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  1. I agree with Alexandre that 30gb is too small for a boot drive. You should look for a 60gb drive so that you can actually install some programs on it other than the OS. Having just the OS on there will not satisfy your speed needs. Also I found a website that tells you how to install Windows from an upgrade disc without having to do the double install method. Thought you might find it useful
  2. I would go with the 1tb HDD and 120gb SSD because you will be getting speed for the critical programs/apps and storage for everything else. Win/win situation. As far as brand goes, pretty much anything with the sandforce controller in them are going to be great but I would recommend either OCZ Vertex 2 or Mushkin Callisto Enhanced.
  3. Here are a couple shots from around campus. Some people really had fun, others not so much.
  4. Hey guys, While I was folding earlier, I started watching some HD video I had taken during the day and realized that my "VPU" was at 50% while my "GPU" was at 99% load. I've never seen the VPU bar rise at all, while gaming/folding only the GPU is used. I also noticed that when playing any SD video, the folding slows to a halt and the GPU runs at about 19% for the video. Anyone know what the VPU is? I tried googling it and all I came up with is "visual processing unit", another name for GPU... Thanks!
  5. My specs would be: CPU: i7 930 @ 4.01 ghz, 1.21v Heatsink: Zalman 9900 MB:Asus P6X58D-E RAM: G.Skill 3 x 2 GB @ 1527.4mhz 8-9-9-24 Video: EVGA GTX 470 @ 770mhz/1827mhz/1.05V Sound: ASUS Xonar D2X SSD: OCZ Vertex 2 120GB HDD: WD 1TB Caviar Black Optical: Asus BD ROM Case: Antec 900 Power: XFX Pro 750 Watt OS: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 But I would be giving this to a friend for his first new build. Thanks OCC and XFX!!
  6. What kind of audio hardware are you using to listen? If you are going for true 5.1 surround, I would definitely recommend getting an audio card. If you are just using headphones and want a virtual 5.1 effect, some cards are better than others, and I would not suspect the SB cards would be the best at it. I upgraded from onboard audio and it was definitely a nice improvement as you have already experienced.
  7. do you or your family have a history of allergies or asthma? and have you had too much caffeine lately?
  8. If money is no object, two 580s with 3gb a piece is the best way to go. Make sure you get a dandy PSU to go with that as well! And yes, triple monitor systems are always impressive.
  9. I was looking at this product after I bought the turtle beach HPA2 headset and am happy with my purchase. It sounds really good and the surround is helpful in some games. A bit better than the "fake" surround without multiple drivers in each ear. I am not sure about the Sigmas but you have my vote for the turtle beach pairs.
  10. haha I like the "way before" picture... but seriously, nice job! Doesn't it feel great to have an organized desk? I try to keep it that way but it inevitably collects random things until I break down and clean it up after a while. Nice job on the cable management though, looks great!
  11. It's always interesting to see people with southern license plates attempt to drive in snow/ice. I personally stay out of their way because normally they either take it entirely too fast or wayyyy too slow (no offense to any southerners here ) But after this massive "2 inch" layer of ice that we are supposed to get tonight they are calling for 10-15 inches of snow. Hopefully it doesn't get too bad because I know Purdue will not cancel classes unless hit with an atomic bomb...
  12. Your psu will definitely be able to handle one 560 or 570 but two in sli may be a stretch depending on the quality of your psu. You should be able to have two 560s in sli just fine but the 570s may need a bit more power (~750w). What is the brand of your psu? If it is a corsair, I wouldn't hesitate to confirm it would run two 560s. You also may want to make sure it has enough PCI-E power cables for sli. I personally would get the 570 over the 560 due to the increased memory bandwidth and size, plus the extra 96 CUDA cores that it includes. The 570 should run everything you want it to maxed out for quite some time. If you are sure you will not sli in the future, I would pull the trigger on the 570. But if you do want to sli, your psu probably wouldn't handle two 570s so the 560s would be the best way to go. Good luck!
  13. I have had no problems either. I've been wireless the entire time.
  14. I have the Vertex 2 120gb as well and it definitely kicks some tail. Tested read/write speeds came out to be very, very close to advertised and Win 7 loads in approx 20-25 seconds, fully working. The only trouble I had with it was when I forgot to set it to "AHCI" mode instead of IDE and speeds were nowhere near 285/275. But after I changed that setting, it ran very well and I haven't had a problem with it since. The insane write speeds are definitely a plus during program installs
  15. Well idk if it's the best I've ever had but last night I went to O'Charley's and had their wood fire grilled "cedar plank salmon." It literally came atop a small cedar plank and was perfectly grilled and seasoned. Phenomenal. Other than that, I think my favorite food in general is Tiramisu
  16. That's just how I do it, so that I can glance up at my other monitor to make sure I am not getting flanked or my numerous bases getting destroyed while I'm building inside my main base. But really it plays just like two normal screens and you can zoom in on either monitor to any degree you choose. Pretty cool, and quite handy!
  17. I'm at Purdue for the school year but my hometown is Fort Wayne. I see you are just about an hour's drive from here, how's Speedway treating ya?
  18. +1 This is a great game and with dual monitors, you can view the entire battlefield on one monitor and do actual close-quarters unit selection and commands with the other monitor. I have tried this and it works very well. I cannot vouch for starcraft 2 or other games but this one definitely takes the cake. Supreme commander 2 uses 2 monitors as well and it is also very intuitive.
  19. I have a GTX 470 OC'd a little bit but my i7 930 is clocked to 4ghz and I have never seen choppy FPS in BFBC2 even on high everything (1920x1080). With explosions I would imagine your CPU is taking a hit from all the particles. You might try OC'ing your CPU some and see if that helps you.
  20. I know it's not food, but my friend thought he'd eat a calculator in high school. He was successful, and unfortunately he wasn't drunk. It was one of those regular four-function calculators and he just broke it into small pieces and consumed it all...to my knowledge he is still alive. Anyways, the grossest thing I have ever eaten would have to be either caviar or squid. Caviar is entirely too salty and I have no idea why it is a delicacy. I do like calamari (fried squid) but one time I had some poorly cooked squid that was purely horrible.
  21. Just wanted to share that last night my girl said something that made me very proud of her: "It's cold in your room, you need to start folding some proteins!" gotta love 'em haha
  22. Before you start worrying if your gfx card is performing properly, you need to get more ram so that you are running triple channel. Like most other people on here have said, the i7 runs best when accessing triple channel memory and you shouldn't judge your 570 until you resolve that issue. My guess is the ram will do wonders for your benches
  23. This should work if the soundcard isn't damaged at all. I once had a dog chew through a USB cord to a logitech steering wheel. I spliced the (six?) wires in the USB cord and with a little solder, luck, and electrical tape, it worked like a charm. Still does 6 years later
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