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  1. I agree, whatever happened to the word program?? Apparently nowadays, program = nerd and app = cool... In any case, this looks like a pretty great way to manipulate your way around a tablet or large smartphone. But not a laptop or PC. When you start adding lots of animations to a desktop UI, people (enthusiasts haha) start getting annoyed because all the extra flippitydooda's that kids and old people seem to enjoy take too long. For example, when you minimize or maximize a window in W7, it is animated by default to shrink or expand. I don't mind this, but if it took any longer I would certainly get annoyed. There is a fine line between usability and fresh, clean looks. Apple crossed that line years ago, hopefully Microsoft does not.
  2. Counting external HDD's or no? I have a 500gb external but with my 1TB internal and 120gb SSD it doesn't change the category in the poll haha
  3. +1 Tablets are doing so much better than netbooks right now it's not even funny. Netbooks are an afterthought of laptops working off of sloppy seconds for hardware. Tablets (although I do not really see the need) fill in the "large screen portable" area very well. And like Psywar said, it's really about the OS on it, and Windows was just not meant for tablets no matter how much it tries.
  4. IVI, if that song didn't have a twangy jaw harp in it, it would almost be perfect haha Desktop-pro, I'm really enjoying your suggestions and I might use them I can't believe I've never heard the name Hanz Zimmer
  5. Thanks Phil I like that song, but I'm looking for something with little to no lyrics. Something grandiose I suppose haha
  6. Hey guys, I'm trying to compile a video from my spring break vacation but I'm stuck on trying to figure out the best music to put with a sunrise. It's a sunrise from the top of a mountain above the clouds so it is pretty spectacular. If anyone can think of a great soundtrack to go with this that would be awesome. The only thing I can come up with that would be a decent match is a song from Avatar and I've already used one of those. Anything that starts out slow and crescendos into a full, kind of orchestral melody would be preferred. Thanks for the ideas!
  7. A&W from an iced mug at the drive-in stands
  8. I tend to describe the CPU as a freeway-- the GHz is the speed limit, and the number of cores is akin to the number of lanes in the freeway. Old timers seem to understand this much better than saying "a multi-core CPU will divide the tasks between each core and...." Everything else I describe as a tiered information gathering system. Windows tells CPU to grab a file. CPU looks for file in cache. If said file is not in cache, the CPU looks in RAM. If it's not in RAM, then the CPU looks in the HDD. And as everyone else said, the MB is what everything plugs into...my girlfriend surprised me one day when she said "I think our motherboard is going bad." I asked her why she knew and she said "well that's what everything attaches to" haha
  9. I second the Kill-a-watt meter!
  10. GJ, I had the same problems with the 270xx drivers. I am hoping I can get these new drivers to work tonight. If you find a fix let me know! I will post something here if I find something, if not, it's back to the 266xx haha **Update** Last night I installed the new 275 drivers by using driver sweeper to clean out all previous versions. I also refrained from installing the 3D drivers and the HD audio drivers. So far, I have not had any problems with being stuck in the 2D clocks. Just my two cents.
  11. I have 12gb. Everyday use only consumes about 2-3gb, even when gaming. But when I'm editing HD video, it can fill up completely!
  12. Sounds great, I hope everything works out for you!
  13. Hello OCC, For sale is an Asus BR-04B2T Blu-ray reader. The drive was purchased with my computer exactly one year ago today. I recently realized that I wanted a Blu-ray burner to record family vacation videos to distribute to relatives so it was time to upgrade. This drive has worked flawlessly from day one and is pretty much plug-and-play. It uses a SATA connection but came as a bare drive with no accessories, software, or cables so unfortunately I cannot give out any of my SATA cables. Pictures are attached. I am asking $50 + shipping. I still have the nice packing material that Newegg sent with my other drive so it will be shipped safely Thanks everyone!
  14. I have an EVGA card but I don't use their Precision program, I still use Afterburner. It's a great program and will serve you well. Stick with AB
  15. +1 -- video encoding and FSX/Crysis all benefit from an OC. That and I like to fold
  16. When I was about five, the first thing I wanted to be was a McDonald's fry-cook... Then when I was 17, I decided I wanted to study to be a doctor in the field of Nanotechnology... So I ended up studying pharmacy haha
  17. I ran my asus P6X58D-E without speedstep on for the longest time and it was rock-solid. I've never experienced any issues such as those you are having. Even though it may sound like a bent pin or a motherboard issue, I would not rule out a possible RAM issue or SSD firmware problem like IVY mentioned. Run a memtest and try new/different SSD firmware. Also, what power supply are you using? I assume that you have enough power under the hood but one never knows!
  18. That was a decent price to pay for the 470 and I think you will be very happy with it. It is a good step up from the 4870 and will max out almost every game available (except Metro of course) when it is overclocked. As far as your power supply goes, I had the rig in my sig hooked up to a Kill-a-watt meter under full load from OCCT's power supply test and it drew no more than 460 watts from the wall, meaning your PSU will be more than able to handle any overclocking you can throw at it. At the time of the test, both my 470 and i7 930 were overclocked like crazy.
  19. I too have been using CCleaner for over two years and have had no problems with it. Whether this is smart or not, I run the cleaner and fix registry errors about once a week. It seems to keep my computer running in tip-top shape with no errors from CCleaner.
  20. Yeah I know system stability plays a huge role in the way windows works, but it has been rock solid for at least 6 months. Then randomly it just stops working. Is it possible that I caught a virus or something? I am using Microsoft Security Essentials and nothing comes up when I do a complete system scan.
  21. Hey OCC, The three gadgets I have open all the time will not load upon restart of Windows. I have Windows 7 as the title mentions. If I right-click and open the gadgets, however, they will pop up. I've tried the registry "fix" (setting "AllowElevatedProcess" to 1) and I have tried a Microsoft hotfix but it did not install on my computer due to compatibility issues. Do you guys have any other suggestions for me? I looked in msconfig and there are no options for services or startup items relating to gadgets or sidebar. Thanks!
  22. Wow. There are no other words to describe how awesome that must be for you guys. I'm so happy for Mitch and your whole family, you must be so relieved! I will keep him in my thoughts and prayers. Best of luck with everything!
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