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  1. Now I know this does not sound like the greatest idea in the world, but I come to understand that Corsair power supplies are some of the best in the business. I have the TX650 in my system currently powering one GTX 470. I have not seen this system go beyond 433 watts at the wall (using a Kill-a-watt meter) so will it be possible/stable/safe to SLI on this power supply? I really do not want to have to rip out the 650 and sell it ;)



  2. Well i got another 5770 two days ago. Previously i scored 18,392 with a single 5770. Now that i have two the score went to just over 20,192. I would have thought that my score would have increased a lot more that it did. Im thinkin it's either my cpu or ram, but figuring that my cpu is clocked pretty high i kinda doubt it. What do you guys think??

    Aside from making sure your Radeon drivers are fully updated, I would go ahead and say that your RAM is the culprit. 2gb just does not cut it these days, especially with Vista and Windows 7.

  3. As far as I know, both cards have to run at the same frequency for SLI to function so both cards would be limited to the 460's frequency. For power consumption, I think you'd be safe. I run a pair of 480's (stock clock) and an i7-930 at 4 ghz and my system pulls about 635W when folding on 7 CPU threads and both GPUs. However, when I overclocked the GPUs from 700/1850 to 845/2050 the power usage went up to 770W. So take that information and use it as you will. If you can, find a friend/coworker with a Kill-A-Watt meter to see just how much wiggle room you have.

    When you OC'd to 845, did you increase the voltage? That would make the watt usage skyrocket, whereas my gtx470 is not currently voltage up-regulated to my knowledge. Thanks for the info ebarone, I will definitely consider it in the future if/when I need to upgrade.

  4. I was curious if I would be able to scale well in SLI if I add a GTX 460 to my system. I've heard reports that it is possible to run two different graphics cards in SLI but I would be leery of doing so except that I do not think my power supply would handle two 470's. My current 470 is OC'd to 726mhz (up from 605), memory and voltages are stock. Would I need to OC the 460 to run at the same frequency as my 470? And with all of this being said, is my PSU powerful enough (I know Corsair makes great PSUs) to power a rig like that?


    Thank you in advance!

  5. After reading the reviews i think i should look else where this monitor appears to have bad backlight bleeding and unsharp blacks, both lethal when working with images for print.

    More suggestions please.


    I currently own the Acer H233H monitor. It's 23" with 1920x1080 resolution, has quite a few settings on it for image adjustment and I have been nothing but satisfied with it so far. I mostly game on it, but I do some amateur photography/editing and I think it looks outstanding. I have always known Acer to be a quality brand and for $169 at Best Buy (on sale) you really cannot beat the value. It has just a slight bit of backlight bleed at the top but it's hardly noticeable. In fact, I just now found out about it when you mentioned backlight bleed and I decided to do some research on the subject. Just my two cents.

  6. I researched the problem and have a solution. My 930 ran on 8G and all the sudden only 6G was usable a few months ago. I thinker a lot with my system and reinstalled waterblock many times. I didn't really care cause I have no use for 8G.


    You may ask why 8G on an i7.... I had 8G laying around from my AMD build( Corsair XMS3) so I used it.



    I just talked to my buddy who does a lot of reviews with heatinks. He said too much pressure is the culprit so I reset my processor. Took it out, re applied tim and put my waterblock on looser. Bingo. Success all 8G work. Try resetting and not too much torque/pressue on heatsink and see if it works.


    If it returns to 4gb again I will try this method. How do you keep from tightening all the way? With the LGA1366 lock it sort of seems like you have to fully tighten it. Is it possible/safe to just press the levers down 1/2 or 3/4 of the way?


    By the way, I have been running at 6gb for quite some time now, I believe 4 days, which is the most I have been able to achieve so far! As I said, I would like to run at 1600mhz instead of 1095 but I'd rather have the extra 2gb and not mess with it during the school year :)

  7. All my money is on the motherboard. Like I said in my first post in this thread, the same thing has happened to me before. A new board fixed it instantly.


    If I had the time to RMA the motherboard, I would. I might have to do it during Christmas break or something. However right now, I have it turned down to 1095mhz @ 1.5v with cpu running at 182 x 21 @ 1.18v and it has been running with 6gb for a few days now. If it resets back to 4gb after this I guess the only other option is to RMA :(

  8. Hi Shurman,

    i had a similar problem with mine memory, (from 12 Gb (6x2 Gb), bios and windows shoving only 10)... it was driving me crazy, i really didn't know what to do... but the problem (with help of OC guys), was solved by the following manner:

    1. rearmed all memory sticks again in the slots,

    2. carefully check all factory settings of the memory

    3. changing all mem settings in the bios according to factory settings and the problem was solved, by the way the problem with my memory was in voltage (factory specs 1.5 V), but how bios settings was set in Auto, bios changed the voltage to 1.64 V.

