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  1. Spam is on the rise, especially within the last five years or so. I think 90% of the emails going out are spam today, simply ridiculous.

    I believe it.  I just checked my spam folder and found 250 sent within the last couple weeks...Thankfully Gmail's spam filters are top notch.

  2. I wouldn't worry about it at all.  With the quiet edition fans pushing significantly less air than the stock fans, the load temps are bound to be higher than others' observations.  Plus, 60C is a great Intel temp.  You can let it load up to 80C in stress tests and still be fine, so long as you don't run it that hot 24/7.

  3. ^^Well said Dave.  Regardless of how it looks, I'm very glad the site will be more secure and up to date.  I trust you guys will do a great job rolling out bugfixes and updates quickly, and I'm looking forward to the end result!  Here's to a quality finished product :cheers: 


    Besides, it's still the same old OCC, with the same great members, staff, PC knowledge and advice, etc.  

  4. For gaming, you will not exceed 12GB of memory at any time. Triple channel would provide significantly better memory performance over dual channel, so I would stick with the triple channel.


    You could also purchase three of these to give you 24gb at the triple channel bandwidth. Either way, I would still go with triple channel on a Bloomfield chip.

  5. OCC did the same for me when I was starting out, and the friendly members continue to help me out when I get stuck every so often. I'm so glad this site has made such a difference for you :cheers:

  6. I too just purchased a HyperX drive, and it is quite nice. I yanked my old Vertex 2 out of my desktop and slapped it into my laptop. Unfortunately I had to reinstall Windows due to some misalignment error showing up in AS SSD after a direct OS copy, but the laptop is now very fast.


    I cannot tell a whole lot of difference between the Vertex 2 and the HyperX, but that is mainly due to the fact that my Marvell 9128 controller on the MB is crap...I'm only getting ~350MB/s read from it. Can't wait to get a real SATA III controller...

  7. If I were picking for myself it would be the Dell 2407WFP. That is an outstanding monitor suitable for many different uses. Since you're primary use will be at a desk - I can't find a compelling reason where extra real-estate or increased viewing angles will benefit you all that much. If you do any color/accuracy sensitive work then the Dell is a no brainer.


    Another point - 1920x1080 is a wide screen resolution - and some may find that distracting if you do a lot of text work, spreadsheets, word etc.


    I use a nice 1920x1080 monitor at my office, it's good and works ok, but I much prefer the 1920x1200 monitor I have at home.

    +1 I agree completely. Go with the 24" monitor.

  8. Update: The new firmware update did a nice job at reducing the rattling to a noise only the most anal people will hear (aka me). Also, the update fixes some temperature reporting discrepancies present in the previous version.

  9. Makes sense. The only sad thing is that our upload speed is 0.7Mbps. Hopefully there won't be a data emergency :teehee:

    Hmm transferring a 1gb ppt file quickly is not going to happen then :P Have you considered any online backup solutions? They can be a little pricey for more space, but if you need to get something in a hurry that's probably the best method.


    Otherwise, just do what the doctor ordered!

  10. Looks like a great build. You mentioned futureproofing so I will assume you want to have the ability to overclock your system at some point in the future. With that said, the only items I would change from your original list are:


    --PSU: As other have mentioned, getting a quality PSU is essential for a long-term build. I have had personal experiences with Corsair and Seasonic, both of which have given me zero problems. Since you are getting a GTX660, it may be prudent to get a higher wattage PSU (750-850 watt) just in case you want to go SLI in the future.


    --SSD: I would highly suggest investing in a 120gb SSD. Once you load the OS and a few essential programs on there you will already be getting close to reaching the recommended 80% capacity. A 120gb SSD gives you room to put a few games on there and still have a little room for everyday Windows operations.


    --MB: I would keep the Asus P8Z77V-Pro you had at first. What vandreadstriker said about high end motherboards is good advice. Concerning the sound card on the Maximus V and free sound card, I would not advise getting a "free" sound card as it would probably not be a whole lot better than onboard audio in the first place. If you really care about sound, you can purchase a sound card in the future that is not made solely for gaming (such as an HT Omega Claro or Asus Xonar Essence). Plus, the red and black theme of that board wouldn't go well with your white and blue case :P

  11. Very nice Jenova! The Sandy Bridge i5s run much cooler than the 1366 Bloomfields in general, but given I've not seen anything above 5ghz in a while I'd say that i5 is putting out at least as much heat as this CPU.

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