 2.0 turbos are ultra easy to tune and hit 300hp without much effort. The V6 models aren't bad either.
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