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  1. I have the same case, and wanted to do the same thing by splitting the 2-pin connectors.  I contacted CM asking how many times they could be split.  Their answer: they should not be split.  Take it FWIW. 


    I do not know what your budget is, but you could add something like the Nzxt Hue.  It comes with LED strips you stick on the inside of the case, and the front panel controller allows you to adjust the amount of red, green, or blue the LEDs emit.


    For more money, you can check out Corsair's Link Lighting Node with a Link Commander.  It will allow you to have much more control over your lights (via software), but it's certainly pricier.


    Hope this helps!

  2. You should probably look into a Seasonic, PC Power and Cooling, or a Corsair PSU between 700 and 800 watts.  Those brands offer very reliable PSUs.  I've had personal experience with the Corsair TX and AX series, as well as the Seasonic M12II 620w and they've given me zero problems.

  3. Cappy brings some great reasoning to the table.....................   :)

    I agree, except the OP already has the GTX 660.  If he wants to sell the 660 and upgrade to a 680 he could.  Otherwise, the 660 should be plenty of horsepower for running games at 1080p if that's what he's using.


    He might just get away with a build that's half the price of his original!

  4. Thanks for the input wevs, I will definitely leave my SSD on the Marvell controller since it is quite stable.  I am satisfied with the real-life speed it provides, regardless of the benchmarks only showing about 385MB/s read (specs say 550).  Once I get a graduate, get a job, and start getting money instead of giving it away like candy at a parade, I will upgrade so I can ditch this Marvell controller and install more RAM :)


    Yes, I know...I saw Bubba's post and must've had ACHI on the brain.  Thanks for pointing that out to me!

  5. My SSD is on the Marvell controller.  I've been hearing (from Waco) that the Intel 3gbps provides faster random operations than the Marvell controller, so I was thinking about switching it.  Since I changed it to IDE mode though, I think I'll keep it on the Marvell controller.

  6. I will try that, thanks guys.  I do have everything set to ACHI mode.  I'll mess around with the settings and see what I can do.


    Edit:  It worked!! I set my Intel Sata controller to IDE mode and it worked after a restart.  Thank you so much!

  7. I updated it at one point a while ago.  When the problem first started, I searched for updated FW versions and the latest was already installed.  


    I'm afraid I will eventually have to reinstall Windows, but I have neither the time nor the energy (nor the bandwidth) to reload all my programs at the moment.   :-/  I hope there is a fix for it somewhere!

  8. BB1 - The only one I can think of is ImgBurn.  Other than that, I just use Windows/iTunes' built-in burning capabilities. 


    Freddie - My Computer --> I double click on the drive and it says no disk inserted.  It will not start Autoplay or anything.

  9. Hey guys,


    I noticed this problem for a while now and I'm not sure how to resolve it.  My optical drive (LG Blu-ray Writer) does not recognize any disk I insert.  The only way I get it to read the disk is if I boot the computer with it already in the drive.  Otherwise, it just says something to the effect of "No disk inserted".


    I've tried deleting the Upper and Lower limit registry files as suggested by some forums, and I updated the Intel chipset drivers to the newest version to no avail.  There is nothing physically wrong with it, but I'm thinking some software or driver is interfering with it.  Has anyone had experience with this issue?


    Thanks in advance!


    Edit:  Wow, I did not realize I typed DisK...sorry about that.

  10. To everyone who replied to this thread, thank you.  My rig has been folding for over five days straight without so much as a hiccup.  I ended up with a voltage of 1.2625 on core and 1.30625 on the QPI.  Once again thanks for the help!

  11. With all this RAID 0 going on, have you got any plans for backups? Not just against disk failure, but also controller trouble.

    :withstupid:  WIth the work it sounds like you will be doing, you do not want to lose any data.  With six drives, the chances of one failing are high.  Not to mention you will be putting them in a RAID 0 configuration, which effectively doubles the chances of data loss from drive failure.  

  12. It's really not bad at all, just annoying if you're sitting right next to it.  You can completely get rid of the issue by plugging the fans into the motherboard, which is what I am currently doing until they release the update.  If I hadn't been doing some recording recently, I would have just left them connected to the pump.

  13. I will just put in a plug for the H100i here too, as it was mentioned in the thread.  It's a great cooler that gives phenomenal results.  The price is not bad, and sometimes you can find it on sale at the Egg.  My only complaint about it is the high-pitched noise emanating from the fans.  If it weren't for that issue, the cooler would be completely silent (though it can get very loud with the fans turned up).  Corsair said they have a firmware update in the works for the noise, so hopefully we will see a solution here soon.  Let me know if you have any questions about it.

  14. Thanks for the input guys, I knew it had to be something to do with the vcore or QPI.  I've tweaked it some, and after a long period of folding it is stable.  I will report back if I experience any more issues, but it seems better for now.  


    I ended up increasing the vcore to 1.26875 and left the QPI alone.  If I get the error again though, I will definitely take your advice wevs.  Bumping the QPI up to 1.35v would most likely do the trick.


    Also, what is VTT?  I've not seen that particular voltage in my BIOS, so when someone mentions it I feel like I am missing something.


    Once again, thank you!

  15. I backed them down to 1.6v.  I pulled up the RAM specs on Newegg and they are rated for 1.5-1.6v.  I must've ran them higher due to having instability in the previous BIOS revisions of my motherboard.  Could running extra voltage to these sticks damage the controller over time?

  16. Every once in a while, my system crashes without warning.  I've noticed it happening on a regular basis when playing Just Cause 2, where my screen will freeze up indefinitely and will show blocking/artifacting.  It also happens after roughly 1.5 days of folding.  The time frames seem pretty consistent.


    Bluescreenview says it's a x124 BSOD.  The first time I got it, I increased the vcore from around 1.2 to 1.22.  I was using this guide for the error code interpretation.  After another of these BSODs, I increased the vcore to 1.25.  It just BSOD'd again with the same code, so here I am asking for help :lol:


    I uploaded a screenie of the error codes.  What other information do you need, and what advice can you give me?  Thanks in advance!





  17. GPU acceleration does not require an incredibly fast card, as it did not even tax my GTX 470 (until it ran out of Vram).  The 7870 should be fine.  You could even get away with a lesser card if you wanted.  Say, a 6950.  Just make sure you have at least 2gb Vram.


    I would actually go for an i7 3930k with a 2011 board as 90sgamer mentioned.  This combo, along with at least 16gb of fast quad channel RAM will make your system scream while encoding.  The SSD is not a requirement for video editing, so even though it may be nice to have now you can just add it in later if you get some extra cash.  Dump all the money you can into CPU/MB/RAM, then see what you have left over.  Just do not spend the extra cash on any extreme edition chips, as they are a waste of money.

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