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  1. Razorback64

    Laptop sound doesn't work in windows 7

    how many expansion packs do you have in your game right now? looking at your pc specs,i'm concern about your memory and hard disk space. Diamond Brands-Diamond Prices
  2. Razorback64

    New monitor recommendations

    Warning: Some of the flat panel monitors will not display the computer BIOS Screen due to not being able to handle low resolution display setting. Beware My wife bought a 22 in wide screen Viewsonic with this problem. It's a real pain in the butt to have to drag up another monitor to see BIOS, get into Windows Safe Mode, reinstall op system. Good Luck Diamond Brands-Diamond Prices
  3. Razorback64

    System not booting w/HD5750

    Unless you are on a tight budget do not get this system. The E6500 is a low end cpu. It is not even a Core 2 Duo. It is only a pentium dual core which is an older model. Remember the E2160? The E6500 comes from the same line. You want something modern. At the very least get a Core 2 Duo E7400. The Gigabyte motherboard is used for very low end systems. The board costs about $50. The performance of a computer is highly dependent on the quality of the motherboard. Aside from faster processing speeds for ram, cpu and video, a good quality board is stable and will allow you to overclock the cpu and ram if you have the right components. Diamond Brands-Diamond Prices