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    CPU: AMD ThreadRipper 2950X @4.1 GHz
    MB: MSI Meg X399 Creation
    WCS: 2x Enermax Changer 200 (Res/Pump Combo) + 2x Swiftech Extreme Performance 360mm Rads + 1x Alphacool NexXxoS XT45 240mm Rad + EK-Supremacy sTR4 (Nickel/Acetal) CPU WB + Primochill Primoflex tubing (black/white)
    RAM: G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3000 64GB
    VIDEO: 2x Aorus GTX 1080Ti Waterforce WB Xtreme
    HDD 1: Samsung M.2 NVMe SSD 950 Pro 512GB
    HDD 2: Crucial M500 960GB Sata3 SSD
    HDD 3: WD Caviar Black 1TB, Sata3
    HDD4: Toshiba NAS 4TB Drive
    PSU: EVGA SuperNova 1600W G2, 80+ Gold (Real Efficiency 80+ Platinum)
    CASE: hermaltake Core X9
    MONITOR: ASUS VG278H, 27" 3D, 120Hz, 2ms
    OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit
  1. My New and Upgraded Rig Code Name: "The Beast" CPU: AMD ThreadRipper 2950X OCed 4.1 GHz MB: MSI Meg X399 Creation RAM: 64 GB G.Skill Trident Z RGB 3000 MHz VGA: 2x Aorus GTX 1080Ti Waterforce WB Xtreme Edition Custom Cooling Loop (GPUs + CPU separated): 2x Enermax NEOChanger Res/Pump Combo + 2x Swiftech Xtreme FLow 360mm Rads + ACool Nexxos XT45 240mm Rad + EKWB Pom / Nickel Full Cover TR4 Water Block) PSU: EVGA Supernova 1600W 80+ G2 (Real Efficiency 80+ Platinum) Case: TT Core x9 HDD: 512 GB Samsung 950 Pro Nvme PCIex4 SSD, Crucial 1TB SSD Sata 6GB/s, WD 1TB HDD Sata 6GB/s, 4TB Toshiba NAS Sata 6GB/s HDD. Monitor: Asus VG278H 3D 120Hz 2ms This how it starts: Taking Bubbles Out: Armed Bubbles Free: Lock and Load My Working Corner: 3DMark Benchmarks: https://www.3dmark.com/spy/4811879 https://www.3dmark.com/fs/16805945 One Real Work Scenario (not some synthetic benchmarks), Project: Aerial (DRONE) Photogrammetry of one Mine (Future Open Pit) in Peru Total Area: 1265 Ha Photo Size 6000x4000 pix, 8-10 MB each Total Photos: >2000 Total GCP (Ground Control Points): 31 Processing Software: Agisoft Photoscan Proffesional Output Files: Point Cloud, Ortho Mosaic, DEM
  2. Yes, I saw that too, I've downloaded this BIOS and flashed both GPUs and was no go, then I've reflashed both GPUS to one of two my original GPU BIOS and bam evrything working as a charm now. Thanks for your Help mate. Cheers.
  3. Hi All, could someone send me original BIOS for this GPU Aorus GTX 1080Ti Waterforce WB Xtreme. The GPU should be connected via DVI-D to monitor before backing up the BIOS with GPU-Z software. Or even better to use nvflash to save the BIOS (nvflash --save filename.rom), nvflash could be downloaded from TechPowerup page: https://www.techpowerup.com/download/nvidia-nvflash/ Thanks in advance.
  4. Congrats to all winners (me included ), Big Thanks to OCC.
  5. Just entered now, I hope I'm not too late. Good Luck to Everyone.
  6. The Noctua NH-U14S is not that bulky, and delivers great cooling results. Test results (Noctua with only one fan on push):
  7. Completely armed and ready to fire Next post, some CPU/VGA OC benchmarks. See ya.
  8. Some night pics (to appreciate UV light effects), not so bad, but better is live:
  9. Hi guys, It's not exactly the worklog (lack of time), but will have some pics of finished build. This build (Code Name: "Simply The Best"), presents a renewal of my old PC (mixture of old and new parts). Old stuff: CPU: Intel i7 3970x (I don't want to change it yet) MOBO: Rampage IV Black Edition (excellent board paired with 3970x) RAM: 64GB of Kingston HyperX Beast ,8x 8GB , 1866MHz, OCd to 2400MHz (easy) SSD: Crucial M500 960GB HDD: WD Caviar Black 1TB VGA: 2x EVGA GTX 780 + EKWB waterblocks and backplates New stuff: RAD: 2x Swiftech MCRx20-XP eXtreme Performance 360mm + AlphaCool NexXxos XT45 240mm PUMP: 2x D5 PWM Pump (Swiftech MCP655 + Watercool WCP D5-PWM) RES: 2x Phobya Balancer 150mm (Black + Black Nickel) CASE: TT Core X9 (great case, you can throw inside what ever you want, it can handle. Much more spacious than my previous Obsidian 900D case). PSU: EVGA Supernova 1600W G2 80+ Gold (this big boy is great, rated 80+ Gold and actually delivering 80+ Platinum) + CableMod E-Series P2 G2 & Cable Kit (Black / White) Finally the best thing: Samsung 950 Pro 512GB NVMe SSD (installed through M.2 x4 ASUS PCIe adapter card)
  10. Yup, it's a new stealth WiFi Router.
  11. +1 for Plextor. I have two 256GB SSD M3, working like a charm, 0 problems.
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