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  1. Well i did have to update the firmware. I also swept the old drivers. So far, after about 4-5 hours of netflix..no crashes. So i'm not exactly sure what was the cause, assuming it is fixed and not just behaving for the moment. If i had to hazard a guess i would say the hard drive firmware fixed it. If it happens again, i'll be back to update this then ^_^ If i don't have to underclock it i won't. but if it happens again i'll keep that in mind as a potential solution. Although underclocking a factory overclocked piece of hardware seems redundant. But if it works....
  2. thanks, i think i got my drive after that time period, and i thought i had updated the firmware, however i will double check. i will also go through and remove every last trace of the old drivers and do all that fun stuff again. when i finish all that i'll test everything out. It will take a few days to test and run through everything so i will update this one way or another when i have some more information. Thanks again for the suggestions!
  3. About a month ago i had an issue where my screen suddenly froze while i was watching a movie on netflix. The audio, however, kept going. After a minute or so the whole screen went blank. The audio continued until i manually reset the computer. At this point the screen would immediately go black on startup. Safe mode worked however. After some troubleshooting swapping videocards between two computers it was determined the card was defective. It was an MSI radeon 6970. Sent it for repair, it was replaced and things have been ok until about 2 weeks ago. Again, watching netflix, screen froze, audio continued..screen blanked out, and i had to manually reset. However this time the boot drive simply vanished. It did not appear in the bios at all. When i powered the computer off from the back/power supply, waited a few seconds, then switched it on, everything is fine. This has occurred to me several times now in the last little while, twice in the last 5 minutes. Only seems to happen when watching movies, but does not happen repeatably in general. i can watch movies for 3 hours no problem...or 2 minutes and bam! Now my friend suggested it was an issue with the hard drive. it's a pyro 120gb solid state. I'm running windows 7 pro, with no heating issues. My question is...do you guys think it's a hard drive issue...a videocard issue..a driver issue..or some very unfortunate combo? While my first card was off being replaced i used the video card in my wifes computer..a geforce gtx 465 with no issues. I have swapped the sata position between my boot drive and my storage drive with no effect. Any advice would be awesome.
  4. Our poor SSD is not doing too well... all Applications that could be loaded onto our secondary drive has been. Yet we're apparently using 26/29 GB (Got me on why so much. When I show hidden files, and calculate the total of the root of C:/ it's showing only 17-18 gigs used.) If we replace it we were looking into possibly doing Raid 1 with 2 WD Black Sata 3 Drives when we reinstall the OS. Couple of questions ( and maybe advice for above): Our motherboard is the EVGA FTW3, if we choose to do a hardware raid, is it possible to do it using the SATA III (6GB/s) ports? As this would also be our first time doing any raid at all... is it possible for someone to describe (or link) to some handy instructions? Thanks!
  5. Well i finally solved it! it WAS the psu the whole time! I switched the psu and wouldn't you know, it frigging works! Now why anyone would make a 1000w psu with apparently pretty craptacular limits on the 12v rail is beyond me. And also, why the 800w psu from a different manufacturer also couldn't cut it is beyond me. The corsair was a defective unit...which just compounded the confusion that much more. So i guess lesson learned here is not only is the maximum wattage important in a psu, but also the number of rails..and i would imagine the power going to them. all in all a very expensive, time consuming lesson, but i don't mind being the guinea pig if it means some other poor guy doesn't suffer the same fate. Right now everything seems to be working fine, or at least it's stable. There is one thing that bugs me though, when i power up, it posts, shuts down, and restarts..then loads everything fine. At this point i'm very willing to live with that at least for a week or so while my poor knees and back get a chance to recover from being bent over on hardwood floors every night! Thanks again to all your help and suggestions. ^_^
  6. Well i decided to try a few "simpler" methods before doing an outside build. Unfortunately, the wireless card seems to have nothing to do with it, as even completely uninstalled, the system still crashes as always. However!! some progress has been made, i tried using a different video card, a geforce 210. and sure enough NO PROBLEMS! It ran the benchmark tests to completion, albeit terribly slow in comparison. I tried using different versions of directx, older drivers for the card, no dice. I talked with the EVGA guys and i turned off the automatic restart feature on windows....still shut down right away. I was told it must be a short between the videocard and the motherboard, and would require an outside build and alot of testing to figure out exactly what is going on. Frankly, it's just not worth it at this point. i've spent all night every night for a week troubleshooting, two weekends, and a ton of money. i'm just going to go with an ati card which is really what i wanted to do in the first place, but couldn't with my old motherboard. If by some stroke of incredible bad luck my problem remains......well i dunno at that point. I did by the way try running it with just the absolute minimum components, and reformatted and reinstalled windows. I even tried running the benchmark without ANY driver update whatsoever. Ram was all doublechecked. The only thing i noticed was both the ram, and cpu frequencies were lower then they were supposed to be. ie the ram was set at 1066mhz, instead of 1600 as it should have been, and the cpu is still set at 2.6ghz, instead of the 2.8 it should be. I changed the ram, but left the cpu where it was. I'm thinking of switching to a 5770 for the video card as it's about the same price, Any advice there? Thanks for all the help you guys did give me, it's certainly appreciated. UPDATE: After a little more research, i found out my psu only has 1 12v rail. Now i have tried powering only the motherboard, videocard, hardrive, and either one, or two fans...and it still powered down. so maybe this psu, and my original psu could not handle the power demands of the videocard, although being a 1000w you'd think for sure it should be able to. The corsair that we tried i'm 99% sure was defective off the bat, as it could not even power up the system properly, ie. the fans on my cpu cooler weren't getting power, and neither were any of the case fans. So, lol again, i think i'll try a dirfferent powersuppy....a modular thermaltake 1000w cpu with 2 12vrails. This being the 4th power supply unit by god if it still powers off i WILL switch video cards. I can't say how thankful i am my wife works for a computer supply store, and has been able to swap things out at as needed.
