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  1. I'm sorry you're having the same problems as I am, but I am glad to know that I am not the only one. I was hoping my card wasn't the issue. I'd suggest reverting back to the last driver set so you don't have to reboot every time.
  2. Thanks for the reply wevs, I realized when I reverted my drivers back to the 266 version that I did not use driver sweeper to erase all the settings. I did this and it has been working for about 3 days now with the old drivers. I sent a report to nvidia but who knows if they will address the issue in the next set of drivers... Edit: spelling
  3. Hey guys, I recently updated my graphics driver to the new 270 forceware and now my graphics card stays in the "2D" clocks (405 mhz core) and will not go above this, even if I try to apply an overclock profile to the card. When I restart the system, the card will initially be in "3D" mode (608 mhz core) but when I run any 3D software and put strain on the card, it backs down to the 2D core clock and will not return until I reboot. Things I have tried to resolve this issue: Uninstalled 270 drivers and did a driver sweep, reinstalled previously stable 266 drivers; reinstalled the 270 drivers, without 3D and HD audio drivers (did this with 266 drivers also); tried multiple different options of stable overclocking from the stock 608 mhz. None of these attempts worked. I also changed the global settings to prefer performance mode in the NV control panel. This seemed to keep it in the 3D clocks for longer but it still reverted to 2D after about a day or so. I am hoping it is not a hardware issue since I am able to boot into the OS (both are Windows 7) on my spare HDD (haven't updated it in a few months) and it seems to work fine. I never updated the old OS to the new 270 forceware and the Afterburner software is v 1.6.0 (vs 2.2.0 on SSD where I am having problems). Any help would be much appreciated. I am at a loss Thanks!
  4. I decided to revert to the old 266 drivers and I am having no issues so I think I will stick with those. Just thought I'd post this in case anyone else was having problems with this.
  5. Installed these drivers this morning and had a bit of trouble making them play nice with MSI Afterburner. For some reason, when MSI kicked in at startup to throw on the graphics overclock, the card decided to just stay at the "2d" settings, which meant 405 mhz instead of the overclocked 797 mhz. It seems I have fixed this by download the newer 2.2.0 beta version of Afterburner. Haven't had any issues since. Edit: Just realized that I had been folding all day and it somehow kept the core clock locked in at the overclocked 797mhz. But when I turned folding off, it reverted to 405 mhz and wouldn't go any higher than that. Hmm.......If anyone has a fix for this, I would be very grateful! As for the new drivers, they actually did a great deal for my FPS in Just Cause 2. In the concrete jungle benchmark (all settings maxed @ 1920x1080), the minimum used to be ~23 fps and now it stays right at 30 fps min. Pretty substantial difference if you ask me.
  6. My vote also goes towards Corsair. I have had nothing but positive experiences with their PSUs; they are rock solid and build like tanks. I would get at least an 850w version, but a PSU is not something you want to go cheap with. Modular is also a great option, especially when trying your best to manage your cables appropriately. My vote would go for either the AX1200 or the HX1000.
  7. Wow that's not smart, however I could see the use of an underwater rail system connecting the major islands to reduce island-hopping time and cost. If you wouldn't mind, PM me when you get your second 470, I would like to know how high you can overclock them and what the temps are. Many mahalos!
  8. Yea I am impatient and would love to pay for expedited shipping all the time but in the end, it's usually just wasted $$ since it only shaves a day or two off the delivery time. What island do you live on? I was lucky enough to visit Maui over spring break this year and it was gorgeous! I would go back in a heartbeat haha
  9. GTX 470s FTW! I am also considering adding another 470 for kicks, I'm hoping I can find an inexpensive one close to where I live. Voltes, I presume you live in Hawai'i? If so, I can't believe it takes a week to ship stuff there from California! Good luck with your build man, you will be very happy
  10. If all you have right now is a disk drive, then any SSD would be an amazing upgrade. 32gb should work for just the OS and a couple of programs, but you will be cutting it close. That SSD should suit you just fine and be plenty fast enough if those are your intentions though.
  11. Just got a 16gb USB 3.0 flash drive on sale at newegg for $25.
  12. Two 580s will rock and they should be quieter with lots of OC'ing room as you well know. I don't know of any game that would dog down a 580 sli setup.
  13. +1 with the SSD. For a computer of this magnitude, it will definitely make the build worth your while. And, for $55, you might as well grab that Spinpoint 1tb while you're at it. Running out of space is never fun. As for which SSD you should go with, I highly recommend waiting a week or two for the OCZ Vertex 3 SSDs to come out and purchase the 128GB one for approximately $250 when it hits the market. They are said to be much faster with data rates that will make good use of that SATA 6gbps motherboard you are getting. My opinion on the graphics card is to go with a single GTX 560 or 570 and SLI it down the road as you see fit. One of those will run just about any game maxed out at your resolution. Good luck to you!
  14. If I drive mine through deep snow and it gets packed into the inside of the tires then my whole car will shake uncontrollably around 50mph. But just like you did, a good wash takes care of everything
  15. Honestly dude, the best mousepad I've ever used is the Rocketfish Gaming Mousepad from Best Buy. It's fast yet accurate, responsive, and is large enough to let my mouse roam freely. Just make sure you have room for it on your desk. It's been very durable so far since it's made of aluminum. There are two sides, speed and control. I only use the speed side because my 5 year old Logitech G5 will only work with this side. But it works like a charm. I don't normally recommend buying from "Best"buy but this one is definitely a good product.
  16. Feelings of content: priceless. lol Just bought 6gb of G.Skill 1600 mhz ram to help with my video encoding speed. Newegg. $69.
  17. Some great info here, even for some of the more frugal people out there! I just wanted to add a couple thoughts. PSU: I started with a Corsair 650 TX in my rig and moved up to an AX1200 when my dad's PSU gave out, and I gave him my 650. I fully support Corsair as a PSU maker and have had absolutely no regrets staying with them. Just as Alexandre said, you do NOT want to skimp on a PSU because it will be the foundation upon which your build is standing. Now, I'm not saying you should go out and get the best of everything, but the AX1200 may be something you want to consider. With a seven-year warranty and professional build quality it will probably be the last PSU you will ever need. If you do not purchase the AX1200, I still highly recommend staying with Corsair due to their reliability. Also something to think about: 120hz monitors for HD3D by AMD. Since you want to future-proof your system, I would make sure that your monitors are not limited by their refresh rate. Everything else in your system looks excellent! Good luck with your build!
  18. I have had no troubles with my Vertex 2 so far! Had it since November of last year.
  19. Be careful not to jiggle your system and snap off a PCIe slot with that thing!
  20. Not sure since I've never tried it but this thread could be useful for showing you how to sli.
  21. I would go for a GTX 460 such as this one. They are probably still the best bang for your buck right now and with the resolution of a 19 or 20 inch monitor it should easily handle all your gaming needs. Definitely stick with the 1gb version though. If you are looking for a little more oomph from a single card, a GTX 560 like this one would also be a good option. These cards also scale very well in SLI so you could always add a second one later to almost double your performance
  22. Corsair FTW. I've been totally happy with my AX1200 so far
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