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  1. Alright so I have been running stable at 6gb for a few months now but today, all of a sudden now I have 5gb. The only things that have changed in my system are: slight increase in i7 OC from 3.8 to 4.0ghz two weeks ago; added an SSD a few weeks ago; and more stably OC'd my GTX 470 a couple of days ago. I do not think any of those things could have messed with RAM so I am perplexed why it decided to give me only 5gb today. A few months ago I was having problems with it dropping to 4gb. Strange. I will probably take it home for Thanksgiving break and try to reseat the processor and test each individual stick of RAM but for now I have too many assignments due to take that kind of time. Also, tried the MemOK! button like I did before but nothing happened, it is still 5gb. If I am unable to find the culprit by reseating and testing individual sticks, what should I do? RMA the MB? I hope there is something else I can try haha --Edit-- I was looking around online and realized that I had changed the advanced boot option in msconfig to use all available RAM upon startup. Apparently this messes with RAM somehow and when I reset it, the problem was solved!
  2. My 470 and OC'd 930 only pull around 425 max, and that's in an antec 900 with a ton of fans going. You will be fine, I've heard good things about Enermax.
  3. My GTX 470 squeals under heavy load as well. I have read from multiple sources that the capacitors on the newer cards have increased electrical resistance and when they are under stress, they emit a whining noise. However, they have also said that this is fairly common and does not hurt the longevity of the PCB or the rest of the card. I would imagine Newegg will take care of it if you want, but unless it really bothers you, it's nothing to worry about
  4. Awesome, I think that should do it! I will test it out when I get home from classes today and see how it turns out. Thanks for your help Psywar and everyone else! As always, --Edit-- I just installed the GPU core onto my HDD and it appears that everything is contained on that drive, so in that sense it was a success. However, it gives me an error that says "Unstable_machine" and "NANs detected on GPU" after it sets the checkpoint frequency. I Googled a few sites and they all appear inconclusive. I've tried deleting the work folder and the queue.dat file but no joy. Hmmmm --Edit-- Downclocked my GPU for folding, it seems the memory clock may have been a bit high, and now it is folding like paper! Thanks guys!
  5. I appreciate your time Psywar, I too have searched and searched to no avail I am currently running two SMP cores from my HDD like the guide you posted said to, but they are CPU only and I was hoping to be able to take advantage of the massive parallel processing power of the fermi core. It looks like I'll just have to wait. I wonder what would happen if I increased the time interval that [email protected] saves its computations? It currently saves every 15 minutes but maybe if I set it to the longest possible interval it would not take away to much life from my SSD.
  6. is doing schoolwork...what else is new?

  7. This definitely sounded like it was going to work but when I tried it (even rebooted and tried again) it still installed to be C: drive...
  8. Just tried this, but when I ran the installer, it still installed everything to the C: drive (my SSD). It's almost like I need to use the command prompt to tell the installer where to extract its files, I just do not know how to do this.
  9. I looked in the AppData folder for [email protected] and it actually had the "missing" file in there, and in fact the same AppData folder is on both C: and E: drives. Still gives me the same error. I am kind of at a loss.
  10. I've tried this but every time I try to start it from the HDD it gives a system error and says: "The program can't start because cudart32_30_14.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem." I've tried looking for this dll file and can't find it anywhere on my computer.
  11. I recently bought an SSD and heard talk of [email protected] constantly writing to the drive. So I wanted to set up my GPU client so that it could run completely off of my data HDD (drive E:) instead of burning up write cycles on my SSD. Is there a way to do this? The [email protected] installation wizard does not allow you to change installation destinations
  12. They do consume quite a bit of power, but the GTX 470 I have is overclocked like the dickens: 797mhz core (607 stock, a 31% oc) and 1804mhz memory (1674 stock, a 7.8% oc) with voltage turned up a bit. Currently folding at 76C stock cooler
  13. Any of the sandforce drives like the Mushkin Callisto or the Corsair F120 or OCZ vertex 2 as you previously pointed out are great choices for not too much more money.
  14. I just bought a vertex 2 120gb and am very happy with the speeds that it is giving me. Read/write are as advertised: 275 and 285 MB/s respectively. Be sure to set bios sata controller to AHCI before you install!
