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  1. For the record, I boosted my CPU to 4.2ghz (200 x 21) at 1.3125v, and I'm currently running P95 on small FFTs. It is about nine hours in and stabilized at 68C with fans on full speed (coolant temp 33C at 19.33C ambient). I am not so sure a custom WC loop with a 240mm rad could beat those numbers by much.


    I would like to hear your thoughts about how these results stack up to a custom loop.

  2. If those fans are really spinning @2600rpm then they are good! But the noise. :-/

    I guess you should replace with 2 SP120s.

    Yea the Newegg link says they run at 2700 rpm (+/- 10%). They're mighty powerful and quiet when needed, but the grinding just needs to stop :doh:

  3. Any idea when it will be released in europe? I'm delaying my pc upgrade kit just because of the H100i :cry:

    Bad news: I do not know when it will be released in Europe.


    Good news: I confirmed the rattling noise is reduced significantly with the fans plugged into an external controller (and presumably the motherboard as well). It's not completely gone but is barely noticeable. Regardless it should be fixed soon with a firmware update.


    I played around with the fan settings with the external controller as well. With my i7 930 at 4.01ghz running P95, the lowest fan setting allowed it to get up to 74C while the highest fan setting kept it right around 57C...what I would call a significant difference.


    My more formal testing included idle and load temps measured with core temp, motherboard temperature measured with PC Probe II (Asus), and GPU temps (GTX 480) measured with some gadget on my desktop that pulls from Rivatuner. Idle measurements were taken after 10 minutes of inactivity and load measurements were taken after 30 minutes of both P95 running a blend test and OCCT running a GPU stress test. I wanted to ensure the H100i was evacuating heat properly from my system so I loaded it up as much as I could and monitored the motherboard temps.


    Zalman 9900

    Ambient temp at start of test: 19.44C

    CPU idle: 37C

    MB idle: 27C

    CPU load: 75C

    MB load: 29C

    GPU load: 83C

    Ambient temp at end of test: 19.35C


    Corsair H100i

    Ambient temp at start of test: 19.11C

    CPU idle: 32C

    MB idle: 27C

    CPU load: 58C

    MB load: 29C

    GPU load: 81C

    Ambient temp at end of test: 18.83C


    My conclusion: This is one beast of a cooler. If they are able to iron out the rattling/noise coming from the fans, I would say there is no reason to replace the fans (or buy any other cooler). Otherwise, I might look for some Gentle Typhoons to quiet it down a bit. It looks sick and performs even better than I expected. Kudos Corsair, just smooth out the kinks before you release a product.



  4. The fans on the H100i are basically the SP120s except they do not have the colored rings. I've heard performance is roughly the same. If you are replacing the stock fans I suggest getting some Scythe Gentle Typhoons. From what I've been reading, those are the best fans for quiet radiator use.

  5. I should mention Corsair said they have a Link software update coming in the next couple weeks that will get rid of the rattling noise. The rattling does not happen when the fans are plugged into the MB or a fan controller.

  6. Well I broke down and bought the H100i on Tuesday. Thanks to the Egg it arrived here earlier this afternoon. I was able to get some good data before and after installing, as well as some pics.


    I will post pics and details of my testing tomorrow when I get time. For now, suffice it to say this cooler rocks. My i7 930 @ 3.9ghz went from 75C under load (Zalman 9900 with AS5) to 58C (H100i stock paste). I always thought the 9900 was a great cooler until I put this thing on my chip.



    --Silent pump

    --Quiet fans (see cons)

    --Simple mounting

    --Great pre-applied thermal paste

    --Corsair Link V2 is very handy and lets you monitor coolant temp and control pump speed, fan speed, and lighting effects. You can also change the background case image to whatever you want.

    --Tubing is soft and flexible

    --Great aesthetics



    --Fans make a rattling noise (constant, but not noticeable over the hurricane of wind once the fans are cranked up all the way)

    --SATA power cable is much too short, forcing me to add another SATA cable from my PSU (personal preference)

    --Some radiator fins are slightly bent (not really a con, as this cannot affect performance, just aesthetics)

    --While it supports socket 1366, the instructions do not tell you which standoffs to use (choices: 1155/6 or 2011 standoffs). After a quick chat with a Corsair rep, who spoke my language and connected within a minute, I was told to use the 1155/6 standoffs. Hopefully they include this information in future revisions of the quick start guide.

  7. I chose to stick with this PSU cause i supports ivy bridge CPUs, while the power and cooling 750w PSU only supports sandy bridge.


    Corsair Professional Series HX 750 Watt ATX/EPS Modular 80 PLUS Gold (HX750)

    by Corsair



    :pfp: Either of those PSUs will "support" Ivy Bridge CPUs. Even five year old PSUs (or older for that matter) will support Ivy Bridge. It's all about the connections to the motherboard (8pin cpu power and 24pin motherboard power). CMIIW but those connections haven't changed in ages.


    If you want to connect to a wifi network, yes you will need a wifi card. You can grab a decent one for no more than $25 online. The motherboard will have an ethernet port for LAN connections.


    Everything will work together well, and overall your system looks good. I suggest re-calculating your total cost though, because I am getting around $1850 for your total.


    Good choice on the CPU cooler, I just ordered one :cheers:

  8. I agree with everything recommended previously except for the video card choices. Before you even think about Crossfire or AMD video cards, check out which brand your graphics design software will support. A $300 video card will not help at all if your software does not support it. From personal experience, I know Adobe software plays nicely with Nvidia cards and not AMD. Just an fyi.


    And please, please, please add an SSD!!!!

  9. Well I wouldn't actually be teaching valence, so that may be false advertising in a sense.

    Touche. I tried to come up with something about bonds but couldn't think of anything catchy :dunno:


    I do like Chemical Imbalance, but like others mentioned it may not be completely appropriate either.

  10. The primary goal is to create an enjoyable and challenging experience for gamers or all ages.

    Should be "...gamers of all ages."


    As to the name, I think it should be Chemic Al, and then name the protagonist "Al" :haha:


    Edit: Or ChemicAL, something like that.

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