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  1. I third Stonerboy's suggestion. You can not beat that price with a stick. PCP&C is a great brand of PSU, I have heard nothing but good things.
  2. I also rip and encode my Blu Rays. I plan on using some sort of HTPC or NAS when I get a house to stream wherever I want to watch them.
  3. Yeah I might have to go check them out.
  4. Thanks for your input guys, I am strongly considering getting a pair though I don't know which kind. I like the look of the GUNNARs but not particularly the yellowish tint. I don't want to look like a complete nerd at work since I have to be dressed professionally. I am wondering though if the yellow tint is what helps so much (compared to the pair I linked in the first post).
  5. Welcomd to OCC! Enjoy your stay
  6. I've never heard of f.lux before, but I will definitely give it a shot on my home computer. Unfortunately though, I can't install programs on the work computers
  7. I'm working at an IT rotation currently (yes I know, pharmacy and IT don't normally go together well, but this rotation is pretty sweet!) and sit staring at a monitor for 6-8 hours a day. My eyes get a little fuzzy after a while, and they just seem to get lazy. I don't get headaches from staring at monitors, but then again I've never had a headache period. Anyways, I was wondering if any of you have had experience with any glasses specifically designed for alleviating this problem. I'm not sure whether I buy into the fact that they are supposed to reduce eye strain and fatigue. However, my 20/20 vision is something I would like to protect at all costs, and the $40 that something like these would cost seems worth it if they actually work.
  8. +1 I would not switch. Definitely not worth the hassle, and in the end your games will not benefit noticeably.
  9. Ah buggers, thanks for looking!
  10. Thanks MJCRO, but it says: "This process is valid only for products shipped from EVGA on or after July 1st, 2011." I bought it a little too early, but at least it still has a lifetime warranty instead of the new 3-year warranty
  11. Well unfortunately I don't have a better PSU for you Better get that figured out quickly before someone else snatches it up first
  12. From V-Ray's main page: "Rendering on multiple GPUs is supported and by default V-Ray RT for GPU will use all available OpenCL/CUDA devices."
  13. There's also the 6870. It fits the price range and supports Eyefinity, but the 1gb of vram puts me off a little.
  14. +1 Do not rely on the WEI to rate your hardware. I know Corsair Force drives are also reliable.
  15. Just got off a Skype call with a friend who is running 2 x 670 4GB cards in sli at 5760x1200 res. While playing BF3 he reported using 3.2GB of vram...and in Skyrim with high-res texture mods applied he is using nearly all 4GB. So IMHO the extra memory is well worth it.
  16. I'm not hating on the motherboard you have there, but just by looking at it I do not think it has SATA 6gbps support. You will not see the full benefits of a newer generation SSD until you get a motherboard with the newer SATA standard. SATA 6gbps SSDs will work but will be limited to SATA 3gbps speeds (about 280MB/s). I also found another option for you. If you prefer reliability over speed, this Plextor SSD has very good quality control (<0.5% failure rate), and the reviews on the Egg back up that claim.
  17. Ah yes, I was still seeing $200 on C-list. Knocked down to $145 + shipping.
  18. For Sale: EVGA GTX 470 purchased from the Egg in June, 2010. Stock cooler included Original box and adapters included Was dusted regularly and handled with care This card ran overclocked for two years. Once I got the overclock rock solid, it never reached past 80C in games. Overclocked, it will still run every game out there at 1080p nicely. I can only imagine how two of these in SLI would perform. I registered this card for the original (non-transferable) EVGA lifetime warranty back in 2010. If you have problems with the card in the future, I will gladly do my best to RMA the card for you. I cannot promise anything but will certainly help in any way that I can. Here is my Heatware account. Pictures have been added. The last shot shows the miniscule amount of dust that has collected thus far. Asking $130 + shipping. Thank you for your interest!
  19. You're welcome The drives you chose are good, especially the first one (Mushkin Enhanced Chronos MKNSSDCR120GB). It has a higher IOPS than the others (90k), which will benefit you more than pure throughput at those speeds. You may also want to consider the OCZ Vertex 4 which has very similar specs. Just make sure you have SATA III (6.0gbps) support on your motherboard before you pull the trigger on one of these.
  20. I'm running my QPI at 1.3v, DRAM Bus at 1.65v, and PLL set to auto. Currently trying IOH set to auto for the fun of it, but it was at 1.3 before I backed it down. P6X58D-E motherboard.
  21. SSDs themselves have enough IOPS that you do not need to worry about using two drives (like you would with two hard drives). Just go with a 120gb SSD at first and see how you like it. They seem to be about $1 per GB nowadays, so it's not terribly expensive like it used to be to own an SSD. To answer your original question, the improvements you will see will consist of reduced Windows boot time (expect <20 seconds after a fresh install), reduced game and program loading times, and significantly faster system processes such as virus scans and file moving operations. **Tip** Never defragment an SSD.
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