  15. Alright so I realized that I am an idiot...I randomly went through the bios this morning and realized that there are two places where AHCI can be set: 1) for the Marvell raid controller and 2) for SATA drives in general...apparently I installed the new OS when only the Marvell raid controller was set to AHCI. So I turned the other setting to AHCI and voila! WEI went up from 7.3 to 7.7 on the drive. Also, ATTO benchmark returned initially expected results. So this got me wondering, should I reinstall the OS to make sure everything is aligned properly or will this not matter/hurt my drive since it gives a normal WEI and ATTO benchmark numbers? Thanks everyone! --Edit-- OCZ responded to my inquiry and I decided to add their response to this post for completeness: "You do not need to reinstall or realign the drive. Windows 7 will automatically align the drive properly. Alignment is only an issue if you are using an old operating system like Windows XP." I guess I'll just relax and be happy now haha
  16. I absolutey love the new speed...now that I have seen the light, HDDs make me want to cry and they're everywhere! I just wanted to make sure my drive was optimized as much as it could be and that I am not missing out on anything. --Edit-- Sorry for the double-post, my girlfriend's internet is screwed up and it froze on me.
  17. I absolutey love the new speed...now that I have seen the light, HDDs make me want to cry and they're everywhere! I just wanted to make sure my drive was optimized as much as it could be and that I am not missing out on anything.
  18. Nice, it's good to know that we're not completely screwed when we buy discounted stuff from campus!
  19. So I just finished installing my SSD last night and got some benchmarks up and running (not too many though The picture attached shows some of the results that it brought back, but I must say that I expected the windows experience index to be higher, maybe up around 7.7 - 7.8. Also, seeing write speeds faster than read speeds (and nowhere near the advertised 285MB/s mark) using the ATTO benchmarking tool is a bit unsettling. What could I possibly have done wrong? I did a fresh install of Win 7 with AHCI enabled. Disabled superfetch, defragmentation, enabled write-caching, and disabled indexing among other tweaks that the OCZ forums said to perform.
  20. I will try to call Microsoft today before my SSD comes and if that doesn't pan out I will use your recommendation. Does anyone have any thoughts on installing the SSD on an overclocked system? I'm running my i7 930 very stably at 3.8ghz (using the BIOS not the ASUS Turbo V program) and am not sure if this will somehow become unstable by reinstalling win 7 to the SSD. One other thing, if I enable AHCI will that render my old HDD (set up in IDE mode) inoperable?
  21. Not sure if you were planning on purchasing this drive or not, but check newegg's prices since best buy tends to jack up all their retail prices. Also, if you are looking to spend that kind of money, you can get a new sandforce driver based SSD for about the same price and with 40gb more here.
  22. I would do this since I rightly own Windows 7 but unfortunately the ISP at my apartment complex does not think kindly of downloading copy-protected materials... I would venture to guess that it is in IDE mode so I suppose that would not work. I take it when I do a fresh install of 7 I will need to have AHCI selected instead of IDE? And will this affect any compatibility/performance with my HDD? This is a great idea, I will most definitely give it a try! It will definitely save me a ton of time and a few write cycles to the SSD.
  23. Hi all, I just purchased an OCZ Vertex 2 SSD and I forsee some problems with installing my version of Windows 7 onto it. I want to make sure TRIM is supported (usually by installing a fresh copy of 7), but the version I own is an upgrade only disk from a college campus (not a full install). When I first bought this new computer with a blank HDD, I had to install the old XP that I had (which was a full install) then upgrade to vista using the campus vista upgrade disk that I have (also not a full install disk), then upgrade to 7. Phew, that was a lot of work and I'm willing to do it again, but I want to make sure that TRIM and all the good SSD features of Windows 7 will work since previous versions of Windows were already installed that did not support these features. Sorry for the long question, but if anyone has any insight it would be much appreciated. Or, if I can copy my existing Windows 7 drive to my SSD while making sure TRIM is enabled I would love to know how to do this too. Thanks in advance!
  24. Just my 2 cents but both my father and I own Epson Workforce 600 printers and they have proven to be fantastic performers. The features for the price cannot be beat. I found a refurbished one at Office Depot for $40 and gave it to my dad for his birthday and he has had no problems with it whatsoever. Click herefor the link to an inexpensive open-box item from newegg.com and hereis a new Workforce 320 which should provide similar features and printing, minus the wireless and larger display. Good luck!
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