    My memori specs:

    Corsair XMS3 DDR3 Triple Channel 1333 MHz, 1.5V (6 x 2 Gb)

    Hope i help you,




    This morning: 4gb. I manually turned ram voltage down to manufacturer spec (1.5v) and immediately saw 6gb of ram without even pressing the MemOK button! This is a change from the norm so hopefully it will not revert back to 4gb within 3 days' time. I am almost 100% sure it is not a certain stick of memory that is causing the problem and I certainly hope it is not the motherboard because it will show all of the memory for a short period of time. Hopefully it is just a voltage issue that needs to be dealt with accordingly. I will update in a few days whether it stays at 6gb or not. Thank you everyone for your help!!


    --Edit-- Unfortunately this was not a solution since I was back down to 4gb again the next morning. I reinstalled each DIMM and checked to see if each one worked individually. They all did, and each memory slot worked by itself - booted up windows like a charm. I am at a total loss.

  9. Alright, I spent a few hours fiddling with it this morning and came out at 3.8ghz (backed it down to x19 and 1.275v). My Tmax is around 74C when under full load. I am not comfortable running my pc at 4.0ghz until I get time to lap the heatsink and reapply thermal paste (or get a new cooler altogether) so 3.8ghz will have to do. Hopefully it has enough power running to it to keep the 6gb which was the problem in the first place!

  10. Shurman - try the settings I point out below;


    CPU Voltage = 1.32500


    Load-Line Calibration........ = ENABLED

    CPU Differential Amplitude... = [Auto try up to 1000mv for stability but may vary between individual cpus]

    CPU Clock Skew............... = [Normal]

    CPU Spread Spectrum.......... = [Disabled]

    IOH Clock Skew............... = [Normal]

    PCIE Spread Spectrum......... = [Disabled]


    C1E Support.................. = ENABLED

    Hardware Prefetcher.......... = [Enabled]

    Adjacent Cache Line Prefetch. = [Enabled]

    Intel® Virtualization Tech. = [Disabled]

    CPU TM Function.............. = [Disabled]

    Execute Disable Bit.......... = [Enabled]

    Intel® HT Technology....... = DISABLED

    Active Processor Cores....... = [All]

    A20M......................... = [Disabled]

    Intel® SpeedStep™ Tech.. = ENABLED

    Intel® C-STATE Tech........ = ENABLED


    I know you said you tried 1.32500 vcore before and got a BSOD - but that is why we are going to try it with Load Line Calibration Enabled. With LLC enabled your cpu core voltage will jump about .2v under load versus droop under load. Common for most boards, but especially Asus.


    If it BSODs you can always go back to 1.35000 vcore and still keep LLC enabled.


    I've enabled/disabled a couple other options that will bring your idle temps down and reduce power consumption/heat without affecting your overclock.


    Remember - the temps you are seeing while stress testing are 100% loads and most likely will never be reached in your day to day computing.


    First I tried these settings (though keeping HT enabled) and it was quickly on its way to 100C before I shut linx down for fear of burning it up. Then I turned the CPU voltage down to 1.330 and disabled LLC. Ran linx again and the results are attached. It reached near 90C, but as you said, these temps will not be seen in day-to-day usage. I noticed that the idle temps did decrease to about 36-38C which makes me feel better. Hopefully this will be my final configuration! One last thing: would turning the multiplier down to 19 (3.8ghz) decrease temps or mess with the ram in any way?


    Thank you so much for all your help!

  11. Well, booted up this morning with 4gb so I turned cpu voltage back up to specified 1.35v. Although the linx tests proved hot still, I loaded the most cpu intensive application I could think of (Flight simulator x) and the temps only got up around 70-74C under full load. Idle temps seem to be around 43C. Are there any suggestions about how to tame these temps? I will have to wait a few days again to call it stable for 6gb at these settings.

  12. Razorback, thanks for the reply! I will try these values out when I get home after work tonight. Just wondering: is the even CPU multiplier of 20 as stable as the odd ones like 19 or 21? I have not tried any of these other than 21 and I read somewhere that the odd ones were most stable.


    --Edit-- I just implemented all of the settings you provided. For now, it is working like a charm! Long-term stability with 6gb remains to be seen but it is all running as it should be. Now, however,I am slightly concerned about my temps because of the voltage increase. Running linx for a short period of time boosts my core temp up to around 83-84C with 1.35v on the cpu.


    I turned down my voltage to 1.325 and ran 3 linx passes (using all memory) without errors, however my core temp was up to 87C at one point! Yikes... Also, 1.30v gave me a BSOD after just one pass of linx.

  13. Shurman - remember that Core i7 has the memory controller on die, so you are probably starving your processor for power running at 3.8Ghz and 1.18 vcore.


