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    FFXIV Benchmark

    I have an ASUS laptop with g73jh win7 premium 64bit ATI Radeon 5870th I can not get the point of reference for implementation. I installed Direct X 9 IVE updated my bios ver 209th I am almost sure to have the latest driver for my graphics card. Last time I tried to install 10.6 I ran into problems, but when I did a scan to see if I could put my PC said I have the latest version. I am quite confused why I can not run this reference.
  2. Interviewed Hiromichi Tanaka, producer of Final Fantasy XIV, Nobuaki Komoto the director of Final Fantasy XIV and Sage Sundia global online producer. It was a very nice interview, thanks to all who helped.
  3. kimsmarkin

    Metro 2033

    The kind you mean, but not really great with this beautiful game? The games must be created by Rockstar Games to look good? Do not tell me that GTA IV has better graphics? Give me a break guys.
  4. kimsmarkin

    Torchlight 2

    Torchlight was a wonderful surprise, a single player dungeon Diablo style graphics with fun game play and a strong, published in digital form at low prices. It was not only a critical strike has sold 500,000 copies to players and Perfect World Entertainment has bought the majority of game developers for $ 8.4 million.
  5. Global Agenda is a massively multi-player action game on Earth twenty-second, "spy-fi world of advanced technology and player-driven conflict. Wake of severe global disaster, the political aims of the twenty-second century the country has changed, and player-created factions among themselves a system of power.
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