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    CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090T (@4.013GHz (250 * 16)) @ 1.38vcore on an H70 Cooler, prime95 stable at 56Cmax
    RAM: G.SKILL Flare 8 GB (4 x 2G) DDR3 @ 2006.8MHz 7-9-7-24 1T
    MoBo: ASUS Crosshair IV Formula 890FX
    GPU: Gigabyte ATI 5850 OC & Asus EAH 5850 @857/1150
    PSU: CORSAIR Professional Series AX750W
    HDD: 128GB SATA III Crucial SSD boot + 1.5tb storage
    Case: CM HAF X Full Tower with extra 200mm top exhaust, 120mm VGA and 120mm northbridge fans.
  1. Trinity? No its a little late - just brought a laptop for school and its an i7 with an nvidia Gt540 - threw in a mushkin chronos 120gb and 8 gigs of corsair at 1600mhz for kicks and giggles. What Trinity for desktop you say? My HafX case(about the only thing im keeping for my next build) is an Intel Haswell ready device still plan on switching to intel, though im skipping Ivy Bridge - AMD has a little over a year to convince me otherwise.
  2. I have an amd x6 1090t CPU @4.0 and an old HD5850 from gigabyte core at 910mhz. And to be honest it works just fine even if intel and nvidia systems for the money may bench slightly better my system runs visualStudio and BF3 just fine. But I maybe switching to intel and haswell for my next build.
  3. Hmmm. Yeah maybe. I suppose a strong gpu upgrade sometime next year may increase the longevity of my current build. Maybe holding me until skylake. Pbbbbbt maybe not. Shrug(); we will see. Not buying anything until both companies lay down their top cards.
  4. Yeah bttime haswell is out these amd GPUs will have been on market for a little more than a year and nvidias top card will have been out for maybe 3-6 months prices should be low on them and they will be fully characterized. But I suppose it would be about time for them to be leaking info on their next generation of chips by then. Oh well. Still interesting to me though. Just likely to stick with my current system. Changed my mind about a new build this spring/summer.
  5. "MY EYES! ITS TOO AWSOME!" lol Either that's what they delay is all about getting the most out of Thier new 28nm chips or AMD was simply better prepared and they'll be taking the power gpu mantle for a year or 2. Time will tell the story. Ive decided to wait for lga1150 and haswell for my next build anyway so personally, they can take as long as they want to settle this.
  6. I wonder if the improvements in gcn will allow better support for [email protected] Nvidia currently spanks amd there. Yeah if it's smoke the gtx 500 line. And is givin enough space between release and the 600 series they should see some nice revenue. That is, at least from the perspective of the 2%r { enthusiast }
  7. http://www.brightsideofnews.com/news/2011/11/30/radeon-hd-7000-revealed-amd-to-mix-gcn-with-vliw4--vliw5-architectures.aspx Can somebody tell me the significance of x86 virtual memory is for the gcn and what this may mean in real world performance?
  8. So that was a really Alt universe kinda idea. Ok thnx. Yeah I remember reading that. Also read somewhere that global foundries decided not to break ground on a new fab in, was it Abu Daubi(5p3led 1ncorr3ct)? because of something amd canceled. Any way that and the article about amd losing on the Mac/apple system end of the equation gave me a bad vibe.
  9. Apple probably suspect Global foundries will have the same production issues with new amd 28nm graphics that it had with 32nm CPUs. I agree llano shouldve hit intel harder. It's ashame they had supply issues. Curious if amd had control of it's fab like intel would they have the same issues or would it be worse for them to manage the cost.
  10. AMD graphics maybe losing to nvidia on apple mac, mac books in 2012. http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Apple-GPU-Nvidia-Discrete-Graphics,14067.html
  11. Any indications of how the gcn 7000 cards will compare nvidias 600 offerings a little later in 2012?
  12. Past performance is not an indicator of the future. Just look at the FX brand. ;/ sorry don't mean to beat a dead horse. Hopefully it works in the other direction. (:
  13. The first link is important. AMDs new 10 serries chipset motherboard won't have pcie 3.0 support. You gotta be kidding me. Intel boards already claim to support pcie 3.0. If this is true amd is in a bit of trouble with enthusiast and gaming PC builders. Amd itself probably will survive just fine with more laptop, notebook and server sales. But I'm not in the market for any of these. This is post bulldozer disappointment 1. (strike 1)
  14. Yeah I hope piledriver is not outmatched at the time. It will be a complete rebuild including a motherboard at the time if I switch to intel so I will be having a fresh look at both sides at the time. I'll give AMD another look before final decision. Most of my computers have been AMD since 200mhz. It's sad they've been humbled by the giant. Let's see.
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