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  1. I have finished the game and I enjoyed it quite allot. With the last steam sale I picked up all the DLC but have not had a chance to play it. I have a Dota 2 addiction at the moment
  2. Diablo 2 and Half-Life Spent a ridiculous amount of time on those two games.
  3. I had one of the Samsung Home Theater kits that my dad got me a couple of years back for my birthday and then I bought a new TV and my Samsung Home Theater does not support HDMI so moved it to my PC and got a new one for the living room and it woks quite well. I prefer Surround Sound for movies but music on the Stereo headphones is just fine.
  4. My wife got me a Steelseries Apex keyboard. Quite nice still have to do all my macros on it. Must say the software us very user friendly and very simple.
  5. Hi Euro Fight I'm interested in Bioshock 2. Have played the first one and loved it. Regards Merc
  6. I can still play all the games I like just fine but I am starting to get an itch to upgrade. Mobo,CPU,RAM and PSU. My GPU is still doing the job just fine.
  7. Mercman

    Borderlands 2 DLC

    got while it was on 66% discount......that is a awesome deal.
  8. Mercman

    Borderlands 2 DLC

    Hi all I already own Borderlands 2 and with the steam summer sale going on I would like to know which ones to get? What would you recommend? Thanks Merc
  9. Samsung Galaxy S3 Android Jelly Bean.Will never take anything else but Android...loving it.
  10. Congrats to you. All of the best for you and enjoy the married life.
  11. All of the best hope you get better soon
  12. that is not bad temps IMO. the cooler looks legit but there is no benchmarks to compare it to or any real pricing. i found another tread about it http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-20078781-1/fanless-heat-sink-design-promises-cooler-quieter-cpus/?part=rss&subj=news&tag=2547-1_3-0-20 I would wait for it to hit the market and let some reviewers test it.
  13. Hi what specs of your setup? This would give us a better idea of what is going on and do you overclock and how much do you if you OC? what is your current temps at idle and full load?
  14. Cool thanks Wevsspot. @Kuronin : I am using the SSD only for my Dota 2 and a few applications the rest is installed on my 2TB storage drive. I don't experience any lag or shutter on Dishonored...the only game i have played since the SSD is in my system that was not installed on it. I am having quite a hard time changing my default install location for Windows. Google searches got me to a few threads about this but i cant get it to work. I go regedit then HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \ SOFTWARE \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion and then change the path of the ProgramFilesDir, ProgramFilesDir (x86) files in there. Reboot the PC but then it starts to screw around with my shortcuts. Can some please guide me in the right direction cause i don't want to change the install location every time. Thanks Merc
  15. okay the SSD is up and running. in the BIOS there is a quick boot option...does this make a big difference and are there any drawbacks?
  16. Everyone tries to maximize the use of space in a SSD. Sometimes windows temp folder gets so big that it waste space in SSD. As you have got a 128GB of SSD, and if you use it only as boot drive and install some apps and games in it and you do proper maintenance, you shouldn't have to worry about the space in that drive. Thanks for the reply's. This is what I am going for. Just install windows along with Dota 2 and a few apps on the SSD the rest will be on my storage drive. Thanks for the BIOS change tip Tjj226_Angel...i did not know that. I am sure as hell going to enjoy the faster boot times.
  17. Hi all For my birthday my parents got me a SSD. It
  18. in my first year of collage i stayed in a student house where we were 14 guys and 1 girl. quite a few odd characters that was there...one guy would always lose almost all of his clothes when he had a few drinks and people would come back after parties between 3 and 5 AM in the morning. then we had a big team effort to make some food and then went to bed. the bathrooms was always the worst for me....some people and hygiene don't mix had some of the best LAN parties there
  19. blu-ray tallboy system for my TV and a nice light to put on my braai
  20. that OC would be very small and in my books would be of no danger to the card. but that is only my 2 cents
  21. MSI Afterburner woks best for me. it is very easy and not hard to do or understand.there is a option to enable msi afterburner at startup so your OC is applied auto evertime your PC starts up.
  22. thanks for all the reply's. i have quite a bit of experience with replacing caps and have all the tools needed for the job.... i took the whole thing apart last night and there is one part that smells badly like electrical burn... tested all the fuses and all tests 100% and no caps seem to have any problems. will take it in and see what experts say cheers
  23. hi all was playing Dota 2 last night no problems what so ever then went to bed and this morning my amplifier wont work. just keeps saying protector on the screen. i have unplugged all cables its just the power cable that is in and still the same problem? is it broken? it is a AR amplifier model ARV-430. it is about 9 years old and i would really be happy if i can fix it. does anyone maybe know what wrong with it?
  24. hi here is a link that gives some benchmarks. there looks to be a increase in performance but not by a huge margin. GTX580 3 way sli
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