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    CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1090t
    RAM: 6GB g.skill 1333MHz DDR3
    GPU: Gigabyte HD 6870
    HDD: Seagate Barracuda 500GB 7200.12
    CASE: NZXT Hades
    PSU: OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W
  1. So thanks to both of you for the replies - I tried everything you both mentioned to no avail. In the end I think the issue was simple - heat. The old intake fan had failed and wasn't providing my ancient Corsair H20 radiator with enough air to cool. Thus Windows was crushing the program responsible for the heat spikes. I only wish I had been informed by Windows instead of having to open my computer up and observing it in person. Regardless, thanks for your help, both of you
  2. Hey peeps. So I've tried troubleshooting this myself to no avail and thus I find myself here looking for help (please!). Since I moved house my trusty PC has had issues running so many games where it does this weird crash to desktop without error code thing for a lot of newer games. I can play for about 10-15 mins before it just drops to desktop with no warning. The really low resource draw games (e.g. Football Manager) will run fine, but anything slightly more intensive just can't hack it. I'm at the end of my tether trying to work out the issue and still nothing - any advice on what the issue could be or how I should go about troubleshooting? Mucho mucho TIA PC Specs: i5 3570k (stock clocks), ASUS P8Z7-V LK, GeForce GTX 970
  3. Here's my effort. 3048 with a single HD 6870. The link is here: Furmark Score 6870
  4. So no way to get windows to ignore rivatuner? shame...
  5. OK so I'm using rivatuner to oc my nvidia graphics card (GTS 250 for those scoring at home). Its an XFX OC edition and came factory oc'd but i've managed to squeeze another ~10% out of it which I'm pretty pleased with. The problem lies in that every time I boot up the Windows 7 UAC its trying to block rivatuner from running. I have the option of pressing 'yes' every time it boots however I'm wondering if there's a way to get the UAC to ignore rivatuner as a program? Its not a big deal as I'm still able to override it, but its annoying.
  6. hmm.. I was doing that but it still wouldn't stick. HOWEVER, for no reason whatsoever it seems to be working today :S in any case, thanks for the help
  7. Hey guys, so I've managed to pull of quite a reasonable little overclock on my factory oc'ed geforce gts250 but for some reason when I turn my pc off then back on again it resets to the XFX factory overclock... is this normal? I have the 1gb XFX model running their zalman aftermarket cooler. I'm able to get the oc from 680/1000/1620 up to around 750/1100/1700 quite easily and gain around 5fps in FurMark doing that so I'm pretty happy with that increase. I'm using RivaTuner, GPU-Z and Furmark to get these results. What am I doing wrong? I've tried searching the forum/interwebs but couldn't find anything so if this has already been posted then send me a facepalm and a point in the right direction please!
  8. MTV

    HAF build

    ah man, those vinyl stickers look awesome!
  9. MTV

    The Kraken

    man this looks like a lot of fun!
  10. MTV


    Yep! I'm signed up on this too... Looks awesome!!!
  11. Thanks for this guys... No matter how many times I searched for vertical computer screen I just couldn't find any info on it!
  12. Hey all, I feel pretty ridiculous asking this question because it seems to be such a standard nowadays but I've noticed that a number of people have a second lcd monitor mounted vertically and I'm just wondering how its done!? Like, is there a special mount for it? Or are they a separate kind of monitor altogether? Mounting one vertically looks like an awesome idea for web browsing and document scrolling for instance but I just have absolutely no idea how to go about it!
  13. MTV

    Hades' X6 Build

    Thanks very much! Wire management is pretty good. Not amazing, but pretty good. The case on the whole is fairly spacious and nice and easy to work with, awesome airflow, but the biggest issue I had with it is the side fan really limits the height that you have to work with over the cpu. Solution? H50. Haven't got another fan behind the rad due primarily to the way I've had to rig it (cable ties) but I'm currently thinking of a way around that. I still have the stock corsair fan sitting idle on my desk... As for temps, I have spent a fair amount of time fiddling with the fans due to the gfx card temps spiking radically without the side fan in and a full overclock (up to 95°C!!! ) so I haven't had a chance to check them at load since this setup. However the idle temps are around 21-25°C in the case and the CPU idles at around 27-30°C with it spiking to 31°C whilst playing Starcraft 2 the other night (hardly a demanding game to be sure, but an interesting benchmark). I'll do some proper testing over the weekend if I can find the time Yeah but that was the compromise unfortunately. To be fair though, the case temps have never exceeded 25°C so I'm not all that concerned by the setup...
  14. MTV

    Hades' X6 Build

    OK, so I finally got around to uploading images of my new build, they aren't great though cos I just could not be assed doing any post-processing on the photos... So lazy right now... Although its still very much 'in progress' as I still plan on replacing the video card which I had to skimp on a bit (along with other things, like speakers) when I built it due to budge constraints :S Specs in my sig. A little messy under the desk, but the airflow is good enough
  15. yep, no problems here either, i'm running a geforce card on an AM3 board.
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