  7. Actually we got the solid state drive and used that as the new boot drive, so we didn't have to do any reformatting, as the original os was on the 1tb drive. I'll do what you guys have suggested tomorrow when i get home from work. I REALLY hope it works!!!
  8. From the original build, there;s the wireless card, and a 1tb hard drive, however that drive was not connected on several occasions as a troubleshoot. We're using windows 7 home premium. 64bit. Everything else has been changed/upgraded. We still have the original hardware, lol we can build another computer entirely.
  9. Hi, this is my first time posting in these forums, though i have read through them on occasion. I'm having a problem that has so far stumped 8 A+ technicians. It's a little long, but i'll start from the beginning to try to give you guys as much info as possible. Alright, it all started when my dads video card got stolen (somehow) out of his computer. We had been considering upgrading our video card for awhile so we gave him ours, and reverted back to our old video card, which died about a week later. My system at the time consisted of, a Nzxt tempest case, 800w power up power supply, MSI p6n diamond mobo, q6600 Intel cpu, 4gbs of ram, (2gb Kingston value ram, 2 gb OCZ gold ram), a butterfly cpu cooler(with the original fan removed and a cheap fan put on as the sensor had gone on it), and a d-link dwa 556 wireless card. We opted to go with an Evga gtx 465 video card, and upon installation, found that for some reason the wireless card was not being recognized by windows, and if we removed, then re-added it, it would turn on, find the network, identify it, then disappear again. Somehow, that situation magically corrected itself. About a week later we got an Ultra chiltec cpu cooler that had been used for a really great price. We thought it would be a good idea to swap out the butterfly since the fan had already gone on it. So we swapped that, turned everything on and it seemed fine. As we were doing some cable management on it, my wife touched the side of the power supply with a side case fan cord and the system suddenly shut off. After restarting it, the system would continuously restart over and over. We tried removing other case fans and such but to no avail, so we took it into her work at Tigerdirect. Oddly enough the system seemed stable, and for 5 days they could not recreate the problem, running benchmarks and stress tests. Then just as we were about to take it home, it shut down on them and began to illustrate the same issues we were having. They suspected the power supply, or possibly the motherboard. Since i liked my mobo, i hoped it was just the power supply, and so we changed that to an ultra x3 1000w power supply. From here on the system has done the same thing, it starts up fine, and you can usually surf the net, but it will suddenly shut down, and restart. It has done so even while surfing the net, but only once. However, it shuts down EVERYTIME when benchmarking with 3dmark06, or loading a game of starcraft 2. Within 30 seconds it will shut down. Thinking we had killed our mobo, we got an asus p5q pro turbo mobo, and a solid state hd to do a clean windows install on. After reassembling everything, the problem remained. Additionally, the first ram slot was defective on the mobo, so we had to send that back. We also thought perhaps the cpu cooler was no good as it had been used, and so we got a Thermaltake Frio cooler. When the second mobo arrived, we reinstalled everything, including swapping video cards for the same one, in case it was defective, and again, the same issue. So, we figured that it must be a cpu issue and so we decided to upgrade to an i7 930. We of course had to change our mobo and ram, and we went with an Evga x58 Ftw3, and 6gb of Mushkin blackline ram. After installing ALL of that, the issue STILL remained. At wits end we then changed cases, to the Nzxt tempest evo, and got a corsair 850w power supply, just in case. After rebuilding it yet again, the problem persisted!!! WE called Evga, and went over things such as ram voltage and timings, 12v power being delivered, and we ran prime 95 flawlessly. The only thing they could guess was a bad video card for a second time. Today, we brought that card and put it in another computer, where it ran all the benchmarks flawlessly. We also moved our computer out of the entertainment room, into the laundry room at the other end of the house just to try a different circuit. No luck. We also tried plugging it directly into the wall, as well as multiple surge bars, to no avail. Now i have a new mobo, as there was an issue with the cpu pins on the first mobo, another Evga gtx 465 video card, as well as an Evga 210 to test out the system with a different video card. I have not installed them as yet. But at this point...does anyone know what could possibly be causing all this?? We've essentially built a new computer from the ground up and yet consistently have this shutdown error. There are no warning signs, nor any error messages generated. The only component that i just realized has gone from system to system is the wireless card. When i rebuild it either tonight or tomorrow, i'll leave that out to see if somehow that was the cause all along.
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