    Here are the things I would change that should allow you to run your memory at or near it's specified rating;


    CPU Voltage = 1.2625

    CPU PLL Voltage = 1.86

    QPI DRAM Core Voltage = 1.30000

    IOH Voltage = 1.30

    IOH PCIE Voltage = 1.60


    Also, need to know the part number of the G.Skill RAM kit you are running to make sure I recommend the correct DRAM voltage


    The part number for the ram is F3-12800CL9T-6GBNQ. I knew 1.18 seemed pretty low but it passed all the stress tests I could throw at it with very good temperature readings. I will give this a shot asap!



    --Edit-- I just tried running those settings and it immediately booted up with only 4gb :( back to 1066 for now I suppose

  14. I am using G.Skill (3x2gb) DDR3 1600mhz ram. Attached are shots from my AI Tweaker. As you can see from the system information screen, the bios is currently recognizing 6gb because I turned the ram back to 1066 (1095 w/overclock). Hopefully it will decide to stay there for the remainder but it seems to randomly crap out after 2 or 3 days and return to 4gb.


    --Edit-- So far it has been staying at 6gb on the 1066mhz setting, though I want to give it a couple of days before I can say that it is completely stable at this frequency. If the frequency does end up being the culprit, how can I safely boost it up to around 1600mhz? Will I need to increase the DRAM voltage or my CPU voltage? Thanks for all the help!

  15. I am currently back up to 6gb but we will see how long that lasts lol usually about 3 days...Anyways my settings right now are still 1452mhz on the ram (still not able to use all 1600mhz due to odd bios options) and 8-8-8-20 timings (was 9-9-9-24 before bios update). Yesterday I flashed the bios with the new update so I am hoping it holds out for the remainder at full capacity. I ran memtest86+ a while ago and it checked out ok and detected all 6gb of ram. Yea like you guys said, if it defaults back to 4gb again I will try using stock 1066mhz (1300 something with my overclock) for a while to see if it is stable there.


    Thanks for your help!

  16. I have a zalman 9900 in my gaming rig with an i7 930 overclocked to 3.8ghz (35% overclock) and it's ultra quiet when the fan speed is less than 70% or so. It keeps my cpu below 68C all the time which is excellent for this kind of overclock. I have always had good luck with zalman fans being really quiet. Just my 2 cents lol. Also, with that HTPC you will need no more than a good 550W supply since everything in there is fairly power efficient, however going with the HX750 is a great option because of the modular design and the reliable corsair brand.


    I also wanted to comment on your TV choice: although I know it will probably not be upgraded for some time, you will want to look at buying a 1080P HDTV instead of your 720 so that you can take full advantage of the blu-ray capabilities in your system. And as far as those go, I have a 38" Insignia brand from Best Buy in my apartment for school and it performs very well so don't go spending more money than you need to on all the "extras" that HDTVs come with. The high 1080P resolution is usually sufficient to make them look excellent.


    One last thing, once you do get a blu-ray player, you might want to look at PowerDVD Ultra if your player doesn't come with any software to handle blu--rays. I am noting this because mine did not which cheezed me off and so I found this excellent software to run my Blu-rays. It runs smoothly and allows for hardware upscaling and integrated lighting enhancements. Just something to think about.


    Good luck!




    i7 930 @ 3.82 ghz | 1.18v

    Zalman 9900

    Asus p6x58d-e MB

    G.Skill 6gb RAM

    EVGA GTX 470 @ 726mhz/1683mhz

    Corsair 650W PSU

    WD 1TB

    Asus BD ROM

    Antec 900

    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

  17. Probably a dying motherboard.


    I was having the same problem: http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=176423


    The motherboard finally died completely and after it got replaced everything was hunkey dorey.


    Thank you for the quick reply! I would hope I do not have to RMA this board because the bios does recognize all 6gb after pressing the MemOK button which makes me think there is a setting within my overclock that the memory/board does not like. But if all else fails, this is what I will have to do I suppose :(

  18. Hello,


    I am having issues with my motherboard recognizing all 6gb of my ram. Windows and the BIOS shows that only 4 gb are available. I have tried using the MemOK! button on my motherboard which resets all of my CPU overclock settings to factory default, however it does make all 6 gb available afterwards. The problem is that when I resume my normal overclock settings and then restart it a few times, it will go back to showing 4 gb. I am running my i7 930 at 3.8ghz, 1.18v, and the memory (rated for 1600mhz) is running at 1452mhz. Why does it randomly switch back to 4gb? I have not tried updating the bios yet but I may do this in the near future after it stops storming.


    Thank you in advance for your help and let me know if you need more information from me.


    i7 930 @ 3.82 ghz | 1.18v

    Zalman 9900

    Asus p6x58d-e MB

    G.Skill 6gb RAM

    EVGA GTX 470 @ 726mhz/1683mhz

    Corsair 650W PSU

    WD 1TB

    Asus BD ROM

    Antec 900

    Windows 7 Ultimate x64

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