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  1. Looks good so far. I second what vandread said, except you could get away with purchasing a second kit of the RAM you got (for a total of 32gb in Quad-channel). CMIIW, but there's no need to specifically purchase a quad-channel kit if you already have two sticks...just add two more. An SSD should be standard these days though, if nothing other than for your OS, programs, and a scratch disk. Great choice of CPU/MB!
  2. I am seriously diggin the fan on the outside of the case. That's just great! And very nice job with the stamped-on look of the Fallout logo. Excellent work!
  3. I lucked out yes, but it was probably no fun for you
  4. Wow that thing is massive. It's not so much thick as it is wide, hanging off the card by a good inch or two...anyone with fans on the side of their case will have a hard time getting it to fit.
  5. Very nice IVI, thank you for the guide!
  6. Hmm I was wondering if it might be similar. Thanks so much for the detailed feedback wevs! If I remember, I'll update this thread when I get around to making the swap to let others know what went well/badly.
  7. I'm building a desktop for my fiancee sometime in the next month. I'm going to use the SSD that is currently installed in her laptop (Plextor M3) as the main OS drive in the new desktop. I installed Win7 fresh onto the SSD when it was in her laptop, and I did all the recommended tweaks for SSD stability. It's been running in AHCI. Is it possible to just physically transfer the drive over, install the correct chipset/video drivers, and be on my way? Or will I have to do a fresh install?
  8. This one looks pretty good, though it just barely goes over your price limit. This one is also an option. It is smaller and a little less expensive to fit within your budget. Both are USB 3.0 with decent speeds. Hope this is helpful!
  9. Sounds like Asus routers have treated everyone well. Good to know! Might be my next router purchase
  10. I downloaded the unified drivers I've been using from here. They keep it updated pretty regularly (last update was November 2012). These are rock-solid stable for Windows 7; however if you are planning on using Windows 8, I would just hold off on any sound cards for the moment until they get the drivers ironed out properly. At first I had problems with the original drivers making weird sounds in games. However, I have not had any issues with these unified drivers whatsoever
  11. Just thought I'd add my two cents about sound cards. If you are at all into music/detailed audio, you should definitely invest in a good one. The Xonar D2X is a wonderful card. I've had it for about two years, and wouldn't trade it for any other. The correct drivers can be annoying to find, but that's more of a "one & done" ordeal. As far as the card itself and sound quality, I would say the D2X is one of the top dogs. If you're using the HDDs for storage, it really doesn't matter what spindle speed you get. 5400rpm is fine. I've seen them transfer at 80-100MB/s, just like 7200rpm drives. Like IVI said, it's the access time that will be slowed, which doesn't matter for a storage drive. The cooler you have should be plenty sufficient to keep a newer generation i5/i7 cool. If it doesn't you might want to look into RMAing it or getting a new cooler, because it might be defective. Be sure you apply the thermal paste correctly! Also, you should be fine with an i5 3570k/2500k.
  12. Not to derail this thread, but which networking company do you guys find is the most reliable for consumer routers and such. I'm asking because I've had nothing but good luck with Linksys, whereas Belkin and D-link have given me a lot of trouble. I haven't tried Netgear yet
  13. Welcome to OCC Treat OCC well and it will treat you fairly also. Nice rig BTW, Fermi FTW!
  14. Thanks to OCC, my PC is rock solid again. I've been folding like a banshee ever since. Keeps the pipes from freezing
  15. This news makes me severely unhappy. I've had the (dis)pleasure of using some of Belkin's products before. I've also had the pleasure of enjoying all of my quality Linksys products. I sure hope Belkin does not inject any of its QC or design flaws into the Linksys brand.
  16. I am down to needing just a monitor!
  17. My fiancee is currently computing on her 7 year old laptop that is about to give up on her. I have been collecting random parts for her new desktop build, and was hoping the good folks at OCC could help me out a bit. What I currently have: Corsair Carbide 300R My original GTX 470 Zalman 9900 CPU cooler (trying to get them to send me an 1155 adapter) 120gb Plextor M3 SSD (currently in her laptop, will not need HDD) LG DVD Burner Mouse/keyboard/headset What I will need to finish out the build: Overclockable i5 (2500k or 3570k) Decent Z77 motherboard 8gb RAM 1080p LED monitor I will also need a PSU, but I am particular about these and will probably end up getting her the Seasonic M12ii 620w. I've had my eye on that one for a while now Anyways, if anyone has any of the above components they would like to sell (or donate ) please let me know. We would greatly appreciate it!
  18. Shurman292


    Welcome, and enjoy your stay!
  19. wevs - He's definitely plugged into SATA III - he wouldn't be getting anything over ~280MB/s on SATA II. It's hard to say exactly what's going on here OP - I would suggest you look carefully through your BIOS and make sure all drive controllers are set to AHCI. If your SSD is running on a Marvell controller (or one separate from the SATA II controller) it may have its own IDE/AHCI settings page. I have the older version of that MB, and I have two different places to set AHCI. Just a thought.
  20. No, you cannot add extra lights to the Hue. Corsair's offering would let you do that, but it might be tricky. What I would do is grab the Hue, disable all the other LEDs in your system, and use the HUE as your sole light source. You can still use the on/off switch on the Storm Trooper to control a few of the fans as well. Other than DIY projects, I've not heard of anything that can do what you are intending to do
  21. Just out of curiosity, why did you choose the H80 instead of the H80i? I know there was a significant upgrade in fan and tubing quality with the H80i. And FWIW, I agree with what Euro has said thus far. I shouldn't comment on the second 7970 because I have not kept up with that series of cards. However, you may find that one 7970 suits your needs just fine
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