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    gaming (rpg, fps, action for pc, all games on oldschool consoles), rollerblading (think skateparks, not roller rinks), music (creating and listening to all types)


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    antec skeleton
    crosshair iv
    1055t currently @3.4ghz (going up) idle temp 30c
    stock cooling until I find aftermark that fits
    Sapphire 5770 stock
    4gb Mushkin Blackline stock
    60gb Mushkin Callisto Deluxe
    Corsair 750hx


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  1. szabo

    Rift Beta Keys (All Gone)

    definitely interested in one, huge MMO player with tons of experience and brand new (built in september) rig!
  2. szabo

    new user

    Update: ordered all of the components for my build, couldn't wait any longer/didn't care about charging up the ol' amex. New build: antec skeleton crosshair iv phenom ii 1055t sapphire 5770 (getting a 5770 flex as a future upgrade) 4gb mushkin blackline (another 4gb to follow as a future upgrade) corsair 750hx noctua nhu12p (returned my v6 in favor of this as i got it for $60 from tiger direct!) asus optical dvd drive mushkin 64gb callisto deluxe ssd storage drive to come as my next upgrade, didn't really feel i needed one yet until i sell my other computer heatsink isn't going to fit in the skeleton stock, but it looks like i'll fit it with a little more modification to the case. Pics will come when my stuff arrives!
  3. I'm building a new gaming rig next week. I'm having a little bit of trouble deciding between these 2 mobos: msi890fxa-gd70 and crosshair iv The price difference isn't important. Both have all the connections I need. Reviews of both boards seem quite favorable, and the bioses both seem very easy to navigate (this rig will be my first time oc'ing) I will also be running 2x5770s in crossfire, although I'm starting with just one. Processor will be 1055t pros Msi- looks like there's more room between pcie slots to allow for larger cooling options on graphics cards, looks cooler imo (not important to me at all) crosshair - better onboard audio (I'm not adding a seperate sound card just yet), ethernet controller uses less cpu cons crosshair - I'm hearing there may be some issues with the thermal compound on the nb heatsink on the crosshair, and I'm not sure this issue has been taken care of. It also seems there is an issue with the nb heatsink being very close to where a graphics card will be, making it difficult to work around (and possibly resulting in that area being particularly warm?) Msi - may have some issues when using 4 sticks of ram? saw some threads on MSI forums about this but never saw a resolution if it was the ram people were using or the board any advice or positive/negative testimonials are appreciated!
  4. szabo

    Ya Know What Really Grinds My Gears???

    All of the aforementioned really grinds my gears. As does when you can't find the droids you're looking for. What grinds my gears today is when you're trying to change career paths and companies don't want you to do that. They want you to stay in the same industry, growing stagnant until you aren't marketable as an employee anymore.
  5. szabo

    noob crossfire question

    thanks for the help!
  6. Is it possible to crossfire 2 different cards based on the same reference card with same gpu? ie sapphire 5770/msi 5770 or even 2 of the same brand with different options, ie sapphire 5770/sapphire vaporx 5770 If it is possible, is it not a good idea?
  7. Has anyone seen this yet at any etailers or brick and mortar stores? Or does anyone know of a tentative release date?
  8. Thanks guys, I'll be sure to post more pics once i actually get my stuff togethor and installed, and then again once i get my cable management down pat.
  9. 1: I received my antec skeleton case from new egg! 2: Pic with beer bottle for scale for those who have not seen a skeleton in person 3: I cut the antec logo out of the case and painted all of the grey parts flat black 4: I installed a LCD temp/fan speed gauge in place of the logo 5: Close up of the display showing just how well it actually fit into the space left by the antec logo (with a little extra cutting) 6: Final product Now all I have to do is buy the innards that will be going into this beast I have dubbed "Shadow" and work on my wire splicing skills to lengthen/manage the cables from the inputs/switches that are on the front of the case
  10. szabo

    new user

    Pics will absolutely come as soon as ready. I'll be finished with the paint job tomorrow but won't be able to install the LCD display until probably early next week as I just ordered it yesterday. I considered the x6 but I really want to give oc'ing a shot and I thought I wouldn't have as much headroom with the 6. Not really sure where I got that idea so I could be wrong. Another note: October 15-17 is my target date for completion as I don't want a huge credit card bill and I'm buying just a couple pieces a month.
  11. szabo

    new user

    Hello all, I'm a new user, I'm 27 y.o., male, from New Jersey, USA and I'm in the process of my first build, an AMD based gaming/multipurpose setup. I've modded or upgraded every pc i've ever had, this is just my first time starting from scratch. Here's whats going to be in my rig: antec skeleton case (already received, modding the case as well) asus crosshair iv amd phenom ii x4 965be corsair 750hx (already purchased, not yet received) 8gb Gskill ripjaw (2x4gb) cooler master v6 (already purchased, not yet received) sapphire radeon hd 5770 1gb (eventually will crossfire 2 of these, don't have the cash for that just yet) ocz onyx 64gb SSD boot drive undecided 1tb hdd for storage ( i don't really need a lot of storage space, but may still go larger) The mod i'm doing to my skeleton case is pretty simple, i'm painting all of the grey parts flat black, and cutting the antec logo completely off of the case, and installing an lcd temp display where it used to be I'm not even going to attach it to my fans as a controller, just attach the temp sensors as it's more for fashion than function. I'm not necessarily asking for any advice or tips, but i certainly wouldn't turn any away either! cheers szabo