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  1. I have VOIP at home, saved me heaps on phone calls. Almost offset the cost of my service provider. You don't need headsets, at least I don't, just plugged a conventional cordless phone into the VOIP box sent to me as part of the package from my service provider. Yeah have to have the computer turned on but it always is when I am at home anyway.
  2. I've just generally been lucky with HDD. I had two WD raptors and both lasted about 9months over their warrenty life of 5 yrs. Got a Seagate Barracuda of about 12months old and so far so good. Just recently bought two new WD RE3 500g Enterprise class drives and they've been great.
  3. I've had XP OEM with no issues and had to re-activate a couple of times over the years. Would it be the same with Win7? Do you think they would put a limit on re-activates? I don't mean anything silly like trying to reuse it 10 times or something like that but you could be unlucky and have a MoBo (or two) die an early death. Do you think they'd allow re-activation up to 3 or 4 times?
  4. Good post Bizzlenitch. Too large for me to quote so just a few of points. I don't even consider criminals in a for or against debate on gun laws as they are outside the law and will do what they want anyway so I don't beleive using them as points of arguement achieves much. We can of course still purchase most mainstream long and short arms here in Australia just with more rules attached to licencing, purchase etc and I think that's good. Gun enthusiasts (and I assume you are one) come from the angle of being carefull and responsible etc and that's a good thing, trouble is like any enthusiast we assume everyone will be like us which unfortunately is not the case and that's the problem with everyone having a gun or especially carrying it on their person or having it unsecured at home. In that scenario I gave before about the road rage incident it would be good if everyone was always as controlled as you are and I was in that instance but people, your normal everyday person will occasionly have a "brain snap", stress, worry, fight with the wife, maybe a diabetic a bit low on sugar, whatever, but their normal good judgement is affected and couple that with an incident and carrying a weapon and you can see how things could suddenly escalate to something very bad. People often say or do things in haste or anger for a multitude of reasons but it's an entirely different scenario when a bullet comes into the equation. The majority of our home invasions are on soft targets, older people home on their own the sort of person who would not be able to protect themselves with a gun anyway or a single youth walking home in the early hours of the morning set upon by a gang of 10 or more other youths he'll get robbed maybe kicked about somewhat, certainly not good but at least no one is dead however that 2nd scenario is a point in case of putting yourself in harms way and could have been avoided. Here's a good "what if" scenario for you to think about. Say a friendly but heavily inebriated drunk staggers home from the pub and tries to get into the wrong house, the nervous home owner, afraid he or she is being robbed, reactions and judgement dulled by sleep stands at the top of the stairs or whatever and calls out "go away I have a gun", the drunk too far gone to pay much attention somehow continues his attempts to get in, maybe breaks a window then gets himself shot. Anyway we could all make various for and against scenarios. As an aside, last week in an outer suburb of Melbourne an armed security guard was robbed whilst carrying a cash bag into a shop, in daylight. All our security people (for money transport) are armed.The security people (wisely I think) did not attempt to use force to prevent the robbery and therefore no bystanders were put in harms way. Sometimes even being armed wont prevent a crime. Anyway enough of all this, thanks for the sensible and well thought out discussion. Ps. I've owned shotguns, rifles since I was a boy and have fired most handguns as a guest at open club days. Don't own any firearms now as my interests have moved in other directions, plus my budget wont allow it but had I the time and money I'd get back into it. Maybe a nice Under and Over skeet/trap gun and I'd like to try more pistol shooting but I'd never buy a gun purely for home or personal defence. Be well, stay safe. Life is frought with peril. ;-)
  5. Strueth !!. America must be a dangerous place to live. All these people needing to keep guns near their bed and on their person "just in case".. Glad I live in Australia. . (ex sporting shooter).
  6. You could also take a look at Mint 8 or 9. Nine is currently the latest stable version of Mint that I am aware of. I found Mint very easy to use but not so if your into hard gaming.
  7. Planning on getting the Gigabyte GA-P55A-UD4P MoBo and just wanted to know if either of these memory modules are suitable and if yes what would be the better choice of the two. Both are Corsair Micro CMT4GX3M2A2000C8 PC-16000 (2000MHz) DDR3, 8-9-8-24 or CMD8GX3M4A1600C8 PC-12800 (1600MHz) DDR3 8-8-8-24
  8. Not quite the same problem as yours but I had some Tv shows I'd downloaded from itunes> watched>deleted. They kept re-downloading again, I emailed itunes support and they fixed it from their end. I've found their support service to be quite quick in resovling problems.
  9. Thanks everyone. 1/ I said Mint 9 only because I have not looked in lately and did not know 10 had been released. My last recent Mint was 8. 2/ All on one HDD. Thinking I'll need to set up 3 primary partitions then let the respective O/S do what it needs to do within it's own respective partition, is that sound reasoning? 3/ Will have 4gig of DDR3 ram so 7 when it's working should tick along nicely. Jumping ahead of myself here a lot but I understand 7 has mirror software in it to make a copy to another HDD? Would I be correct in assuming that it would only mirror itself and not the other 2 O/S's? Yeah I just like XP, by and large it's been very good to me.
  10. I have asked this question on a another forum to see what was suggested but opinions vary a lot so looking for a bit more info. When I get my new bulid up with all new and current hardware I wanted to try to set up for multi boot.. being XP Pro (which I'm currently using) WIN7 64 and Linux Mint 9. I've done multi boots before but only within various Linux distros and that worked easily enough but never tried with any M/S O/S let alone mixing in Linux as well. What do people think? Would I get more grief then glory? Win 7 alone will be a learning experience for me as I've not played with it at all as yet and I've heard it can sometimes be a bit temperamental getting it set up initially. Having said that I think if I'm going to set up for multi boot I'd need to do that right at the begining. If it's viable how should I go about it to give myself the best chance of it being successfull? Yes, I could just run the one O/S and save myself a lot of grief but enjoy the change now and again.
  11. Welcome Tim, I'm new but they seem to be a helpfull mob here.
  12. Being on "old Hand" now of all of a week and a bit. Let me Welcome you. lol
  13. Yeah I know, I'm just anal lol... But it is a nice blue and sure beats black ,beige or white.
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