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    E5620 @ 4.001 19x211 1.304V HT ON<br />Rampage III<br />CM Silent Pro 1000kw<br />2 x 480sli<br />3 x 23Inch Asus LED<br />6 gb C-dom Ram<br />

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  1. Currently rebuilding the engine , trans and suspension. This was a few weeks before I took her apart: This is how she is sitting now: End result, will be dropped on 18x8.5 front and 18x10.5 rear 3 piece oz mitos, with an ac schnitzer widebody kit and painted interalgos blue (I may stay black though).
  2. All right good stuff man! I was present for this historic occasion. ! Grats to the other winners. I too would be curious to see the top 20. any way to see the results? Pics of the rig and the high scoring 06 run. Lhiannon is the one pictured I am taking the pictures.
  3. I think official ati driver releases should be approved. I.e 10.7 10.8, plus app profiles. Stability wise and multi gpu wise, the newer drivers are a considerable help. But it should be limited to the WHQl drivers not beta,
  4. I also have just posted my first score, prior to that post.
  5. well its actually my day job. I just stayed all night because its alot easier to program when the phones aren't going off all day and i'm not getting asked questions all the time.
  6. afterburner doesn't work well with the 5870 matrix P. I used custom flashed bios and edited the xml profiles page.
  7. Here are some settings for people to try. My New score is the last picture. 31078. not bad for a 920 on an h50 Link for update. http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=178030&view=findpost&p=1845049
  8. 1.656. right now i'm trying 4.51 ghz 21x215 @1.475V. (nope just crashed.) w ram at 1234 6-6-6-20-1t Hmm one of the good things about staying at work all night is your not late in the morning. lol
  9. Cerberus MKIII (i7 920 @ 4.4 21x211 HT @ 1.5V) H50, Quad CFX 5970 4gb 950/1200 + 5870 Matrix P 2gb StockV 950/1200, C Dom 8-8-8-24 1691mhz Using 10.8 Drivers. With 10.8a app profiles http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=14522119 ] New personal Best Used 10.5a drivers with all latest app profiles http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=14524222
  10. I've finally weighed in on this challenge. My Systems First. Cerberus MKIII and my Development Machine Wyveryn. Next you Have Lhiannonshee's Kraken and Nighthawk as well as our work server SciotoServ (I know not a very cool name). Also You can see our bench food for the night. Location is our day job, we kinda commandeered the office after hours.
  11. Very nice it looks good.
  12. no need for added psu. My sugosg05 build runs an msi r5770 hawx o/c to 1000/1300 24/7 on the stock psu. This is a very good psu and will run a 5870 if you can make it fit in there. I tested the psu on my regular atx mobo and it ran my ref 5870 just fine. Also the sys has an i7860 and 4gbs of ram, so its definitely pushing the power envelope. Pics:
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